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A-Line Bob Haircuts Ideas

woman cannot cut her hair above her shoulders in Islam : as that makes women look like men 

Getting a bob cut is a courageous decision for most women. If you doubt whether the result is worth cutting your hair short, just remind yourself that this haircut is justly considered one of the most stylish, versatile, and chic cuts ever. If your hairstylist really knows how to cut an A-line bob, you’ll get a wonderful, eye-catching, and pretty easy hairstyle. We collected the best pictures of A-line haircuts to show you how fantastic they can be. Just find a few free minutes and look through the photos below. We hope that this will help you find your perfect style without any effort.

Impressive Long A-Line Bob Haircut




A-line long bob is one of the most popular haircuts. Well, this is not surprising at all: this haircut is really versatile, easy to maintain, chic, sexy, elegant, and it fits all! Sounds like a dream hairstyle, right? Particularly, shoulder-length A-line bob is perfect for the women with short and long neck, with a round, oval or heart-shaped face. Not all of the bobs work this way. As for the texture, there are no limits; everything depends on your hair textures and on your personal style. For instance, A-line bob with layers is perfect for women with fine and medium hair, while the classic bob is a great choice for the ladies with straight or curly thick hair.

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Cute Short A-Line Bob Hair Style


Short or jaw-line bob is an amazing haircut. Some women prefer to wear long hair because there’s plenty of ways to style it while other ladies love short A-line haircuts that do require some maintenance, but generally, it always holds its form. The best thing about them is that show neck. Don’t be afraid that it will highlight its shortness; it’s nothing more but a stereotype. In contrast, such a dramatic A-line haircut creates the illusion of length! One cannot, of course, fail to mention that it looks absolutely great with casual clothes and evening dress. Undoubtedly, this is the chicest hairstyle!

Stacked A-Line Bob Cut



Stacked ALine Bob Cut 3

Stacked bob is another version of the classic haircut that was born in the early sixties, and probably it’ll never go out of style. The secret is in a rounded shape at the back that is created due to the graduated layers. Such hairstyles are absolutely perfect for thin hair that needs some extra volume, so if you have fine hair, it may be a great choice. Moreover, you can never go wrong with such an A-line cut. It can be long, short or medium, just choose the haircut that fits your face and your unique personality most! Particular attention should be paid to A-line haircuts with bangs: if you’re looking for a hairstyle that’ll make you look younger, you won’t find anything better!

Eye-Catching Layered A-Line Bobs


EyeCatching Layered ALine Bobs 2


What is an A-line bob? It’s not just a frame haircut; it’s more a masterpiece that can highlight woman’s best features in a very different way. Bobs can be classic and elegant, stylish and creative, attention-grabbing and vivid, and only you decide what kind of haircut you want to wear. We’d like to turn your attention to the most eye-catching, edgy, short and colored, funky and just stylish haircuts with or without straight or side bangs that clearly demonstrate that your hairstyle can be anything you want. A-line hair can be different, so don’t be afraid of experiments!

Stylish Medium A-line Bob Hairstyles


Let’s take a closer look at one of the best version of the famous haircut – medium length A-line bob. We selected the best the pictures of A-line haircuts to emphasize how elegant it can look. Take a glance at these ladies, aren’t they gorgeous? A-line haircut of medium length is truly versatile. It looks absolutely appropriate on the red carpet, runway, in university or on streets; everything depends on clothes and accessories you pair it with. Curly medium bob will look a little bit messier, but that’s not a disadvantage. Ladies with wavy hair can also choose this hairstyle to highlight their best facial features and uniqueness.

Ideas of A-line Bob with Bangs

One can hardly count all ideas of bobs with bangs. Long A-line bob with bangs, medium layered bob with side fringe, short bob with a straight bang, nothing is forbidden. You can experiment with colors, length, and shapes, of course, if you are ready to style the bang every morning (let’s face it, they can be more than stubborn). Although hairstyles with fringes definitely don’t belong to the category of the most effortless ones, women that proudly wear them for years note that the result is worth it. Brunettes, blondes, redheads, this style fits all!

Curly and Wavy A-Line Bob Hairstyles




There’s one even more pressing question than “How to style A-line bob?” and it’s “How to style curly A-line bob?”. Fortunately, there’s plenty of ways to create the unique, stylish, and eye-catching look. It’s supposed that A-line hairstyles are mostly straight and strict, but this rule is not for curly hair. Wavy A-line cuts are perfect because you can just wet your hair down, make a few quick movements and get a cool messy look. If you want to look more elegant and less careless in the evening, you can just use the curly iron to make your wonderful locks less chaotic.

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