DIY : 40 Creative ideas to decorate the Home

Increasingly, the DIY decoration style (from English Do It Yourself – Do It Yourself) has offered more personality to the composition of environments, mainly because it is the result of products created by hand.

And when it comes to decorating the room , this type of composition has everything to combine charm, comfort and style with the more social environment of your home. Therefore, we have prepared some creative tips to decorate the room from some DIY projects. Check out!

1. Invest in wallpaper

This is a simple and practical solution, with the potential to give a new look in any environment! In the living room, then, the wall paper can well translate the warmth you seek for the room.

Best of all when using wallpaper in the DIY composition, they are easily applied and removed, which does not require much manual skill for installation.

2. Use paletts to decorate the room

Another tip that is on the rise and does not demand much effort – but it asks for a lot of your creativity! After all, the possibilities with pallets are as varied as they are useful!

You can create a sofa with them, for example, by filling them with large, comfortable pillows afterwards. But pallets have also been widely used to compose graceful coffee tables.

It is even worth using this product as cheap and easy to find in supermarkets as shelves or shelves – in the same way that you can opt for fair cases, in this sense.

The tip is to customize these products. Whether applying patina or the shade of your choice, remember, just sand and varnish the piece before using it to give more resistance, protection and durability to the pallets.

3. Make walls of newspaper, books or comics

For the living room, it is worth betting on this charming decoration that should continue as a trend for a long time: for that, just take newspaper clippings and pages of books and apply them in one part, or even cover the entire wall.

The result brings, above all, personality to the environment, since it brings together what you like when decorating the room. And the best: everything done with your hands!

4. Paint your old furniture

Want to get a little heavier in the DIY concept to decorate the room? How about starting looking at the home of family and friends, or even antique shops, used furniture that deserves a second chance?

Then, a good renovation in them can be the differential that was missing for the antique furniture to look like your decorative style! It can be sanded followed by the patina effect – so common in Provencal decoration – or even bet on strong tones and simulate one or another aspect of retro decoration.

Get inspired by your favorite decorating styles and delve into this way of decorating the room, which depends exclusively on your creativity to take shape.

5. Reuse and customize glass bottles

Finally, another simple tip that can be enriched with your good ideas: reused glass bottles!

They can become the decorative items themselves, when you paint them completely, or gain new uses – like serving as a vase for flowers, decorated with some type of fabric, such as jute.

Another tip is to personalize them the way you prefer and use them as candle holders – which have everything to do with any style of decoration in your room.

And to you? Which of the DIY tips for decorating the room, that we put here, perfectly matches your home?


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