Closet models: 50 ideas that bring beauty and functionality together

Having a closet at home only brings benefits to your routine, making it simpler and far from messy. Also, to have this space is to have clothes, accessories, bags and shoes in one place, all in a well organized way. There are several closet models, each with its own specifications to meet the needs of the resident.

Double, small, open, with dressing table or bathroom, the closet will make it easy to organize all your clothes, shoes and accessories in a beautiful and orderly way. Therefore, we have selected for you dozens of suggestions to bet on this environment that combines functionality and great beauty. Check out!

Small closet

Your space is small, but you don’t want to give up a more organized and practical environment? So here are some amazing little closet ideas that will make your routine simpler.

1. Use mirrors for small spaces

Marcelo Rosset

2. That will give sensation of amplitude

Thaisa Bohrer

3. And depth

Fernanda Carvalho

4. That way it will look much bigger!

Thaisa Bohrer

5. This closet is small but cozy

JMA Studio

6. Bet on rugs

Jackie hempel

7. To make the environment more comfortable

Christina Goldsmith

8. And remember a good area of ​​circulation

Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco

9. To be easy to access your belongings

Andi Law

10. Make room for your bags!

Ledyanne Carvalho

Small, but without forgetting comfort. Bet on mirrors to give you the feeling of being bigger! Now that you have some ideas for limited size space, here are some suggestions for open closets .

Open closet

The open closet is gaining more and more adherence to this model that is more economical for dispensing doors. In addition, this open wardrobe lends a more relaxed style to the environment.

11. This model is more practical

Dani Santoya

12. And simple

Simone Saccab Architecture

13. For dismissing doors

DZ Studio Architecture

14. Must Keep Everything Organized

Lara Aguero

15. Wood gives a more natural feel

Fernanda Rocha Lima

16. And beautiful to the environment

Miriam Maria Ribeiro

17. This luxury closet is amazing!

Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco

18. The baby also deserves a space to organize all the clothes

Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco

19. There are simpler open closet designs


20. And more sophisticated ones

Elayne Felix Interiors

This model is amazing, isn’t it? But remember to keep the space always well organized! Here are some closet ideas for a couple to share space with your beloved!

Double closet

No need to have a closet for each, just divide the space in half for each to have their corner to organize your belongings and clothes. That said, here are some suggestions for a couple closet.

21. Share Space With Your Spouse

Marina La-Gatta

22. Leave the niches high for the taller

Karen Pisacane

23. Invest in good lighting!

Studio M Joinery

24. Bet on more neutral colors for the double closet

Selsey living

25. As with glass doors

Stefani Architecture

26. That will keep your clothes from dust

Farah More

27. And promote a more elegant look to space

Lovisaro Architecture

28. Be democratic!

Monise Rosa Architecture

29. Give your shoes a space

Level Three

30. And all your clothes

Lore Architecture

Small or large, the couple’s closet should be divided democratically so that each has their own space to organize their clothes, accessories, belts and purses. Now, check out some bathroom closet suggestions.

Walk-in closet with bathroom

Do you want even more convenience in changing clothes? Then bet on a closet integrated into the bathroom or arranged side by side. See some ideas that unite these two environments in one way that ensure more convenience to the resident!

31. Be integrated

Vivian Reimers

32. Or next door

Lilian H Weinreich Architects

33. The closet bathroom will make your routine even simpler

Mestisso Architecture

34. And practice

Charles river

35. The closet is placed in the hallway leading to the bathroom.

Très Architecture

36. Bet on mirror doors

Farah More

37. The space is predominantly white

Todd Davis Architecture

38. Marble adds a more elegant look to the environment.

4 Men 1 Lady

39. Like wood

Level Three

40. Plan good lighting for both spaces

Builtin Studio

Greater organization, sophistication and practicality describe the bathroom closet. The integrated environment will make your everyday life simpler. Lastly, look at some dresser closet suggestions

Closet with dressing table

Taking advantage of the practicality of the previous category, this model is ideal for those who are more vain. Next, get some ideas for dressing with dressing table.

41. Beauty in one place!

Carla Sampaio

42. If your closet is bigger, bet on a dressing table !

Miriam Maria Ribeiro

43. Small

Patricia Boaro

44. Or big

Adriana Piva Architecture

45. Your beauty corner will be perfect in this space

Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco

46. ​​The mirror is indispensable in closets

Dash Space Architecture

47. Therefore, the more the merrier!

Vobol Architecture

48. Invest In A Good Dressing Chair

Coffee Corner With Milk

49. Place furniture at end of closet

Finart Furniture

50. Use makeup organizers to get even more tidy

Veloso Andrade Architecture

A charm these suggestions, is not it? Closet models, regardless of their size, are essential spaces for those looking for a more organized home and practicality in everyday life. This space can be made of different materials with simpler or more sophisticated shelves and cabinets. This will depend on one’s taste and budget. Select the ideas you liked best and start putting this dream into practice!

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