75 Stunning Living Room Designs To Spice Up Your Home

Trendy living room Designs Ideas

The living room is the place where we receive a visit and that is why this room must present the owner’s personality reflecting his identity without taking away comfort and refinement. First, it is good to keep in mind which style you want to move into this space: modern, contemporary, classic, youthful, cool, etc.

  • For modern rooms the ideal is to use furniture with wooden feet, cheerful colors, mirrors on the wall, vases with plants and frames with fine frames.
  • For contemporary rooms the trick is to bet on a piece with a different design among the common ones.
  • For classic style rooms, the presence of curtains, antique furniture and frames with frames are the right bet.
  • For rooms with Provencal style, abuse of glass cabinets, floral decoration, elaborate plaster and window frames.

After this choice, it is necessary to have the exact measurements of the room so that the circulation and the size of the furniture can talk to each other. Thus, it is important to have the project defined so that the furniture does not hinder the circulation. One tip is to think about how the transition from entering and leaving the space will be.

Lighting is an important point in the room, because in addition to its main function it can serve as the decorative highlight of the room. The lights can focus on a decorative object, for example, paintings or a work of art. Spot lamps embedded in plaster enhance the space, so invest in crown moldings and yellow lights to bring warmth.

With photos taken from above, it is possible to have dimension of the environment and choose the decoration better depending on the space you have available It doesn’t matter if the space in your room is big or small, you need to know its design to add the right furniture and decoration items that will most value the space.

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