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Embroidered slippers: 40 models to make, gift and sell

On hot days, we only think of wearing a good pair of slippers, right? To get out of the ordinary, you can bet on embroidered slippers.

From the simplest to the most elegant model, check out ideas and step-by-step tutorials that will show you how to decorate your slipper at home! Come on?

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35 inspirations of embroidered slippers for you to rock in summer

Get inspired by dozens of gorgeous flip-flop models embroidered with different materials for you to wear both day and night:

1. Embroidered slipper can be simple

2. And minimalist

Nanda Slippers

3. Or you can do it well crafted

Maria’s Slippers

4. Like this one is amazing!

Charmozynha Flip Flops

5. Its making is very simple

Maria Lu Embroidery

6. And do not require many materials

Maria’s Slippers

7. Use nylon thread

House of Stones

8. Or one that matches the slipper

Maria Angelica Workshop

9. Be creative!

Luxury Hawaiian

10. Add more color

Maria’s Slippers

11. And lots of charm to your slippers!

Decorated Step

12. This model is perfect for going to the movies

Tropical Embroidery

13. Or to the mall!

Embroidered Slippers Lenice and Thaís

14. Add a more elegant touch to your shoes!

Charmozynha Flip Flops

15. Embroidered slippers match everything!

Adri Cabral Ateliê

16. In addition to making for own use

Pink Embroidered Slippers

17. You can decorate a pair for a gift

Maria Lu Embroidery

18. Or to sell

Vanity Planet

19. And earn extra income at the end of the month!

Princess slippers

20. Beautiful Pearl Embroidered Slippers

By mery

21. This model is inspired by the most famous mouse in the world, Minnie

I used to Comfort

22. The chain made the composition even more beautiful

Charmozynha Flip Flops

23. Rhinestone Embroidered Slippers Are Total Luxury

Maria Bonita Workshop

24. Just like this one with stones!

Cléia Custom Slippers

25. In addition to customizing the strips

Luxury Hawaiian

26. It’s worth decorating the sole too!

Maria’s Slippers

27. Create more sober compositions

Maria Lu Embroidery

28. Or colored

Chic slipper

29. Like this children’s embroidered slipper

Caprice Slippers

30. Match the embroidery with the shoes!

Maria Lu Embroidery

31. The classic black and white has no mistake

Maria’s Slippers

32. Beautiful owl prints the pair of slippers!

Made Mother CG

33. The simple is in fashion!

Paris Crafts and Crafts

34. Tiptoe Delicacy

Elaine Rodrigues

35. Ribbon-embroidered slippers look great!

Kelly Foletto Workshop

Amazing how such simple shoes can be made into something so beautiful, isn’t it? Now that you are inspired by various ideas, learn how to make your embroidered slippers!

How to make embroidered slippers at home

Decorating the slipper is easier than you think! To prove what we’re talking about, here are five videos that will explain how to make yours!

Embroidered slippers for beginners

To begin our selection of tutorials, we have selected the one that is dedicated to those just starting to make their first embroidered slippers. The tutorial explains how to make a beautiful pair with rhinestones and pearls.

Slippers embroidered with stones and pearls

How about giving a new look to your slipper? Check out this tutorial video that will teach you and show you how to decorate your slipper with stones and pearls. The preparation is very simple and the result is beautiful!

How to apply the little chain on slippers

This video will explain how you should apply your pearl, gemstone or rhinestone chain to your slipper. In the video, a small machine is used to create the openings in the strips, but you can also drill with the help of a nail and hammer.

Ribbon Embroidered Slippers

In addition to stones, pearls and rhinestones, you can also decorate your slipper with satin ribbons with your favorite color! The technique is very easy to do and does not require much knowledge in handicrafts, just a little patience.

Easy to make embroidered slipper

And to finish our selection of step-by-step videos, we’ve brought you this video that will show you how to adorn your flip flops quite easily. For the confection you will need stones, nylon thread, needle among other materials.

Pretty easy to do, isn’t it? Select the ideas and videos you liked best, redeem your old flip flops and give them a beautiful new look! In addition to making for yourself, this type of craft can make a great extra buck at the end of the month. And by the way, how about checking out more craft suggestions to make a profit ?

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