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CD Crafts – See Over 130 Ideas and Walkthroughs

And one of these materials would be the famous cd, which is present in everyone’s house, and as any product has an expiration date, then right after your cd goes bad we will show you amazing ideas that can make it turn into something beautiful and very useful for your daily life.

Tips for your crafts to be a success

  • Before you do something, have the materials all ready so you can get a better organization when it comes to craft.
  • Always have good scissors in hand, after all scissors is always something to have in hand when making any crafts.
  • Pens should be stored upright, so their ink will not go to the tip.
  • A great tip for cleaning your brushes is to soak them in some conditioner, this will soften the paint and make the cleaning process much easier.
  • Leave small pieces in boxes, it will avoid the headache of losing them or having to keep looking for them.
  • If you are just starting out with crafts, don’t worry about perfect pieces, it is normal for you to miss a few pieces in the beginning.

CD Crafts – See over 130 step-by-step templates to inspire you

Below are some ideas for you to use old CDs and reuse the material to create beautiful craft models that you can even sell and profit from.

Craft on old CDs

Craft with old CDs and photos is a great way to make your decor made with recycled products look even more beautiful, and on top of that to expose your best memories.

Cds with old cds and curtains is another great idea to put cd decor into practice, and to further enhance the beauty of your curtains

Craft with old and eva cds works great in any environment of your home, as both eva and cd are very versatile materials to work with.

Party cd decoration

June Party CD Decorating is a great idea to decorate your party in the best possible way, and with all the colors you want.

Decorating a cd for a children’s party is another beautiful way to use cd in a party decoration, as the same concept of different colors applies to both the children’s party and the June party.

Open these image in new tab for better result.

Craft with cd and eva

This is a great idea using two very good materials to work with, since eva goes a long way with the cd as it is malleable and you can make several pictures with it on the cd. Christmas craft with cd and eve is a great idea to put in a classic decoration like the holiday party, using the right color of eve on the cd, the end result is wonderful.

Picture Craft with cd

This is an excellent idea for you that wants to expose your best memories in a creative and fun way, after all the frames we find out there please us.

multiplos cds formando retrados um em cima do outro

Craft with cd and crochet

Here we take your old CDs and mix them with some crochet pieces to make them look even more beautiful and sensational for your day to day. the cd has a reflection which is great for mixing with strong crochet colors and playing with the colorful lighting this style can bring to you. So let’s go to the examples.

Felt cd crafts Craft

with felt and cd is a beautiful form of craft for you to put into practice as the materials are great to work with. And on top of that the variety of colors you get with felt is amazing. So you can put creativity to work and look at some wonderful examples we bring to you.Coelinhos feitos em cd reciclado para deixar seu artesanato incrivel

Step by step cd crafts Cds

craft is very simple to do, but despite its simplicity it does not mean that the end result will be worse. After all, creativity makes a lot of things, and today we are going to show you how to decorate a plant hole with old CDs. Materials: hot glue Old CDs Plant void ink Step 1 Break the old cds into random pieces, don’t worry about the docking. Step 2 Glue the pieces around the entire plant void using the hot glue. Step 3 Paint the voids with paint to leave a symmetrical effect on the entire void. Another beautiful idea is the picture frame with CDs, which we will show in the very explanatory video below.

Recycled cd crafts

Recycling has gained a lot of strength in the decoration of the last years, and with that the handicraft with cd has gained more and more strength.

So today we will bring you even more great ideas that can help you find the idea that most inspires you.

Artesanato com cd reciclado em forma de caixinha Cds reciclados diversos com cários tipos de decoração Enfeite azul com corrente feito com cd reciclado Enfeite de pendurar com cd reciclado artesanal Peixe decorativo feito com cd totalmente reciclado

Bicycle cd crafts

Bicycle craft made with cd is a very creative idea that has gained increasing popularity in the craft world.

The delicacy that this pool has is sensational and can make more and more people adopt this decorating methods.


Enfeite para a porta feito com cd para época do natal Linda coruja feita em cd como artesanato pendurada em um galho

Hope you enjoyed today’s tips!

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