Creativity : 48 DIY ideas for you to Decorate your home

When it comes to creative and economical decoration, the internet is quite a collection of references for you to remodel or reframe an object in the best DIY style  (the acronym is the English abbreviation of “do it yourself” and, in Portuguese, “do yourself”).

With different levels of complexity, they allow you to have a unique, exclusive and customized piece, with a much higher added value than if bought ready in a store. Thinking about it, the Architecture Blog  separated 10 #DIY tips for you to venture out and, in a few minutes, have original and beautiful pieces in some corner of your home. Check it out:


To make this tip, go to a woodworker first and buy the wood according to the drawing below and as you wish. It takes no time to assemble! You can also choose to paint or leave the  wood raw.


Forget the idea that the bathroom doesn’t need decoration. Yes, it can look beautiful with some creative touches! A cardboard box can become a multipurpose box for your bathroom or toilet . The tip here is to wrap the box with sisal rope on the outside, and on the inside cover with the fabric of your choice


Do you know that floor lamp with retro footprint ? There is a DIY of it too! Look how easy it is: you will use broomsticks for the base and the items that any lamp needs, but that are cheap in decoration and construction houses. What about?


The idea here is just to change the natural position of the boxes, which can be of the material you want, placing them on the wall. It can be the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, you choose.


Forget the drawers. The fashion now is to keep the cutlery in exposed pieces that also decorate. One of these ideas is to use normal kitchen boards  with fabric glue and, of course, fabrics of your choice, create a “bag” to support these items. Beautiful and rustic.


If you have a finished frame out there, you don’t need to discard it. Use it to make a DIY for the bedroom or living room. Develop your favorite photos, following a theme or not, and create small “clotheslines” in the frame. See how it looks:

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49 Easy Home DIY Project Ideas and Designs

Which of the 48 tips did you like the most? Let’s agree that cheap and quick ideas to decorate the house with creativity are never too much, right? 

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