70 unusual examples for your summer Garden DIY decoration

DIY ideas for the summer garden - creativity knows no bounds

Having your own garden is always nice. Especially when the sun comes out more often and everything starts to bloom and grow. Yes, spring has long since arrived and soon the long-awaited summer will come to us. Now is the right time to transform the small or large garden into an oasis of well-being again. In addition to maintaining lawns, cutting shrubs and perennials and setting up raised beds, you can also make creative garden decorations yourself. Because you don’t necessarily have to buy original, atmospheric garden decorations.

Below we have a lot of great DIY decorating ideas that you can easily implement. Most of these DIY projects can be accomplished either with natural materials or with disused objects from the basement and garden shed. This way you kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand you save money and on the other hand you do something good for the environment. You will also develop your creativity and feel even more comfortable.

Make unusual garden decorations yourself from the old shoes

Make round DIY hanging baskets out of soccer balls

Creative planters for upcycling garden decorations

Zero waste and upcycling are definitely some of the most popular trends, even when it comes to DIY decoration. Because creative ideas give used items a second chance and a completely different, new function.

Old tin cans, empty plastic bottles, burst footballs and car tires are transformed into practical planters and hanging baskets that also serve as original eye-catchers in the garden or on the balcony. All of these objects are tough. These hardly need to be changed to accommodate different plants and flowers. For this you only need to drill two or three small drainage holes and put the appropriate soil or substrate in them. Small pebbles or ceramic shards under the potting soil serve as the perfect drainage and prevent waterlogging. Moss, a little mulch or decorative stones on top provide the finishing touch.

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  • 1 Creative planters for upcycling garden decorations
    • 1.1 Make round DIY hanging baskets out of soccer balls
    • 1.2 Cute frog made from old car tires
    • 1.3 Create fun planters out of plastic bottles
  • 2 beautiful flowers and cute animals
  • 3 Create DIY vintage flair in the garden

An oasis of wellbeing or the source of your own fruit and vegetables, a garden is diverse and at the same time popular as never before. Especially in summer, people are drawn to the outdoors to get some fresh air and sunshine.

With the right decoration, the garden shines in a completely new shine and makes a good impression at first glance. With the right Do-It-Yourself ideas, the focus here is on individuality. We show the best ideas and the simplest possibilities.

Focus on your own creativity

Often it is the little things that make a good and clear impression in the summer garden. Creative colors, bright patterns and unusual ideas are desired with absolute clarity in the do-it-yourself ideas for the summer garden.

A simple example:

A colorful work of art can be conjured up with simple colors from a simple flower pot in the usual clay look. And if the pot is decorated with small stones, shells or sticks, then the entire plant shines in a whole new light on the terrace or on the way.

Another interesting idea:

Old tin cans do not have to end up in the trash, but here, too, you can conjure up a creative idea for the decorative design of your own summer garden with little effort.

These can be colored with appropriate colors and then function as practical flower pots . Small and colorful plants find optimal conditions for healthy growth.

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Even old kitchen utensils that are no longer needed do not have to be disposed of, but can play a decisive role in the implementation of your own summer garden. Old cups including matching plates can be placed decoratively with stones and small plants in the flowerbed or on the windowsill.

But here, too, applies again …

… .. not possible, not possible. A decorative design element can be conjured up, created and designed from almost every utensil in the kitchen.

A simple pot with a handle loosens up the wide flowerbed with a colorful plant, an old metal sieve can also be used as a flower vessel, hang up decorative and space-saving and at the same time guarantee optimal watering and ventilation through the matching holes in the sieve.

Comfort and functionality – the best in-house furniture for the garden

Seating plays an important role for the afternoon together or for a cozy meal with the whole family in the summer garden. However, you do not have to go directly to the hardware store or garden specialist.

From old wood and with a little creativity and effort, high-quality and durable seating for the summer garden can be made.

A very classic case:

Pallet furniture. Many pallets are given away by companies today when they are no longer needed. The free source for the required raw material is definitely secured via classified ads or direct inquiries, among other things.

Benches, tables or more can be easily built and created in this way. There are several positive aspects in the room, including of course the high stability.

But also the very special look definitely leaves a clear impression at first glance, thanks to which the new furniture from the pallets will be remembered for sure and will be a good help in the implementation of the individual summer garden.

The possibilities for self-construction of the new garden furniture definitely go a great deal further, here too: the more creative, the better for the result in the summer garden.

When things have to go fast, beverage crates provide a good basis for comfortable and safe seating. If there is a spontaneous visit or if the terrace is simply to be upgraded with additional seating, this is easily possible.

The materials required are limited to two sturdy beverage crates, a wooden seat and possibly upholstery , which ensures more comfort every time you sit down.

Especially in summer, such a seating invites you to relax and switch off for a short time, and thanks to the flexible design, positioning is of course also no problem in the shade.


The bar in the summer garden

Would you like another example of the limitless possibilities of realizing your own creativity? Of course, you can still find one of these. Fresh drinks, cool cocktails or their own creations are simply part of everyday life for many people.

With your own bar in the summer garden, the dream can be enjoyed, experienced and realized much more intensely. Having your own bar in the summer garden doesn’t have to be expensive, because you can also build it yourself.

With a simple palette, the appropriate base is directly available , with appropriate openings, compartments and possibly even a colorful coat of paint, the new bar can be given an individual touch for your own summer garden. And why not create the right beach atmosphere with a large palm tree and some sand?

The accessories for preparing drinks can be neatly stowed away on a self-made shelf made of pallets . This makes preparing and enjoying the corresponding drinks even more fun. And here too: Low costs and low effort lead to a clear result, which can certainly be clearly seen.

The garden gnome – do it yourself with fun and creativity

Hardly any other decorative element in the private garden is so linked to German preferences as the classic garden gnome. Hundreds of thousands of models are in the beds , on the terrace or in the front garden to decorate and to put you in a good mood.

It doesn’t always have to be the finished models and dwarfs, DIY is also a trend here.

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The advantage: You then have the opportunity to give free rein to your individual tastes and your own creativity. The simplest option is to saw the wooden blanks so that a sloping surface is created. Colorful faces, funny colors and other handicrafts can then be applied to this.

The plaster of paris garden gnomes are a little more elaborate, but no less adorable. The plaster of paris is simply poured into appropriate molds, which can be ordered over the Internet. In this way, the plaster already takes on the classic shape of the garden gnome.

Here, too, there is again the possibility of individual adaptation, for example in the form of hats, with bright colors or other decorations. In this way, every garden gnome receives an individual look from its own production.

And if the classic dwarf from the specialist trade is allowed, it is definitely advisable to buy it out of season in order to take advantage of the high savings potential.

Experience shows that the months from March to around mid-summer are by far the most expensive for customers looking for a new garden gnome, while in November, December and January, however, significant savings can be expected.

In view of the immense differences, buying in the months mentioned is by far the most sensible decision.

With the practical and extensive do-it-yourself ideas for the summer garden you can not only save money, but also there are no limits to individuality and creativity.

The whole family can participate in the relevant ideas and give the garden a personal touch in a special way. With the practical ideas, which can often be implemented quickly, with little effort and at very low costs, the summer can stay a little longer.

get yourself be inspired by the other examples below and let off steam with the garden decorations yourself this year again! Have fun and good luck!

A creative greyhound of a special kind

With the right amount of creativity, you can give your garden a personal, imaginative touch You can attach a few candles in lanterns to the cutlery chandelier And the old kitchen strainer even has the necessary drainage holes in it

Create DIY vintage flair in the garden

If you are into more romance and nostalgia, you can decorate your garden oasis with used objects in vintage or shabby chic style. Old alarm clocks and birdcages, but also metal cutlery and kitchen utensils, such as sieves, are ideal for this. Filled with a little potting soil and small stones, many of these objects can be converted into original planters. Others transform into enchanted chandeliers or wind chimes, which can also be decorated with glass beads or rhinestones. It’s all a question of your own taste.

Patina and rust are very desirable for this type of garden decoration

Succulents in nostalgic cages have become classics

Beautiful flowers and cute animals

PET bottles, metal bottle lids and tin cans are also excellent craft material if you want to make sustainable garden decorations yourself. These can be easily cut out in any shape with scissors or a cutter and attached to wooden sticks or wire. They serve as pretty garden plugs or can also be hung on the trees or the fence. One of our favorites – the funny owls that you conjure up from old records, CDs, baking molds and bicycle wheels (see below).

These cute insects are also DIY bird feeders at the same time

Make unusual owls yourself as garden decorations

Creatively shape beautiful plastic flowers and plants

Just like the old wooden chairs and armchairs

Create fun planters out of plastic bottles

Rust or holes are no problem at all with old watering cans

Cute frog made from old car tires


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