Dinosaurs are a group of several animal members of the dinosaur clade . The assumptions are that they appeared on Earth at least 223 million years ago and were the rulers of the planet for more than 167 million years throughout the dinosaur age.

The dinosaurs are a topic that stirs the curiosity of everyone. They are practically wingless dragons that really existed. And the whole universe that surrounds them seems to be mysterious and suitable for exploration. Maybe that’s why so many people are studying to find out things from how they walked to their reproduction or skin type.

We all have the concept of a dinosaur right in the head, whether for children’s programs like Barney or the Dinosaur Family, or for science fiction movies like Jurassic Park. The fascination with these creatures and the desire to see them alive has not diminished over time and continues to be a hit in Hollywood movies.

The questions, which are raised about these animals, are answered with the fossilized bones that are found. But even so, they are not able to give us all the information we need nor answer all our doubts. Some mysteries surrounding these animals simply cannot be solved and what we have left are assumptions as answers.

Finding fossils is a painstaking job by archaeologists, but one student, who is obsessed with science, has tripped over a nest of fossilized dinosaur eggs . This, after he detected a strange stone on the floor while playing. The case occurred in China.

According to the boy, identified as Zhang Yangzhe, he was looking for tools to open nuts when he saw a piece of rock that looked special. At the moment, the 10-year-old boy was playing on the Dong River in Heyuan, Guangdong Province. He said that he thought the rock had circles on its surface.

“I called my mother, [and we] thought the shell looked like a dinosaur egg, ” the boy said in an interview with Heyuan Radio and Television Station.

According to experts, eggs may be 66 million years old and date from the Cretaceous period. This period happened shortly before the dinosaurs became extinct.


After the diggers examined the eight-centimeter egg, they found another ten nearby. And according to Li Xiaofang, the boy’s mother, he has always been obsessed with science and has read several books about dinosaurs .

When they found the eggs, she called the authorities and watched the place with her son until they arrived. Then experts at the Heyuan Dinosaur Museum confirmed that the finding was indeed fossilized dinosaur eggs.

As said by Huang Dong, former director of the Heyuan Dinosaur Museum, the fossils are from the late Cretaceous period. The eggs were taken to the Heyuan Dinosaur Museum for further study.

Dinosaur House

And Heyuan was nicknamed the dinosaur house in China. The nickname is justified because in 2015 a cage with 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs was discovered. This was found by city workers. In Heyuan, the first dinosaur egg to be recorded was found in March 1996.

Since then, another 17,000 eggs have been excavated in the city. And according to the Heyuan Dinosaur Museum, they have 10,008 dinosaur eggs. And that number makes them have the largest collection of its kind in the world.

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