Do it yourself: See 40+ Beautiful Creative Ideas in DIY Style

43 selected ideas that you can have as a reference to do at home

There is nothing better than looking at your own home and recognizing yourself in it. Every detail, every little corner, everything done with great care, care and dedication. And the shortest way to transform a house into a home is by going to DIY decoration – Do it yourself – American acronym for the famous concept of ‘do it yourself’.

So you can combine everything you need – beauty, functionality and personality – in one piece. And the good thing about it is that you can create an original and creative decoration for every room in the house, spending little and still being proud to present the work done by your own hands to visitors.

Another interesting part of DIY decoration is that a large part of it has a strong sustainable appeal, since the materials used come from recycling, such as pallets and bottles, for example. Furniture is also part of this DIY trend and can be restored and refurbished according to your taste.

And to decorate your home with objects and personalized pieces made by yourself is not difficult. You will only need a little time and a lot of creativity.

43 creative DIY decorating ideas

We can give you a boost in creativity with the selection of photos below. Time, however, is up to you. But for sure they will cheer you up and make you find plenty of time to decorate your house your way and with your face. Check out:

At first, the term “sustainable decoration” can make you think of a decoration that is based, solely and exclusively, on reused materials, such as bottles, cans, pallets, tires and other objects that would have garbage as an inevitable end. But it is not quite there.

A sustainable decoration has a broader and more comprehensive concept, ranging from the conscious choice and purchase of products that do not impact the environment, as well as their subsequent reuse.

In other words, it works like this: it is better to opt for a new decorative piece made of bamboo, for example, an extremely ecological material, than to buy something plastic and reuse it later to create a decorative piece. This is because the plastic production process is much more aggressive to the planet than bamboo. Not to mention that it is necessary to take into account the decomposition time of this material when it is finally discarded – because nothing lasts forever.

So, from this point of view, sustainable decoration is something much bigger than simply using a pet bottle to make a plastic holder. However, recycling is one of the arms of sustainable decoration and should be practiced by everyone when the consumption of certain materials is inevitably necessary. So we will teach you in this post how to practice recycling for decorative purposes, contributing to the reduction of consumption and a greener and more ecological awareness. Follow


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