Bedroom rug: 85 beautiful models to bring you more comfort

Decorating a home space is one of the most fun steps. And the bedroom is the coolest part of decorating! Dresser, chandelier, lamp, bedside table and pillows are some of the furniture and adornments that can not be left out. Another very important item is the bedroom rug, which will add all the comfort and warmth to your corner.

Can be found in many sizes, textures, colors and materials, the carpet will make all the difference in the composition of the place. That’s why we’ve selected dozens of ideas to inspire you and some models to buy from online stores and get paid right at home! Liked? Then follow the reading:

1. The rug will bring a more cozy air

Gabi Work Architecture Office

2. And comfortable to the room

Juliana Agner

3. Besides lots of charm

Buy at Tok Stok

4. What are the aspects that this space requires

Renata Zanatta

5. This room rug is downy

Architecting Ideas

6. Which is one of the most chosen types for the intimate environment

Mayan Vanja

7. Choose a model that matches the decor

Gabi Work Architecture Office

8. Like this one that accompanies the clean style of space

Simone Saccab

9. Or opt for a bolder model

Thaisa Bohrer

10. Stand out in the middle of the room

Yamagata Architecture

11. You can buy a bedroom rug

Buy at Shop Time

12. Or even make a

Krona Store

13. Like this beautiful crochet room rug

Yanaina Mella

14. Who looks great in any style

Creative and Whimsical

15. And still lends a handmade touch to the space

Baby Finesses

16. Position the garment beside the bed

SP Estudio Arquitetura

17. To feel the soft touch on your feet when you wake up

Simone Saccab

18. Be for children’s bedroom

Shop at Magazine Luiza

19. Young

Thaisa Bohrer

20. Or adult

Mariane Baptista and Marilda Baptista

21. The rug is an indispensable item for a more pleasant space.

Claudia Pimenta and Patricia Franco

22. You can choose a small model

Mauritius Karam Architecture

23. If your environment is narrower

Shop at American Stores

24. Or a large bedroom rug

Claudia Albertini Architecture

25. Which looks perfect in more spacious areas

Pereira Raede Interiors

26. The geometric model is modern

Juliana Agner

27. And it’s a fad that doesn’t go out of style!

Renata Zanatta

28. Sophisticated double bedroom rug

Architecting Ideas

29. Choose more playful models for children’s bedrooms

Yanaina Mella

30. Like this one that’s really cute

Carol Miluzzi

31. Or a more colorful one!

Buy in the Grain of People

32. This round rug pattern is

Gabi Work Architecture Office

33. Bet on a white rug to balance the decor.

Mauritius Karam Architecture

34. The adornment accompanies the light decoration of the space

Estela Cislaghi

35. So also like this other


36. Place carpet under furniture

Architects Suite

37. To avoid the risk of slipping

Quattrino Architecture

38. Or scratching the floor

Carol Miluzzi

39. Black lines value this model

Thaisa Bohrer

40. This treadmill-style bedroom rug

Juliana Agner

41. Just like this other

Lorenza Franceschi

42. This rug model is a classic

Architects Suite

43. Light pink children’s bedroom rug

Sesso and Dalanezi Architecture

44. The texture mix was awesome!

Quattrino Architecture

45. Crochet makes any environment prettier

Krona Store

46. ​​This black bedroom rug is sophisticated

Dudi Duarte

47. Just like this one of gray color

Moderne Architecture

48. Bet on a black and white item

Carol Miluzzi

49. That’s a classic without mistake!

Lorenza Franceschi

50. Delicate pink carpet for a women’s room

Buy on the Submarine

51. This one is blue for the boy’s room

Renata Zanatta

52. The piece values ​​the decoration

Thaisa Bohrer

53. And it gives a look that transforms the place

Carol Miluzzi

54. Neutral rugs are great for harmonizing decor.

Dudi Duarte

55. And give the space a cleaner look

Sesso and Dalanezi Architecture

56. Its texture gives a sense of movement

Arbor Architecture

57. Dark color gave personality to composition

Iná Architecture

58. This rug matched the bedding set.

Sesso and Dalanezi Architecture

59. You can find it in different formats.

Claudia Albertini Architecture

60. How square

Kids Architecture

61. Rectangular

Renata Basques

62. Or round

Lilian Cristina Nogueira

63. Everything will depend on one’s taste.

Apt E301

64. And of the available space

Claudia Albertini Architecture

65. Stripes star in this environment

Pereira Reade Interiors

66. Cover the floor with carpet

Studio deux

67. And make the space super cozy!

Jussara Alvim Designer

68. Green and white predominate in this beautiful room

Rocha Andrade Architecture

69. The floor contrasts with the carpet

Monise Rosa Architecture

70. Sober tones look good in double rooms

Sesso and Dalanezi Architecture

71. The furry bedroom rug is delicious to the touch

Claudia Albertini Architecture

72. And can be found in many colors.

Claudia Albertini Architecture

73. This baby room rug made the room more comfortable

Office of Architect Gabi Marques

74. Create a set with more templates.

Studio deux

75. The adornment accompanied the sober decoration

Studio deux

76. As well as this other model

Rocha Andrade Architecture

77. In addition to making the space more comfortable

78. The rug is also responsible for bringing a warm feeling

Tamara Raizer

79. Perfect for colder days

Mariana Linhares Interiors

80. The model is marked by thick stripes.

House 2 Architects

81. Add a splash of color

Architecting Ideas

82. And more lively composition

Mariana Linhares Interiors

83. Blue contrasts with decor

Babi Teixeira

84. Beautiful piece of neutral color with dark details

Duda Senna

85. Bedroom rug is small, but already makes a big difference

Studio deux

Whether crochet, woven, small, large, downy or smooth, the bedroom rug will make your corner even more cozy and pleasant. Aiding the feeling of well-being, this adornment can transform your environment. Now that you have checked out many designs and ideas for decorating, buy yours now or make your own!

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