Balcony Curtains: 40+ Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas

Suitable in size and beautiful curtains on the balcony can add comfort to any interior. Original textiles make the design of windows stylish and fashionable. Once there was not so much choice in models and materials of curtains. Fortunately, in recent years, the decoration market has developed rapidly, so we have a huge assortment of classic curtains and blinds. But how to choose them?

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. White vertical blinds


  1. Curtains on plastic windows
  2. The functional purpose of balcony curtains
  3. Trendy colors and lengths 2019
  4. Eaves and types of fastenings
  5. Curtain design and interior style
  6. Curtains on the window with a balcony in different rooms
  7. Types of Blinds
  8. Don’t overpay


Curtains for Plastic Windows

For many decades, curtains have been the most common way to decorate windows, present in almost every home. Today, windows are much more attractive than they were many years ago, so they can be decorated with a curtain of different cuts. Many people have completely abandoned the traditional sheets that fall to the floor and choose compact blinds.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Nice joyful atmosphere at the balcony with colorful wallpaper

Currently, the vast majority of people prefer jalousie blinds instead of curtains. Classic curtains are no longer in fashion, so they can be less and less seen on the plastic windows of balconies in modern homes, however, they can be found on the market. Curtains are often chosen by conservative people who want to see the falling waves of curtains on the loggia that gently tremble in the wind. Curtains are also chosen for the interior, in which the modernist forms of blinds are not suitable.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Black metal shelving at the white modern loggia

Curtains on the Balcony: Definition of Functionality

Curtains have both practical and decorative functions. By following a few simple rules, you can easily achieve a harmonious and well-presented window decoration effect. Before you start choosing the color and decoration of the curtains on the balcony, first consider the purpose for which you want to buy them. Should they only perform a decorative function, or maybe they should be used to regulate the light in the room, as well as protect from prying eyes of neighbors? If the latter option is true, then decide on the purchase of curtains made of thick fabric or blinds. If they have to perform only a decorative function, it is best to combine blackout with mesh curtains that brighten the room and close the balcony from prying eyes from the street.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Classic idyll with wicker furnitureBalcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Tulle at the windows and carpet at the floor of contemporary styled area

Balcony Decoration: Aesthetic Function

Currently, curtains and drapes are slightly functionally discounted by the increasingly popular jalousie. Traditional curtains no longer serve, as before, to provide privacy at home or from the sun’s rays, which interfere when watching TV. Instead, curtains and drapes mainly perform an aesthetic function on the balcony. Therefore, when choosing the right curtains, everything should be arranged so that their design fits perfectly with the rest of the room. Thanks to this, you will provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere of the interior, cohesion and a feeling of relaxation. Also, pay attention to the optical capabilities of curtains and drapes. Thanks to their proper arrangement, the balcony and the window that is decorated can appear taller and wider.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Pleated roman blinds at the panoramic windows

Curtains and Heat Loss Protection

In winter, significant funds are spent on heating the house. To maintain comfort on the balcony and adjoining room, you often have to turn on radiators to a higher energy consumption level. What happens to high temperature, why is its level not maintained? The reason is all the places in the apartments and house which are not insulated. One of such zones is the windows on the balcony, which can cause significant heat loss, even if you have already managed to replace them with new ones. A good idea to limit heat loss through windows is to install window shades. Thanks to this solution, it will be much more difficult for heat to get out of your apartment, and gas bills may be slightly lower. Obviously, the curtains will not stop the temperature drop by one hundred percent, which is probably unattainable but can have a significant impact on limiting this adverse process.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Library at the balcony

What are the Curtains on the Balcony? Trendy Colors and Lengths 2019

The textile market offers countless palettes with patterns and curtain colors for the balcony and other rooms. Do not be afraid to experiment with them. The strong contrast of the color of the curtains with the walls will make the window attractive spot of the interior. The combination of matte materials with shiny, heavy, light, and lace can give a fantastic decorative result. However, if you want a tinted and elegant effect, it is best to choose shades that are close to the color of the walls of the balcony.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Lime and turquoise colors

Curtains and blinds are very important in decorating a room. Often you only need to buy new curtains to significantly refresh the room, which seemed dull and gray. Hundreds of design solutions, shapes, and colors of curtains are available on the market. If the interior is colorfully and funny designed, you should be interested in curtains of warm colors that will best combine with each other. For example, on the balcony, there are several narrow curtains of different colors. Curtains do not have to be white; experiments can often be very beneficial.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Brickwork at the large loggia

The design and shape of the interior, as well as the color of the curtains,  should complement each other, creating a stylish and attractive whole. If each of these elements functions separately, then all this will create the impression of inconsistency and lack of integrity. If the room is small, you should be interested in the possibility of its optical increase. Light-colored curtains can diffuse the sun’s rays much better. This can cause the optical expanding of the room.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Tulle curtains at the panoramic window and working place



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Curtain Length

In order to choose the right curtain parameters, you must make an accurate measurement of the length and width of the windows and the cornice. If you do not want to sew the DIY curtains, there are three standard lengths of traditional curtains on the market: to the windowsill (short), below the windowsill (medium) and to the floor (long). If you choose the last option, you should subtract 1 cm from the length of approximately considering the rug on the floor that can touch the fabric. Remember that the length of the curtains is always measured from the place where the hooks or clips are fixed to the cornice, and not from the point where the cornice is attached. Also always pay attention to the composition of the curtains, because the measurement of the width always depends on the method of fastening. If you want the effect of free waves, then buy curtains that are twice the width of the window.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Purple and white tulle

How to Hang Curtains on the Balcony? Choosing the Right Curtain Rods and Mounting Types

Increasingly, modern balconies are decorated with traditional curtains, as they represent a full-fledged room for relaxation. Eaves for curtains have a very big impact on the interior and its inner climate. A wide selection of curtain rods for traditional curtains is available on the market not only in length but also in shape, color or style. As for the blinds, there is less choice, but rather typical for all types of roller blinds.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Classic drapes at combined kitchen-balcony

Cornices should also be as practical as possible, especially for the balcony, so that they are easy to clean, and the curtains did not take all day to attach them and did not require the efforts of several people. Many people choose universal cornices, that is, those that do not attract attention with their shape and decorations and are not a catchy spot inside, but only gently complement the interior, creating a single whole. Although the choice of curtain rods is not always simple, it’s worth spending some time to enjoy the effect achieved in this way for everyone who sees it — the guests and, first of all, yourself. Not all cornices are suitable for hanging certain types of curtains on them. A simple and minimalist curtain rod is best suited for heavy and richly decorated curtains. However, for a plain and simple in form fabric, it is worth choosing a model with an interesting design.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Acid green classic interior

Mount Type:

  • Metal rings. They sit directly on the cornice. The curtains are easy to use and have an extremely elegant look. Do not forget to choose the color of the rings to the color of the cornice. Otherwise, you can create the impression of decorative chaos.
  • Curtains with tape are collected after pulling the thread. Thanks to this, you get pleasant and even laying of fabric. This version of the curtain on the balcony can be hung with hooks.
  • This type of mount has a modern character, ideal for minimalist interiors. Curtains are freely placed on the ledge; they are very easy to move.
  • Curtains on the groove are placed directly on the cornice. This decoration blends perfectly with the interiors of the balconies, decorated in a romantic and classic style.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. A touch of vintage style with suspended open-cord lamps

Balcony Curtain Design: Interior Style

The main criterion for choosing a curtains’ design is the stylistic design of the balcony in which they are located. Size, windows, and degree of insolation – these are the elements that will determine your choice. Properly selected window fabrics can display the decorative qualities of the room, as well as overcome some of its shortcomings (shape, size). The style is also very important, for example, a balcony furnished in a classic design will approve of taffeta or jacquard curtains, minimalistic Roman curtains will be suitable for Scandinavian decoration, and colorful motifs will be presented in an atmosphere of oriental or vintage scenery. Smooth fabrics and geometric patterns are ideal for interiors decorated in a contemporary style.

Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Tulle drapes and the dining zone at the window Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Real cozy sitting area Balcony Curtains: Actual and Fashionable Decoration Ideas. Home office in casual style at the loggia

Heavy and too long curtains are not suitable for a small balcony, because they will optically reduce it even more. In rooms with dark-colored walls, light and airy materials are more appropriate. Window curtains should be not only beautiful but also practical. Rich draped decorative curtains can be difficult to use on your balcony if you intend to close or open your shutters frequently.

Large radiator and whitewashed brickwork at the balcony

Although the fashion for curtains has lost excitement, giving way to new types of roll-up curtains, in many houses they still adorn balconies, as well as rooms adjacent to the loggia. Increasingly, in many stores, you can also find curtains in the style that is known from the stories or old films of the 1950s or 1960s. Retro-curtains usually appear in houses decorated in a traditional style, without using modern trends. Such curtains often appear as very ornate and attractive window decorations which are underestimated by the majority of modern society. Retro-curtains are usually sold in online stores, as in traditional retail outlets, curtains are increasingly replaced by modern models or fabric blinds, much more practical than classic type.

Modern megacity view at the balcony with red colors in decoration

Curtains on the Window with a Balcony in Different Rooms

Curtains and drapes are a popular material for those who do not use modern fabric blinds on the window and want to let in as much light as possible thanks to the open balcony while preserving privacy. However, many people do not like the standard solution – translucent curtains and dense, almost opaque curtains. Therefore, some manufacturers of curtains presented in their proposal a new product that is gaining more and more popularity. It’s about curtains that are slightly thicker than standard, but thinner than a traditional canvas. Such curtains on a window with a balcony let a little less light inside, but they always look attractive. After decorating windows in this way, many additional features of the window decoration are at your disposal. It is also worth taking an interest in jacquard curtains that do not allow too much light into the room, but their use helps to illuminate the whole room with pleasant overflows.

Classic bedroom style and the entrance to balcony

Curtains in the Living Room with a Balcony

Before choosing the right fabric for curtains in a room with a balcony, you should consider what function they will need to perform. Does the fabric need to let in a lot of light into the room, or rather block it? Curtains in the living room should be light and transparent. Given the color, texture, and thickness of weaving, you can choose from a variety of fabrics. Organza, stiff tulle and chiffon will give lightness and clarity. To make the curtains look more natural, fabrics such as cambric should be used. If the living room is arranged in ecodesign style, you can choose curtains from natural linen, which have a natural color. Curtains made of thick and dense velvet and damask fabric will fit into more elegant interior design of the living room.

Casual styled living room with the balcony behind gray curtains

The location of the curtains in the living room has a very important aesthetic value. Curtains occupy a large part of the room, if they are chosen incorrectly, they can cause discontent of guests who will probably notice it. Curtains for the living room do not just serve as a regulator of the sun, so it’s worth spending some time choosing the right material, color, and shape. Curtains will also have a significant impact on your well-being, as a dark curtain that looks like a heavy screen can be depressing. Properly selected curtains can make the window optically smaller or larger. Thanks to the canopy of the curtains hanging on the floor just below the ceiling, you can provide an optical increase in the height of the room. Curtains play a key role in interior decoration, so they should not be underestimated.

Large bay window balcony combined with the living room having blue sofa

Curtains in the Bedroom with a Balcony

The bedroom is a very important place in every apartment. It is there that a person gains strength before a new day by resting in a deep sleep. Curtains and drapes have a key effect on mood, and it also depends on them whether the room will have a pleasant, intimate and private atmosphere. The curtains in the bedroom should not be too thick and dark. Combine delicate curtains that let in a lot of sunlight during the daytime, with thick, sturdy canvases providing sufficient privacy. Thanks to the latter, you will sleep, limiting the morning sunshine from the balcony on the east side.

Platform bed in gray at the bedroom with balcony

Suitable curtains should also be combined with the colors of the whole room. If you correctly organize the design of the bedroom, then there will be a warm and cozy atmosphere that promotes relaxation, which will be indispensable for everyone. The bedroom is a very important place, so you should pay as much time as possible to the details when organizing it.

Although curtains have long lost their popularity, becoming a niche product, an ancient tradition continues in many countries. It is hard to imagine a modern office with curtains, but they are widely used in bedrooms with balconies. Hanging curtains on the windows make the climate of the place more comfortable and intimate, and ordinary blinds do not always fit into large windows. Curtains and curtains are often found in bedrooms and nurseries, which are expanded by a balcony. It is also a great solution for traditional-style interiors. Long curtains look perfect, and the rest of the interior creates a single whole.

Turqoiuse colored bed in the bedroom with yellow tulle

Curtains in the Kitchen with a Balcony: Photo Examples

Most rooms have different requirements and needs regarding window shading. For example, in the bathroom, you would like the window to not show what is happening inside, and the kitchen with a balcony is very suitable for a lot of natural light. A short curtain will do here. This is a very useful solution that allows you to abandon the use of rather bulky curtains in the kitchen. The window is shaded, but to such an extent that it does not interfere with the use of the kitchen. Such a curtain can be easily removed, washed and ironed due to its small size, and the blinds are easy to clean.

White decorated Classic dining room with open entrance to the balcony Nice combined kitchen and balcony full of natural light and airy tulle

Curtains for Children in a Room with a Balcony

Children’s room is a very important place in the house. It is here the child develops his or her imagination and spends a lot of time playing and learning about the world. This room should be properly decorated so that the baby or teenager feels happy in it and is not afraid of anything. Curtains are an important element in the decor of a child’s room. An ordinary, boring curtain would not be particularly suitable. Although the child, most likely, would not mind its existence, it would be worth decorating the curtain, for example, with several butterflies or ladybirds, or figures of favorite characters from fairy tales.

Kids' room with functional furniture and pink decoration of the balcony

Many shops with curtains provide a special range of products exclusively for children. Such curtains are usually attractively decorated in pleasant colors and shapes. This can have a big impact on the development of the imagination of a child who (by observing the world through such a curtain) can see many things that interest him. When choosing a curtain suitable for a child, it is worth considering selecting the option together.

Nice idea of emphasizing the balcony with red plastic frame

Jalousie Blinds on the Balcony: Popular Options

There are many types of blinds in commercial offers. However, over the past few years, the most popular are:

Cassette blinds

Cassette blinds are one of the most functional products. They work great on balconies. The screen curtain consists of a wound strip of material (usually polyester, PVC or fiberglass). Good quality material is resistant to mechanical damage and does not fade when exposed to sunlight. Such blinds can freely hang or fit in a special cassette (mini-type). Freely hanging products usually do not completely darken the room. Their material transmits scattered sunlight and protects the interiors from excessive heat. The cheapest screen curtain models with standard formats can be purchased at an affordable price. Custom products will be a little more expensive. You will pay even more for the blinds made of rubberized material.

Natural colors, materials and evem plants at the loggia with the computer workdesk

Austrian Blinds

Austrian blinds are often chosen because of their decorative qualities. Typical Austrian blinds resemble a curtain using an integrated string system. Interestingly, these types of products can be made from almost any material used to produce roller blinds. The most popular are models from veils. However, manufacturers’ offers also include roller blinds with decorative frills. Their price will certainly be higher.

Purple striped loggia decoration with the sitting zone and wicker furniture

Roman Curtains on the Balcony

Roman blinds resemble the Austrian model, but they are better combined with modern arrangements. The material of the blinds is curled in waves, creating an interesting decorative effect. Good quality models have extra reinforcement that is built vertically. This reinforcement allows the material to fold very evenly, twisting it without any problems. Thin fabrics will be the cheapest. However, higher-quality blinds made of high-quality material or reflective foil will predictably cost more.

Brickwork, LED lighting and dining zone at the loggia

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are a fairly versatile model that can be used on both wall and skylights. Roll-curtain takes the form of a harmonica. It is available in a free-hanging version and in a cassette. In commercial offers, you will find both single-function and double blinds. Double-sided roller blinds are very popular due to their functionality. They allow you to close the selected window fragment and look very representative. Another interesting fact is that pleated blinds can be easily adapted to any form of window. Manufacturers make them from various types of materials (from textiles to bamboo fiber).

Blinds and cozy sitting zone at the balcony

Day and Night Roller Blinds

Day/night shutters are a very interesting solution that gives a wide selection of design options. Roller blinds are made up of horizontal stripes of material that let in sunlight or provide complete shadow. The aforementioned type of blinds is especially recommended for a very sunny balcony. Roller shutters made of thick material or reflective film reduce the degree of heating the room. In turn, setting the bands in the “day” position allows a lot of sunlight inside. Modern design and rich colors make this type of product in no way similar to the old blinds installed on the windows. The price depends on the quality of the material.

Day-/night blinds and curtains at the large window

What to Do in Order not to Overpay for Blinds?

The price difference between the individual models of blinds is very large. Therefore, first of all, it is worth asking a question about your real needs. The cheapest purchase will be aluminum curtains that can be adapted to any interior. One has only to pay attention to the color of the material and the level of protection from sunlight. Good quality blinds can be a combination of strength, impressive look and affordable cost.

Egg chair at the large modern balcony

With a modern choice of curtains for the balcony, you can significantly refine a small loggia in the apartment for relaxing and enjoying the street panorama. View trendy examples in the photo gallery to decorate your home.

Pleated weaved curtains for modern styled balcony Color contrast in the living room with the balcony zoned with curtains

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