Decorating Ideas: 40 Creative Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Changing the decoration of the environments is something that everyone loves to do, after all, being able to put a touch of personality in the space is important for us to feel better inside our own home. And there are several home decorating ideas that can help you change your home decor or even enhance an environment that you are sick of.

So, see this post with several decoration ideas that will inspire you to create new styles for your home. Check out!


Home decorating ideas

Keeping the house always organized and beautiful is essential for us to feel at home. But contrary to what many people think, there is no need for large investments to decorate or change the style of a house, after all we can find several inexpensive decoration ideas that inspire us to get our hands dirty, such as recycling decoration ideas, for example. 

But before understanding creative decorating ideas, it is necessary to stop and think a little about what we are looking for, so please follow the topics below before starting to seek inspiration with creative decorating ideas. 

  1. Know what style of decoration you want for the environment;
  2. Note the size of the room;
  3. Use objects and furniture to integrate environments;
  4. Choose a harmonic color chart;
  5. Look for creative decoration ideas that bring more practicality to your day to day.



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Living room decorating ideas

The living room is one of the environments we use most in the house, both to spend relaxing moments and to receive visits from friends and family, so it is important to invest in decorating ideas for the room that transform this environment into a beautiful space, cozy and functional.

In addition to choosing the style of decoration and quality furniture, the decoration ideas for the room can go much further by investing in a lighting project that helps in the feeling of warmth of this environment, and may even contribute to the decoration using chandeliers, lamps and fixtures.


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n addition to lighting, pillows also help bringing even more comfort to the living room, so don’t skimp on that item.

Another tip for living room decorating ideas is to have a different wall that will become the great decorative highlight of this environment, and there are many creative ways to decorate a wall using stickers or wallpaper , pictures, painting and even a bookcase to give a special charm to the room, just like in the photo below.

Niches and shelves are also great decorating ideas for the bedroom, because in addition to helping to enhance the decor they are also elements that help in organizing the environment. 

But one item that cannot be left out of bedroom decorating ideas is the bedding that we can find today in a multitude of models from the most basic and classic ones like bedding in neutral tones, to more elaborate and super models fun as patterned bedding.

As we already said, for an interesting decoration of the room and that helps to make this environment more cozy it is always important to put details of the personality of the owner of that room in the decoration, so whenever you are looking for bedroom decoration ideas think about those details, colors, finishes and styles that you like best and invest in this segment.

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Decorating ideas with recycling

Sustainable decoration is increasingly popular, so recycling decoration ideas can be applied in different styles of materials and environments. 

Glass bottles, food cans, pallets, antique furniture and many other items can become recycling decoration ideas. In the photo below, the ideas of cheap decoration with recycling ensured a very different headboard, after all, old doors were used that gave a special touch to the decoration of the room.

When we talk about decorating ideas with recycling we should think about turning elements that went to waste into something useful for our home. So, in addition to the wooden door that can be turned into a beautiful headboard, we should also remember bottles that can be spray painted and transformed into potted plants, food cans that can be used to make a mini garden in your kitchen and even create a decoration with vintage air, old paintings that can be transformed into a scrapbook, in short, it is necessary to use all creativity and make the most of the decorating ideas with recycling to decorate your home.

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