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75 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair for Brides

Romantic Hairstyles to Wear on Your Wedding Day 2022

It’s well-known that your hairdo is a detail of great importance for your bridal image, so it must be beautiful, suit you, and, of course, make you feel confident whatever you do on this big day. Long hair is meant to look fabulous in a huge variety of hairstyles from smart wedding updos to natural styles with loose hair, if it’s healthy and glossy. Want to find something ideal for you? Read on!

In the gallery below you’ll see 80 fresh and cool ideas on how to make your unruly long hair into a chic wedding style. Besides, you’ll find some hints how to cope with most of those hairstyles easily and make them shine out all day long.

80+ elegant wedding hairstyle looks and tips

Creating a romantic bridal image isn’t too difficult. All you need is a bit of inspiration. All of the hairstyles below are perfect for both brides-to-be and bridesmaids. We all know that a pretty classic updo is always a good choice for a wedding, besides it matches any dress, and it doesn’t matter how old you are!

In spite of the modern tendency for a wedding is a low hairstyle, high and volume old school buns are still here for you. If upswept high styles suit you, why not? After all, it’s only up to you to decide what hairstyle you want to wear on the day of you are ready to say ‘I do’ and jump into a marriage life. So, let’s start our trip to the world of wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Best Wedding Hairstyles For Girls With Long Thick Hair




Braided Bridal Carelessness

Firstly, you need to know that various updos 60 Prom Updos Ideas for Long Hair aren’t the only thing on the menu of bridal hairstyles for long hair. It’s your day and you can make your own rules! Let your hair flow free down your shoulders with a style that has a great volume atop and fantastic loose silky curls throughout the length. Secondly, modern ponytails definitely have their place at weddings as well, since there are so many options of turning this ancient and ordinary hairstyle into a real piece of art that is suitable even for the most festive occasions. For example, a braided and twisted careless ponytail with pretty jewelry coming down the cascading hair can become the most fantastic detail of your bridal image.


Thirdly, it’s OK to look a little extravagant on your big day, especially when it comes to your hair. You may like to try a messy twisted ponytail that cascades down your back, add some catchy floral details and look fabulous on your wedding!

If you’ve already decided that your hair will be swept into an updo on your wedding day, but not sure how to style your knot, something like a rose hairstyle may inspire you for some great and impressive look. As the main part of this upstyle is on the back, remember to style it nice from the front side as well (you can make a parting, bouffant, or leave some locks there).

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Very Long Hair

Hair Back with Nice Detail



Pink Panther Bridal Style

Ask your hairdresser and he/she will recommend you to pay attention for a low, full bun in the back that might be dressed up with vintage pin curls creating a sophisticated look for a gorgeous bride. Such retro hairstyles are always popular at formal affairs, including weddings.

Are you in love with light romantic curls and feel confident with this hairstyle? No problem. It can become your perfect wedding hairdo which is absolutely effortless. That is a big plus, isn’t it? All you need though is to find the right accessory. What do you think of a flower crown or some cute jewelry?

Since you have long hair, it’s really easy to experiment with different wedding styles. Although, don’t experiment when the wedding ceremony is about to start. Do it in advance, so that you could know for sure which hairstyles suit you and which don’t. As an idea to inspire you, try making  a voluminous chignon for your special day. It looks simple but tasteful – exactly what you need for you wedding.

Fancy Braids In Wedding Hairdos For Long Hair


Waterfall Braid Floral Hairstyle



Fancy Braids In Wedding Hairdos For Long Hair 1



Yes, ‘fancy’ is the word describing a wedding hairstyle every bride is looking for. Let’s take the waterfall braided hairstyle at first. It is something more interesting than ordinary flowing curls, but less restrained than classic updos. Decorated with pretty floral details, this beautiful hairstyle can be called fancy and is a very good option for young romantic brides.

What you can do to make your hairstyle fancy? You may throw the careless side braid and the rest of your hair into a filled bun with a floral headpiece for a bohemian bridal style that no one will forget. Sounds like a great idea for long hair, right?

Whether it’s chignon or milkmaid braid, if you really like it, don’t hesitate! Go for it! Fishtail wreath with single strands, falling on the face, will become a key element of your beautiful young bridal look.

Cool designs with circular braids, upswept wavy locks, and the cute wreath with lovely wildflowers is a classic combo for modern brides, despite its carelessness and natural look.

The waterfall hairstyle, which is not flowing down the shoulders as usual but twisted into a side fishtail braid and freshened with nice flowers, can be good both for the romantic bride and for pretty bridesmaids.

Cute Formal Wedding Styles For Women With Long Hair



Braids, Plaits, and Upstyle

Cute Formal Wedding Styles For Women With Long Hair 1

Cute Formal Wedding Styles For Women With Long Hair 2


Classics is timeless, that’s why contemporary brides often fall back on traditional full buns, adding some modern twists. As the hairstyle is completely pulled away from the face, it works best for the oval face shape. Healthy, shiny and, of course, long hair is what this bridal style needs.

If you like loose hairstyles, you can try gathering your hair into textured low bun or a side low bun. A stunning headpiece will become a catchy detail of your perfect bridal look. Formal wedding updos include almost everything: braids, plaits, foils and buns, staying sleek and rather classic at the same time.

Quick And Easy Wedding Updos For Long Hair







Quick And Easy Wedding Updos For Long Hair 5
If you don’t want to spend hours waiting for your wedding updo to get done, take a look at some quick and easy bridal hairstyles for long lair. You can get a very pretty natural image with cute unruly curls, which are swept back, and nice floral headpiece that suits your magnificent bridal look.

Sometimes it’s enough to pin the curly locks in a certain way to get a very special and gorgeous hairstyle for such a great and important day. And the best thing is, there’s no need to spend a lot of time on styling such hairstyles.

You can create a gorgeous wavy wedding style with a high front bouffant and magnificent headpiece that will keep hair off your face to make it more open. Braids of different types can be a great option too. They are easy to make and the result is truly wonderful.

Beautiful Updos For Long Wavy Hair For Weddings




Beautiful Updos For Long Wavy Hair For Weddings11


Full and charming high and low wavy chignons paired with a sophisticated headpiece are an eternal staple at weddings of all times. They suit everyone, they look perfect, they are very comfortable and lasting enough, so your hair won’t disturb you during such an important day of your life.

This careless romantic hairstyle is appropriate for any hair type, but looks exceptionally beautiful if a bride has got long wavy hair. Volume braids, messy single strands, and soft white flowers unite into gorgeous and unique hairdos for brides.

The sweetest bridal updos are meant for true romantic nature. Effortless elegance, pretty accessories, loose braids and loose curls – all of these describe pretty much every fashionable wedding hairstyle that can be made from long wavy hair.

Amazing Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair



Amazing Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair12

Amazing Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair11


Amazing Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 2

Amazing Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 3
All you need in order to create the mysterious look of half up half down wedding hairstyle is to curl your locks, brush them out and fix one part of them with hairpins. Besides, you can make such hairstyles smarter by adding a pretty accessory that matches your dress and other jewelry.

It’s your wedding and you have the right to choose any hairstyle you like. Even if you let your hair down on your great day, it doesn’t mean you won’t look magnificent. Go for loose, carefree curls with a pretty hair accessory to finish off this classic soft bridal hairstyle and look fabulous.

A ponytail or a half ponytail hairstyles will work great for both girls with and without fringe. Something like an accessory with green leaves and tiny white flowers is a perfect adornment for such a wedding style.

We know for sure that half up is a very popular option for weddings. It both looks absolutely incredible and is very comfortable, as the hair is swept back from the face and styled into a textured updo, while the rest of the hair is flowing down the shoulders in cute curls.

Simple Bridal Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair

Simple Bridal Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair1



Simple Bridal Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair 3 src=”” alt=”Simple Bridal Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair 4″ />
Still can’t decide between all those wedding styles for long hair? Maybe the old good low French twist is the one you’re looking for? It always looks fashionable and elegant, especially if the bride’s hair is long and straight.

Moreover, you can boast your gorgeous long straight hair and not braid it or pin it into an updo. As you can see, all that you need is to put on the wedding veil or some kind of wedding tiara and the hairstyle is ready. You can look like a fantasy queen on your wedding day without twisting your hair in and out.

Popular Wedding Hairstyling Ideas For Long Hair

Popular Wedding Hairstyling Ideas For Long Hair11


Popular Wedding Hairstyling Ideas For Long Hair12

Popular Wedding Hairstyling Ideas For Long Hair 1

Popular Wedding Hairstyling Ideas For Long Hair 2


Popular Wedding Hairstyling Ideas For Long Hair 4
Hopeful we have already made you understand that there tons of stunning bridal updos for women with long hair. The low bun or the top bun, it doesn’t really matter. All of these hairdos have a very unusual magnificent texture, while a cool accessory completes the image. Besides, these natural and fashionable hairstyles can work as a nice bridesmaid hairdo too.

Pretty flower arranging will definitely look gorgeous on a natural braided updo. Leave some free curled locks near the face in order to make a more fashionable and romantic image. You can also play with color and add some natural gray hairstreak through your fringe.

The majority of popular bridal hairstyles, especially updos, have a sleek and glossy top, but the most popular ones have have something completely different. Speaking of them, the hair looks rather messy so the bride gets a romantic look.

Beautiful Long Wedding Hairstyles With Veil





Beautiful Long Wedding Hairstyles With Veil 2

Beautiful Long Wedding Hairstyles With Veil 3

When it comes to the typical image of a bride, it is hard to picture her without a veil. Agree? But it’s even harder to come up with the ideas of hairstyles that suit the wedding veil in the best way. There a few styles we are happy to share with in this post. You may get your hair swept back into a loose sleek bun so that it’ll be easy to place veil or a tiara with veil. Or you can wear you long wavy hair loose and place the wedding wreath veil on the top of the head.

Magnificent Wedding Hairstyles With Flower On Long Hair






We want to say one thing, you just can’t miss the mark with a wedding floral decoration. It seems that flowers and weddings have initially created as a unity. You can look at the hairstyles with flowers and understand why the floral designs for bridal hairstyles become more and more popular. The best thing is, you can add flowers to ANY wedding hairstyle and it’ll just get better. Is it curled hair that is fixed into a cascading ponytail? Add small roses with a green crown and this will emphasize the tenderness and lightness of your beautiful bridal image.

Do you want a loose and lovely bouquet of curls? Trust us, with the pretty floral design you will get a hairstyle masterpiece. Such hairstyles seem to be the right wedding hairstyle for long hair. All you need is to curl your hair, pin each strand loosely but firm into a slightly undone low romantic chignon, and live some locks in the front to make your hair look more naturally.

Accessories are very important details of any great event, especially when it comes to a wedding hairstyle. If you find a perfect headpiece for your image, you won’t worry about your long hair, because even the simplest hairdo will look stunning with such beautiful floral arrangement.

Bridesmaid And Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Long Hair


Bridesmaid And Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Long Hair13



Bridesmaid And Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Long Hair 2

Bridesmaid And Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Long Hair 3

If you’re a happy owner of beautiful long hair, why won’t you show off your glossy locks at the wedding? French braids, for example, is the perfect way to show your hair to the best advantage and to create a glory bridal or bridesmaid image.

Such hairdos are another proof that messy and careless hairstyles will help you to look mysterious. Just look how fabulous and romantic this braided natural wedding hair is. Bridesmaids and wedding guests shouldn’t look less impressive at the wedding, especially if they have beautiful long hair to show.

This fabulous and glamorous upswept wedding hairdos will suit both young girls and older women. Besides, this wonderful upstyle can be a very good option for bridesmaid as well.

To sum up, we want to point out that long hair gives its owner some room for creativity, so even if you haven’t found the perfect wedding hairstyle in the article, we hope that we have given you enough inspiration.

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