DIY Dog Bed: See 37 Cute ideas and tutorials

Set aside a special space for your dog with these easy and economical tips

Pets bring more joy to the house, don’t they? So it is important to take good care of these animals that are as part of the family. One way to offer comfort to your best friend is to create a dog bed from DIY ideas (Do It Yourself).

Various materials can be reused in the projects, such as tires, wooden crates, old suitcases and pallets. Use your creativity to create an exclusive corner for the dog, able to offer comfort and at the same time keep the house organized.


Items to make a pet bed

Even though pet stores offer beautiful dog bed options, you don’t have to spend a lot to set up a special place for your pet. With simple items, it is possible to make a cozy and warm bed for him to sleep.

So, if you don’t want to buy a ready-made bed, see what you need to build one.


You can use the fabric of a worn T-shirt to fill with foam. Thus, sewing the sides, you can already assemble a soft pillow for your dog to rest.

Wooden crate

When you pass a street fair, take a wooden crate to recycle . Then, you can put some fabrics, upholstery or old pillows inside. To have a beautiful and safe finish, don’t forget to sand the entire surface of the wood.


The sweatshirt is a full-bodied fabric and suitable for warming up. So it can be a great dog bed. You just need to fill the inside with foam or other material and sew the sides.


An unused drawer is perfect for assembling a more structured pet bed. Place a soft pillow inside or one of the options made with t-shirt and sweatshirt. The ideal size depends on the height of your dog.


Choose a fabric with a pattern that you like and include the filling. You just need to fold the surface in two and fill it with foam, cutouts of old fabrics or other soft material. Then, custom the edges and voila!


Do you know these firmer plastic trays you buy at home appliance stores? They are an alternative to making your dog bed cheap. Buy the piece according to your pet, so that it is very firm and has no cracks with continuous use.


Do you have a flat tire at your house? Did you know that tire crafts can generate an amazing pet bed? You can leave it whole or cut the front part, making a small door. Finally, line the inside area to be comfortable.

With these options it is much easier to know how to build a bed for your animals. Want to see all these ideas in practice? So, the next topic has several inspirations for you to set up your project.

Dog Walk Tutorials

Tire dog bed

The tire is more versatile than you think, after all, it is used to make toys, garden ornaments and also a dog bed. In the video below, youtuber Patricia Alcolea teaches you step by step to produce a super comfortable bed:


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