DIY Decoration: + 45 Creative Ideas!

The DIY Do It Yourself model is increasingly gaining space in people’s lives. This is because it is a way to save money, spend time doing something productive and put creativity into practice.
The coolest thing about creating your own decoration is that everything will have to do with your personality, resulting in exactly what you wanted. In addition, the environments decorated by you will be exclusive, that is, it will not be possible to find a house like yours ?

Living room

Your room deserves incredible decor! And for that it is not necessary to spend a lot; use materials that you have in your home, which may be scraps or those items that you no longer use. Your mission in the room is to make it your own, making it more comfortable. After all, that’s where we spend many moments of relaxation , isn’t it? Fancy elements that innovate the environment with grace and, of course, that match the rest of the decor. ~ Vinyl record This piece can be used in countless ways in decoration. There are those who use it as a picture frame , to make a retro decoration on the wall and even as the top of a corner table, see:

Creative DIY Decoration Ideas


Nowadays the kitchen is one of the most frequented environments in a home. We receive guests, gather the family for dinners and meetings , among others, and that is why she needs to be very presentable for these occasions. In order not to spend a lot of money, there are countless ways to do it yourself for this room. Small details can completely transform it, making it pleasant and different from conventional kitchens. See beautiful options that we separated for you to do! ~ Stickers that imitate tiles to stick on walls You can place it behind the sink without problems, as they can receive moisture. It is not necessary to paste on  all walls , interleave, or choose only a certain space to make it graceful.

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