Acapulco chair: 30 ideas to leave your home in an eternal summer

The Acapulco chair is an icon of design and success in interior decoration. Timeless, its look brings the inspiration of hammocks and the beachy air of the city of Acapulco in Mexico. Check out ideas for using this versatile, light and very comfortable furniture in your home.

1. The Acapulco chair looks wonderful in its decoration

Andrea Melo

2. And can be found in several colors

My petit apartament

3. From more striking tones

Alicja aleglodomorek

4. Even softer tones, like fendi

Andrea Vilela

5. The black color is versatile for any decoration

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6. And it brings an elegant look

IN Architecture

7. The orange version stands out in the compositions

Duda Senna Architecture

8. A perfect piece for gardens and balconies

ACF architecture

9. Which also looks beautiful indoors

dani snows

10. And that makes any space more charming

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11. Add a special touch with a pillow

Married to twenty

12. And prepare a super-hot spot

Rented address

13. The combination with plants looks amazing

Home With Pets

14. Get inspired for a fresh decoration


15. Get more style with the red Acapulco chair

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16. Let the yellow shine on your balcony

PM Architecture

17. Impress with the blue version

Duda Senna Architecture

18. Delight with the delicacy of white


19. Or surprise with a colorful model

Maria Thereza Macedo

20. There are several options for you to love

Angelica Morais & Família

21. Its design combines beauty and comfort

Apartment 1002

22. Ideal for composing modern environments

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23. With a casual touch

Cooper House

24. And plenty of charm


25. A place to spend hours

Home 41

26. Your room will look magnificent

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27. And you can transform even the smallest spaces


28. With this piece full of boldness and style

Amis Architecture & Design

29. Complete your home decor

Fabric House

30. With this spectacular chair!

Kei Kuniyoshi

There are several ideas and colors to inspire you to have an Acapulco chair in your home. And for lovers of decor, check out more options of modern chairs to give a special touch in any environment!

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