Arch in the Living Room: 30 Unusual Design with Photos

Beautiful arched designs are used for elegant interiors. There are many elements of interior design that can give a room perfect aesthetic appearance. Sculptural and architectural interiors have something special. A beautiful arch can completely change the decor, no matter whether it is simple or pompous. Photo examples in this article perfectly demonstrate this idea.


  1. Arch purpose
  2. Types and materials of manufacture
  3. Design in different styles
  4. Between the kitchen and the living room
  5. Arched windows


Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Neat creamy white room with greenery and artificial fireplace

The Purpose of the Arch in the Living Room

Arches are structural elements of a building that often frame the entrance being a supporting structure. They are used in buildings for almost 4000 years. The most famous of them were built by the ancient Romans because these elements of architecture not only carried a structural function, but also amazing aesthetics. Today, the introduction of the arch in the interior of the living room has several advantages:

  • Visual expanding the space unlike traditional doors.
  • Enhancing natural light in the room.
  • Making the interior more interesting and refined.

If you are designing a new building or want to drastically change the design of rooms in an existing arrangement, it would be nice to include the arch as an element of the living room, even if your overall appearance is meant to be modern. Many modern houses have no rudiments of arch, but it is relatively easy to turn a regular doorway into an arched one. If you want to do this, think about how you can apply arc-shaped overlap to get the most impressive effect.

Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Large arched window to permeat more light into casual styled room with wooden floor

Types of arches and materials

Make the arch in the living room special by using materials that differ from the rest of the room. This will give you an extra texture. Wood is an ideal choice, but why do not you go for something more artistic, for example, modeling?

Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Unusual Arabic style with black ceiling and domed pass

Mini arches

Think of the arch, and you can imagine the typical Roman construction with a semicircle at the top. Arches should not be limited to this model only. With modern building materials you can make much more interesting options. Shallow arches that span at least a double Roman arch look great in modern open-space houses. A shallow arch can create separate zones in a multi-functional room without taking them from each other.

Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Gray and white designed common space living with different levels

Arched French Doors

There are many types of open arches. However, with arched French doors, you can keep open access while maintaining the ability to create two separate spaces. It is a good idea to create such a construction. A glazed doorway located inside the archway will give you the best of both rooms.

Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Arched entrance door of glass sash

Raw Brickwork

Some people love exposed brickwork and will use it again and again in their projects. For others, it looks depressing, so there will be a desire to avoid such interior decoration at any cost. This is a matter of personal taste. However, there is one place where most people agree that the brickwork looks good. And it is the arch. There is something about the brick arch, which looks amazing, finding a special aesthetics. If you have a passion for bricks, use them in the arch.

Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Brick arch between the kitchen and the living

Arch in the Living Room of Plasterboard

If you have an entrance to the living room that you would like to turn into an archway, then choose drywall. An experienced master can relatively quickly and easily make a vault of this material. The arch will not have a constructive advantage, but it will look amazing. Think of some ornate patterns, not just smooth bending.

Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Unusual Oriental arch in pastel tones with pattern

Living Room Design with Arches: Photos in Different Styles

The beautiful classic-style living room has an arched entrance, and this is a very elegant detail, especially in the case of a refined interior. The living room has a traditional elegant design with the introduction of modern accents. Most often, the arch decorates the rooms in a traditional style. The ceiling is beautiful, and the columns and arched walls are also exquisite details. The whole room resembles a luxurious, refined space. The large pendant chandelier is the logical center, but in fact the whole decor stands out.

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Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Classic design with stucco and figured ceiling

Of course, not all the arches should be so intricate and complex. Classic design is beautiful and timeless, but you can embed the arch in a modern style either. For example, the living room may still be traditional, but with a tinge of unconventional design. The arch is an interesting architectural detail that can be turned into the most unexpected form.

Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Chic contemporary living with unique forged table

Another example of a simplified arch design can be made in a rustic style or Chalet. The wood gives the room a bright touch. This impression is enhanced by all the stylish carved details. However, the overall design remains simple. The color is very similar to that used for wooden floors, creating symmetry and consistency, as well as adding elegance and warmth to the room.

Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Sitting room with wooden elements and dining table

The Mediterranean living room has a different arch design. In this case, the design is made of brick and stone. This adds texture to the decor and also adds a bit of rustic charm to the room. Windows can also be arched or panoramic to the whole wall length.

Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Gorgeous chalet atmosphere with open entrance to the terrace and arch to the dining

The Arch between the Kitchen and the Living Room

Upgrading a small kitchen without adding square meters can be frustrating: there are too many tasks to put everything you need in a limited space. However, the kitchen can function well and include interesting elements if it is connected to the living room.

Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Green designed dining area in Classic style Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Nice contemporary decoration with leather U-shaped sofa with the rug Arch in the Living Room: Unusual Design with Photos. Open space apartment with the kitchen island as zoning element

The first step in creating a room that connects two adjacent areas is to make the space more voluminous and open through the arch. To improve the design, you can bind the walls between the kitchen and the living room by setting a vault. By opening the wall and allowing the lines of sight to expand beyond the kitchen, you create a feeling of more space without the expense of usable space.

Casual interior of open space aprtment with smooth lines of ceilnig and zoning arch

Arched Windows in the Living Room

Arched windows in the living room are stylish addition to any home. If you like the idea of ​​an arched window, select a few of them in close proximity to each other. Keep them in equal proportion to each other, but feel free to resize. Arched windows give a fashionable and chic look to any living room.

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Nice arched sash windows for the high private house in Mediterranean style Large arched window and the quilted sofa for nice small living room

The arch in the living room is an excellent decorative move, which is easy to achieve today thanks to modern building materials. You can complement this architectural element with a room in any style.

Dark furniture and black library shelving Fluid lines for Arabic designed living room in peach color


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Snow white arch for modern styled interior

Stone arch between living room and kitchen in old English style Simple arch for minimalistic Scandi room Forged chandeliers and wooden lacquered table for large living room with stone cladded arch Unusual design of the arch in the living room containing shelves for books Nice classic interior design in cold blue and white tones with arched pass to the living room Mediterranean house with wooden ceiling and arched passes Unusual dome-form arch for contemporary style living room Large arch all over the classic styled dining zone

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