Colorful carpet: 50 models that will make your home more cheerful

Carpet Ideas

The colored rug is a simple way to enhance the decor and add a touch of color to any environment. In addition to bringing more comfort, this piece full of life will also give a lot of personality to the space. Check out ideas and get inspired to make your home more cheerful:

1. Colors stand out in the decoration

Duda Senna Architecture

2. Leave the cozy atmosphere

Studio Liven

3. With a cheerful and modern touch

loft87 architecture

4. Dare to choose shades

Mauricio Arruda

5. Or bet on more sober tones


6. The important thing is to print your style

Adriana Valle Patricia Carvalho

7. The colorful carpet is a charm in the room

Canario & Tesche

8. And also in the bedroom

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9. Stripes are a classic in decor

DT Studio

10. But there are many prints to choose from

Duda Senna Architecture

11. With unique color combinations

loft87 architecture

12. As a geometric model

Studio Vista Architecture

13. Or a piece with organic designs

Tulio Xenoforte Architects

14. Make your space full of life

Luiza Marçal

15. Using vibrant colors


16. Pastel tones are great for a children’s room

Hana Lerner Architecture

17. A versatile option for decoration


18. Bet on neutral furniture

Rogerio Shinagawa Architecture

19. And details of the carpet color

studio boscardin.corsi

20. To ensure a harmonious environment

Architecting Ideas

21. Choose your color palette

Studio Elã

22. You can choose yellow with purple


23. For a composition with shades of red

DT Estudio Arquitetura

24. Nice blue decor

felix – paál

25. Or the use of gray and pink

MIS Architecture

26. The combination with a white sofa is perfect

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27. Like in this wonderful room

STAL Architecture

28. There are several possibilities for compositions

Newton Lima

29. The balcony can also have a colorful look

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30. And the room is much more relaxed


31. Explore ethnic prints

Andrea Murao


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32. For a space full of personality


33. A true festival of colors!



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34. The colorful round rug enchants in the bedroom

Gabi Marques

35. And rectangular shapes are a hit in the room

Casa Sopro

36. Be for a young and funky decor

37. With industrial style


38. Or for a more sophisticated environment

Klee Studio

39. Coziness is right

Studio Canto Arquitetura

40. And charm too

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41. Give life to a study corner


42. And make the baby’s room charming

Brandi Love


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43. For more delicacy, use the colorful crochet rug

Bruna Faveri

44. An oriental model is full of elegance

Buy at  Americanas

45.And an abstract design is supermodern

Korman Architects


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46. ​​Choose a print that suits you

Casa Sopro

47. And coordinate the tone of the pillows with the rug

STAL Architecture

48. Don’t be afraid to use a colored piece



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49. Take the opportunity to innovate and renovate your home

Colori Architecture and Decoration

50. After all, colors make everything better!

Architecting Ideas

A little color will transform your space! Explore the mix of tones and make your home very stylish and cozy. Enjoy and also check out  Persian rug  ideas  that are a true work of art! .

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