A rustic-style bookcase at home! 15 beautiful ideas

“A house without books is like a room without windows” said Marco Tullio Cicerone and how can you blame him? Books fill life, give knowledge and serenity, because they help us discover the world and ourselves better. That’s why having a bookcase at home becomes necessary if you love books. A bookcase is not only containing the latter, but is transformed into a piece of furniture that can become the fulcrum of the entire home. Beautiful is the idea of ​​the rustic bookcase, which gives warmth and makes one think of mountain huts, so full of atmosphere and memories. The bookcase enhances your home, even better if you choose one that has a strong visual impact, which leaves you breathless.

Why not try, for example, to recycle old planks, trunks, pallets or wooden stairs, to create yourself a library of great style and certainly very original. It is enough to have a lot of imagination and a pinch of manual skills, to create real masterpieces of furniture that many will want to copy. The library enriches a living room, the living room, and why not, also the bedroom. The books, put on display, are a note of color and beauty that should never be renounced. Choose your library and enjoy its innate beauty.

Come and see our 15 beautiful proposals for rustic bookstores and … get inspired!

15 ideas for a rustic home bookcase

Simple wooden planks form a bookcase that you don’t expect and that furnishes the house and the staircase: what an original and visually important idea!

Rustic style bookcase in the stairs of the house.



The old wooden stairs, the ones that are also used in the countryside, become respectable rustic bookcases, with an original mood just enough to arouse so much amazement!



A bookcase that recalls nature in all its splendor and in the living room becomes a kind of work of art that attracts the eye and enchants it.

Beautiful corner bookcase made with a trunk and shelves



How much beauty wood gives and how many wise ideas it inspires. This bookcase, made with wooden planks on which shelves have been mounted, is of unparalleled originality.

Rustic bookcase made of wood.



Not only a bookcase but a mobile handle for objects, made with wooden boxes placed one above the other: when beauty is a simple concept.

Rustic bookcase made with wooden boxes



A branch, of those found walking in the woods and wooden planks, to act as shelves: the rustic library speaks the language of nature.

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Bookcase made with wooden branches.



Simple wooden shelves mounted in a niche in the brick wall: creating a rustic bookcase is easier than you might think.



Half logs and wooden shelves: creating your own library is not only intimately satisfying but also extremely original.



Books everywhere, beyond the shelves that act as shelves: because culture is capable of overflowing!



How beautiful is the brick and wood bookcase: a rustic idea that gives an unusual warmth and enhances any type of environment.



More wood and bricks: an idea of ​​strength and durability that defeats time and fills space with beauty.



The wooden houses are sources of great stylistic inspiration. Here they create, from scratch, a bookcase that changes the way of understanding the storage unit.


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There is nothing more beautiful than the wooden bookcase that furnishes an entire wall showing books and everything you hold dearest.



A corner of paradise in which to take refuge to forget the world outside! Sofa and bookcase in a single space, to experience moments of pure joy.


More than a bookcase, this looks like a pyramid, imposing, beautiful in its fullness of style.


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