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80 Carnival decoration ideas to play in the revelry


Photo: Playback / Sweet Heavenly Events Hire

A real party needs to have balloons! Children love it, they look beautiful in the photos, they make the scene more interesting, and adults enjoy it too!

Nowadays the party market has innovated and managed to create different worlds only with balloons. It is already possible to create a relatively simple sculpture, like an animal, or even a castle. What the customer asks for happens!

In the photos below, you will learn that there are several ways to use balloons: it has the famous arches, but currently, in the most modern version, it is presented deconstructed. It has a balloon inside a balloon, in different colors and shapes.

And more! You can still customize. A party, or a small celebration, however small, gains a little more grace and life with the adornment. If you only have one bladder against a drawer, it will do. If you have a package, but all of the same color, it will do.

With simple items that are part of the list of school supplies, it is possible to transform a balloon and make it look like a party: paint, glitter, glitter, confetti, streamer … The sky is the limit for creativity.

1. Use your love for the pet in the decoration


Photo: Playback / Martha Stewart

2. A party with a deep sea theme. Everyone will want to take a picture in the arms of this octopus


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

3. Use the furniture in the decoration, they can house treats and decoration

Photo: Playback / Vestuviu Mados

Photo: Playback / Vestuviu Mados

4. If the first impression is what remains, this party decoration will delight your eyes


Photo: Playback / Wedding Wire

5. Which princess would not melt for such a decoration?


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

6. Even in small quantities, this designed and metallized balloon draws too much attention. Subtle and delicate


Photo: Playback / Sandi & Jess

7. Party full of children? Bet on pets made of balloons!

Photo: iStock

8. Everything blue! Elsa’s frozen world inside the buffet


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

9. Do you want a basic decor for a more intimate party? Here it is!


Photo: Playback / Musely

10. Fancy decoration for a celebration among friends too


Photo: Reproduction / Mary Costa Photography

11. Fables invade the parties: here, João and Pé de Feijão


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

12. Do you only have a white balloon? No problem, confetti inside them makes the atmosphere more cheerful


Photo: Playback / Alegre Vera Cruz

13. What about a rainbow-themed party? What about?


Photo: Playback / JadaGram

14. For a summer party, in the countryside, the lightness and joy of yellow


Photo: Playback / The Harden Homestead

15. Cute and sweet, this decoration resembles the drawings of the old letter papers


Photo: Playback / Funny Kids Festas

16. Will it be just a cupcake? No problem. A deconstructed bow will add charm to your little celebration


Photo: Playback / Vestuviu Mados

17. Bet on a clean, beautiful and feminine look


Photo: Playback / Reasons to com Home

18. A little farm theme for kids to have fun


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

19. The First Communion gained a touch of color and femininity


Photo: Playback / Sweet Heavenly Events Hire

20. A cute decoration for a baby shower. Pastel tones make everything look more beautiful


Photo: Playback / Denise Claverie

21. Is the birthday boy passionate about nature? Put ideas into action and create a park with balloons


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

22. Pokémon fashion is back! Capriche in the decor and prepare souvenir Poké Balls!


Photo: Reproduction / Celebrate with Love

23. A vintage touch to the garden party decor


Photo: Playback / Mimos and Party

24. It won’t even be a cupcake… Will it just be a cupcake? Add a bladder to add grace


Photo: Playback / From Rain To Shine

25. Prince’s party! Metallized balloons give another face to the decoration


Photo: Playback / Sweet Heavenly Events Hire

26. A celebratory lunch can also receive balloons. Here, they got leaf decals, decorating the table decor


Photo: Playback / Snob Fashion Blog

27. Party under the sea! Imagination runs wild and kids love it


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

28. Brightly colored balloons can be easily metallized


Photo: Playback / Nous Decor

29. Writing the child’s name is a great idea, as the panel serves as a background for the photos


Photo: Reproduction / Bee Balloons

30. Balloons are also an important part of the revelation tea decoration


Photo: Reproduction / Celebrating Dreams

31. Who has never dreamed of living in an ice cream factory?


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

32. This combination even resembles a fruit-inspired palette! The darker ones can easily represent jabuticaba, açaí or blueberry!


Photo: Playback / Vestuviu Mados

33. Use balloons of different materials to modernize the environment


Photo: Playback / We Love Home

34. And this tree with owls? A love!


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

35. Nice idea to celebrate the kiss day!


Photo: Reproduction / Mary Costa Photography

36. Did your baby (or you?) Learn to appreciate Beatles? Then give it a themed party!


Photo: Playback / Mini Conceitaria

37. Glitter and glitter give a new look to ordinary balloons


Photo: Playback / Top Astuces

38. Parents and children can also each have their own balloon for a more private party


Photo: Playback / Sissy Feida

39. “Cars” is a theme that boys love, and it is possible to decorate – and travel – in decorations


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

40. Blue balloons break the pink present in everything at this little party


Photo: Playback / Dear date

41. For a party that speaks of the sky, bet on light tones and balloons that give the feeling of lightness, like these transparent whites


Photo: Playback / Kat Minassi Events & Design

42. Balloon in a balloon looks beautiful! The charm is even greater when they are decorated


Photo: Reproduction / Priscila Lucena and Ana Candida Festas

43. A mini wedding full of romanticism!


Photo: Playback / Crazy for Parties

44. Ariel for your princess who loves the story of the redhead who lives in the sea!


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

45. Mini balloons inside transparent balloons. Very cute!


Photo: Reproduction / Natália Vieira Decor

46. ​​Black, white and gold: fantastic trio to decorate


Photo: Playback / Torie & Tristan

47. The balloons can also go to the home of each guest, along with the souvenir


Photo: Playback / The Little Umbrella

48. Just by seeing these balloons, you can already imagine that the party will be lively!


Photo: Playback / Homebook

49. Pink and gold on the ceiling, for girls


Photo: Playback / Lark Store

50. For a wedding party, or even a corner for the guests to take that cool photo


Photo: Playback / Party Splendor

51. The balloons formed colorful clouds. Doesn’t it look like cotton candy?


Photo: Playback / Diane Khoury Luxury Events

52. Did the thirty years arrive? Capriche na decor and receive the new age with great care

Decoration for birthday, anniversary, celebration of the thirtieth anniversary, white background, gold and black balloons with tassels

Photo: iStock

53. Little King Arthur! The giant panel tells the theme of the party


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

54. A small party in the park


Photo: Reproduction / Vintage Atelier Kids

55. Transparent balloons are wildcards, they match all decor tones


Photo: Playback / Party Splendor

56. Decorate your lobby with golden or champagne-colored balloons for the New Year’s Eve party


Photo: Playback / Ocean Violet

57. With balloons, it is possible to build a castle for the birthday boy


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

58. Balloons with polka dots are super delicate and combine with various types of decoration. This one from Minnie looks beautiful


Photo: Playback / Studio Decor Eventos

59. Multi-colored balloons, on the wall and even on the cake!


Photo: Playback / Mundo Meu Buffet

60. A small sky, with the right to angels, all made with balloons


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

61. Chic and glam!


Photo: Playback / Party Splendor

62. Snow White came out of the books and shaped that birthday


Photo: Playback / Decorate My Party

63. Baby shower with the letters of the newest member of the family inside balloons


Photo: Reproduction / In the air balloons

64. If the food is all red fruits, use the tones in the decoration too


Photo: Playback / Hooray

65. A very original party, inspired by Nossa Senhora Aparecida!


Photo: Playback / Gift My Gift

66. The balloons accompany the colors of the towels


Photo: Playback / Sandi & Jess

67. Avengers themed party, with the right to a balloon


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

68. Pastel colors, foliage and lights give the fairytale air to this celebration


Photo: Reproduction / A little bit of ideas

69. Citrus colors convey the idea of ​​freshness and lightness


Photo: Playback / Lark Store

70. Pink, yellow and blue dominate balloons and the party


Photo: Playback / Decorate My Party

71. Cyan balloons inside transparent white balloons, combined with chevron details


Photo: Playback / Buona Party

72. Place the bladders at a time when the children can reach them, they will love it


Photo: Playback / Dress my Home

73. The magical world of the world’s most beloved mice


Photo: Reproduction / Child’s Dream Parties

74. Silver and metallic gray balloons also look beautiful


Photo: Reproduction / Assessorie Events

75. The color palette went from furniture to balloons


Photo: Reproduction / Balloon Culture

76. For each chair, a bladder! The idea is beautiful, and everyone takes theirs home afterwards


Photo: Reproduction / Ponila

77. These are ordinary balloons, with a piece of tulle. Charm and femininity!


Photo: Playback / Tweez

78. Another way to hang the balloons: tie them all together and attach to the chandelier


Photo: Playback / Archzine

79. The balloons have the colors of watermelon, fruit that is the theme of this celebration


Photo: Playback / Made with love Creations

80. Pink bladders are highlighted by the metallic


Photo: Reproduction / The most beautiful party

Revelation tea, baby shower, children’s birthday, teen birthday, adult birthday, wedding… Phew! What a party! Balloon is a type of inexpensive and versatile decoration, which fits well in any celebration.

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