Decorated Winter Gardens: See 17 ideas to decorate this space

Cast iron objects, wooden lattice, natural stones and Moroccan lanterns are some decorating ideas.

The decorated winter gardens are an inspiration for those who want to set up this type of environment at home. Read the article and check out 17 incredible ideas to make the space beautiful, cozy and personalized.

The winter garden is a perfect space for growing plants and enjoying peaceful moments with nature. It can be installed in any room in the residence, such as the bedroom, living room and under the stairs or even the bathroom. In some houses, there is a roofless room reserved especially for setting up a beautiful internal garden.

Incredible ideas for decorated conservatories

Checopie separated the best ideas for you to decorate your garden. Check out:


2 – Water source

Don’t you have enough space to mount a waterfall? Do not worry. It is possible to purchase a beautiful water source to compose the landscaping

3 – Cast iron details

Cast iron objects and furniture are able to make the winter garden look more romantic and nostalgic.

Wooden trellis

Is your conservatory small? Then take advantage of the free space on the wall by installing a wooden trellis. This structure can be used to hang various species of plants, such as golden shower, goldfish and orchid.


Is space not a problem for your conservatory? Then bet on large pots with St. George’s sword. This plant with pointed leaves adds beauty to the environment and keeps away negative vibrations.


To increase the feeling of relaxation in the conservatory, be sure to include a waterfall in the environment. The sound of water hitting the rocks helps to relax and further enhances nature.

Slices of wood trunk

Instead of using decks to build a path in the garden, bet on slices of tree trunk. These wood chips will make the environment look more rustic and natural.

Moroccan lanterns

Moroccan lanterns are among the favorites when composing the winter garden lighting. They make the room look more cozy and romantic. They are just not suitable for small spaces.

Stones and gravel

To contrast with the green area, it is worth covering the floor with natural stones and gravel. White gravel is a good option for this type of environment, as well as dolomite and river stone.

Vases with stones and succulents

You don’t need to just decorate the floor with stones. It is also possible to use them to beautify pots with succulent plants.

Garden that looks more like a room

The winter garden does not need to be decorated only with plants, stones and wooden furniture. It is also possible to decorate the environment with comfortable armchairs and sofas, which are normally used in the living area of ​​the house. In the image below, even the arrangement of the furniture mimics a living room.

Spots on the floor

One way to highlight the elements of the decorated conservatories is through lighting. You can work with spots on the floor, which are reflectors capable of highlighting the landscaping.


Pallets can be used in different ways in decoration, including as a support for vertical garden. Try sanding and varnishing the wooden structure. Then place it on the wall and hang pots with plants. The result is a charming and sustainable composition.

Canjiquinha stone

The canjiquinha stone works miracles in the decoration. She is able to enhance the rustic style, through thin strips of rough stone. Use this type of finish on the walls of your conservatory.

Concrete blocks

  • You can replace traditional potted plants with concrete blocks. They are simple, cheap, versatile and highlight the green elements of the space. These bricks can be used to build a beautiful construction site, as shown in the image below.

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 Glass door

There is no point in setting up a winter garden and keeping it hidden at home. The ideal is to install a glass door in the room, which shows the beauty of the environment.

Path with wooden decks

Use wooden decks to create a kind of path inside your conservatory. This material invokes nature and combines perfectly with other natural elements, such as plants and stones.

What’s up? What did you think of the ideas for decorated conservatories ? Leave a comment.

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