Crochet rose: 75 photos and tutorials that will delight you very delicately

The crochet rose can be found in a variety of handicrafts, such as rugs, pillows or even a bouquet. Check out the models and tutorials of this beautiful flower to complement your home decor with charm.

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75 crochet rose patterns to inspire

In different shapes and colors, crochet roses give a more beautiful, colorful and charming touch to any piece. Get inspired with ideas:

1. The crochet rose can compose several works

Hatice Varol

2. Like carpets

Maria Silva Crochet

3. Tablecloths

Jacky Crochet

4. Amigurumi details

Cia Bambina

5. Or napkin rings

Taki Arts

6. Replace natural roses with crochet roses!

Jennie Lyzmelk

7. The flower makes any item more beautiful

Edna Gomes

8. Much more charming

Meaww Crochet

9. And of course, much more interesting

Elisabeth Lefoulon

10. And delicate, just like roses!

Gabriela Saturnino Crochet

11. Make a beautiful crochet rose for application

Crochet Charms

12. And make your craft more amazing

Hatice Varol

13. And well designed

Eliana Costa

14. Make multiple colors


15. Bet on the classic red tone

Kai Chu

16. Or use bicolor lines

Andrea and Marina Castelo Branco

17. Include sheets too

Venancio Netto

18. How about making loops?

Diana Roys Brito

19. Or a bouquet with crochet roses?

Rachel Medeiros

20. Spice up any part

Nathalie Sterblitch

21. And use creativity with colors

Atelier Vovó Iaiá

22. Like pink


23. White

Magic Needle

24. Or lilac

Lu Oliveira

25. The important thing is to match the piece to be applied

Merve Denlikol Karamanli

26. And the decoration of the space!

Fabiana Feitosa Brito

27. In addition to doing it for yourself

Daniella Bazana

28. These pieces are great for gifting friends

Lemon Crochet

29. And family members

Aunt Laura’s Amigurumi

30. But you can also sell

Carol Perazzo Handmade

31. And earn extra income at the end of the month

Ellen Handmade

32. Therefore, make sure your composition is perfect!


33. Use only good quality materials

Cotton Needles Workshop

34. For flawless results!

Bru Diniz

35. Beautiful crochet rose to decorate the napkin

Line Studio

36. You can do it in small sizes

Deise Embroidering Life

37. Or a large crochet rose

Francisca Mendes Souza

38. The choice will depend on the purpose of the flower

Isabel Kardauke

39. Versatile, it is possible to make several items

Paula Gama Bags

40. As a bookmark

Octopus Ateliê

41. Or key chains

Renata Henrique Crochet

42. Explore your creativity

Bruna Ávila Caixeta

43. And let your imagination flow!

Andrea and Marina Castelo Branco

44. Decorating baskets

Aquarius Atelier

45. Or decorative boxes

Linkart’s Shop Atelier

46. ​​Pure delicacy!

Varetta Crochet

47. A wonderful bouquet

Angelito de Lana

48. You can create a simple crochet rose


49. It’s easier to do


50. Or you can make a more elaborate one


51. And with incredible details

Volpe Alberta

52. To do this, just practice the techniques


53. Place a gemstone or pearl in the center


54. To enhance the flower arrangement!


55. Small and beautiful crochet earrings


56. Crochet crochet roses are very delicate

Atelier Eli Croche

57. Give your necklaces a new look

Rose Oliveira Accessories

58. And bags!

Yenka Collection

59. To make roses, few materials are needed

Nelita Gonçalves

60. Delight with the beauty of this flower

Núbia G. Silva

61. Create flawless arrangements

Online News Center

62. And decorate your home with grace

Adriane Crespo

63. Create colorful compositions


64. And authentic!

Delas Crafts

65. Fancy table decoration

Andrea and Marina Castelo Branco

66. To surprise your guests

Decorate Me

67. Add more color to the kitchen

Rosa Maria S Santana

68. For the bathroom

Franciele Alhert

69. And to the living room too!

Celina Marroco

70. Perfect for a beautiful table set

Andrea and Marina Castelo Branco

71. You can create more open roses

Jheni Suzane

72. Or more closed

Celina Marroco

73. Beautiful gift keyrings

Rúh Oliver

74. Or delicate party favors

Ateliê Que Delícia

75. Details make all the difference, don’t they?

Fatima Gomes

Now that you’ve been inspired by so many ideas, how about learning how to make your crochet roses at home to create different pieces? See below!

Materials to make rose:

– red, white, or pink worsted weight (size 4) acrylic yarn

– a size I or H crochet hook

– tapestry needle

– scissors

Materials to assemble:

– 18 gauge floral wire

– dark green floral tape

– faux leaves from fake flower branch

– scissors

– green chenille stick

Stitches and abbreviations to know:

– single crochet (sc)

– chain (ch)

– double crochet (dc)

– skip (sk)

– 5 double crochet shell stitch (shell stitch)

Once you have gathered all your materials, you are ready to begin!

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Step 1: First Row –

For the first row, you are going to make a slip knot and chain 40. (ch 40) You can make a bigger or smaller rose by changing this length, but I found 40 to be large enough. Not only that, you would have to make sure that the chain amount is a multiple that works with the next rows.

Step 2: Second Row –

For the second row, we are creating a base that will allow the petals in the third row to sit properly once assembled.


sk 3,

(dc, ch 1, sk 1 ch, dc, ch 1) repeat until stitch before last.


ch 1,

In other words, you are creating V stitches separated by a missed stitch. The extra chains between double crochets allow the rose to begin curling and will be easier to roll up later into the finished rose. If you ever mess up, it’s okay, nobody will see. You will just have to change the end to have one more or one less V stitch.

Step 3: Third Row –

The last row is the most time consuming, but in no way difficult. You will be creating a number of shell stitches which will model the beautiful petals you would find on a real rose.


(slst, 5 dc shell stitch) repeat until stitch before last.


FO leaving 20 inches or so to sew and complete.

Step 4: Sewing the Rose Together

Now you will begin to roll the rose up. I find it easier to work from the back side of the row or chains, rolling it up so that they align. Once the entire rose has been rolled up, you will need to use a tapestry needle to sew all the chains together. This ensures that the rose will not unravel. It is a good idea to make a double knot when you are finished and pull the end through and cut off a 5-inch tail. I show the entire process in video form in the next step, so you can see more clearly the process of sewing the rose together.

Step 5: Assembly


To finish your crocheted rose you will need to use a stiff enough floral wire and green floral tape to create the beautiful green stem. The 18-gauge wire is formed into a hook and secured into the base of the flower tightly. You will then use the tape to hold down the ends that were created from crocheting the rose. After most of the ends are hidden you will use the tape to attach the faux floral leaves. If you want you could also crochet these leaves instead. However, I found this option less time-consuming with what little time I had. Wrapping above and below the leaves gives it more stability to stay on the stem. Continue wrapping until you reach the of the wire and cut off the extra. We found that using large green chenille sticks was a great way to stabilize the transition from the stem to the flower.

That’s it! You’re done. Give the rose to your loved one, your amazing teacher, your mother, or make a bunch to display year-round in a vase.

Crochet rose step by step

Check out step by step videos that will show you and explain how to make your crochet rose. Grab needles, scissors and a ball of thread and start practicing!

Easy crochet rose

To start, check out this easy crochet rose step by step that will teach you how to make this beautiful flower in a very practical way. The tutorial is ideal for those who are starting in the amazing world of crochet!

Simple crochet rose

This tutorial will explain how to make roses with a very simple craft technique and then apply to other pieces. In addition to the classic red color, do it with other colors too!

Rolled crochet rose

This other video has a more complex step by step, but the effort will be worth it! The curled rose, or bouquet rose as this technique is also called, gives a beautiful effect and very similar to the delicate appearance of the flower.

Crochet rose bud for application

Do you know that dull bath towel or table? How about giving her a new and more charming look? Check out the video on how to make a delicate crochet rose bud to apply to your pieces and make them even more beautiful!

Large crochet rose

Check out the step by step how to make a beautiful big rose to apply on rugs, runners or tablecloths. In addition to the flower, the tutorial will also show you how to make the leaves to enhance the piece with perfection!

Small crochet rose

Now that you’ve seen how to make a big rose, here’s how to make a cute little rose to decorate towels, caps and barrettes. Didn’t these little flowers love you?

Crochet rose bud

Replace natural roses with crochet roses to decorate your home! The video will show you how to make your crochet flowers without mystery! The piece is also a great tip for giving gifts to those you love or sell!

Crochet roses are details that will make your piece even more beautiful. Enjoy and also discover how to make other types of crochet flower , such as daisies and sunflowers. Select the ideas you like best and start making your own handmade garden!

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