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Awesome Ideas for Garden Edges That Add New Character to Your Outdoor Space!

Awesome Ideas for Garden Edges

1. Paver Mow Strip

Paver Mow Strip

Working for a clean and crisp division between the planting bed and the lawn, mow strips can be built from a variety of materials, including lovely square-shaped pavers as this one. Plus, it’s a super easy-to-install option.

Idea Details : 2minutegardener

2. Brick Edging for Flower Beds

Brick Edging for Flower Beds

The symmetrical shape of concrete pavers brings out a suburban look to this brick edging that’s not only inexpensive but also maintenance free. The vertical paver wall ensures that no mulch works its way into the garden.

Idea Details : gardeenworld

3. Garden Bed With Brick

Garden Bed With Brick

Allowing you to run a push mower on top of the edging and dispense with the string trimmer, a finely arranged band of bricks defining the boundary of the garden bed combine convenience with aesthetic appeal.

Idea Details : thisoldhouse

4. Garden Bed Blocks

Garden Bed Blocks

The whole idea of building a garden loaded with colorful flowers and plants has been gracefully brought to life within a wooden box that separates the garden bed from the lawn with a vibrant shade of paint.

Idea Details : pin.it

5. Trapezoid Stones Garden Edge

Trapezoid Stones Garden Edge

It won’t take more than a few minutes to put together a nicely curved border with these budget-friendly stones. The unique trapezoid shape makes them perfect for straight or curved edges, by simply laying them on the ground.

Idea Details : jennaburger

6. DIY Woven Garden Edging

DIY Woven Garden Edging

A bundle of pruned raspberry canes woven together with a few bamboo canes that provide a solid support to the edging are an unconventional choice for garden borders. Apt for those who want to achieve a country-cottage essence.

Idea Details : lovelygreens

7. Round Stone Garden Edging

Round Stone Garden Edging

Grab loads of big and small round stones or pebbles in a few coordinating colors for a totally natural, informal garden edge. How stones blend with the environment, while being quite sturdy at the same time is simply wonderful.

Idea Details : tany

8. Concrete Garden Edging

Concrete Garden Edging

Lasting for years, concrete edging takes the cake with its durability, while being equally versatile to match just about any garden decor. The concrete mix combined with a liquid cement color is the key to build one from scratch.

Idea Details : bobvila

9. Scrap Wood Garden Edging

Scrap Wood Garden Edging

The randomness sported by this beautiful edging is all credits to lots of scrap wood, including slabs of plywood, pieces of 2×4, old planks and cedar fencing cut into smaller bits and painted with pastel hues.

Idea Details : farmhouse38

10. Woven Hose Garden Edge

Woven Hose Garden Edge

Uber cool is the word for this innovative garden fence built with old hoses woven together catching all the attention with their contemporary look. The tall fence in bright shades of blue will go almost with every surrounding.

Idea Details : karapaslaydesigns

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