70 environments with the Mole armchair that ooze comfort and style

An armchair is usually upholstered with a back support and armrest. It is a piece of furniture that is easy to combine and can be present in different environments of the house. In the bedroom, in particular, the armchair is perfect for resting, reading or relaxing, and can also be accompanied by a footrest, like a puff.

Several types of fabrics and prints are used to upholster this furniture. The style of the armchair must be chosen to harmonize with the decor of the environment. Convenience and comfort must also be essential for the choice. See below several models of armchair for bedroom and get inspired to choose yours.

1. Color highlighted in the double bedroom armchair

Patricia Martinez

2. Colored cushion with neutral armchair

Ana Yoshida Interiors

3. Comfort combined with style in the armchair

Architecture Scale

4. Minimalist black chair for a modern room

Studio CASAdesign

5. Armchair with pattern for a women’s room

Silvana Lara Nogueira

6. Blue color is great for bedrooms

Giselle Macedo & Patricia Covolo

7. Mix prints and patterns for a stylish room

Babi Teixeira

8. Baby room armchair with sheep puff

Triplex Architecture

9. Choose a unique color for the chair to stand out

AF Architecture

10. More comfort for the double room


11. Colors and prints on the armchair for children’s room

Are Architecture

12. Gray armchair for a sober environment

Paula Magnani

13. White armchair for a timeless bedroom

Roberto Migotto

14. Armchair in vibrant color to create contrasts

Clarissa Strauss

15. Enjoy the space with a very comfortable armchair

Marília Veiga Interiors

16. Leather armchair is a sophisticated option

Paola Ribeiro

17. Modern and charming armchair for the bedroom

Rodrigo Maia

18. Sophistication and lightness


19. Chess on armchair for single room

Babi Teixeira

20. Classic armchair model for a double bedroom

Patricia Martinez

21. Traditional and very comfortable armchair design

Brick Simonato Architecture and Decoration

22. Small and delicate baby room chair

Triplex Architecture

23. Color of the armchair aligned with the room decor

Adriana Valle and Patricia Carvalho

24. Armchair for small double room

BMG Architecture

25. Fun prints for a cute baby room

Lilian Catharino

26. Dark color combinations enhance the room

Fabio Morozini

27. Different patterns in the same tone bring harmony

Maurice Karam

28. Brown armchair for bedroom with industrial decor

Box 14 Architecture

29. Make a composition with puffs and several pillows

Fabiana Cyon Architecture

30. Neutrality with great comfort

Triplex Architecture

31. Soft colors for a quiet and delicate room

Fernanda Marques

32. Delicacy with floral print in the baby room

Babi Teixeira

33. Serenity and style with white leather armchair

Patricia Martinez

34. Refinement with brown armchair

Fabio Morozini

35. Combine with a blanket for more charm and comfort

Paola Ribeiro

36. Pink armchair for a girl’s room

Luiz Otávio Debeus

37. The classic armchair model is discreet and sophisticated

In House Interior Designers

38. Soft, pink tones as protagonists

Barbara Jalles

39. Plain armchair and mix of prints

Fernanda Pessoa from Queiroz

40. Geometric prints for a relaxed room

In House Interior Designers

41. A good chair is essential in the baby’s room

Triplex Architecture

42. Match the color of the chair with other accessories

Bender Architecture

43. Smooth palettes are sophisticated and easy to combine

Roberto Migotto

44. A highlighted color makes the decoration more attractive

Marina Linhares Interiores

45. Create a reading corner with an armchair and floor lamp

Izabela Lessa | Fernanda Zanetta

46. ​​Softness and classic elegance in the armchair

Babi Teixeira

47. Add color and dynamics with colorful pillows

Cintia Aguiar Architecture

48. The gray armchair goes well with everything

Barbara Jalles

49. The white color brings warmth surrounded by elegance

Max Mello Architecture

50. Light palette for a quiet and cozy room

Karen Pisacane

51. Large and quite comfortable for a children’s room

Ju Bortolotto Architecture

52. Take advantage of the space next to the bed to position the chair

Bianchi & Lima Arquitetura

53. Renew with touches of purple in the decor

AR Architecture & Design

54. Light furniture helps in the feeling of expanding space

Marina Linhares Interiores

55. To relax and enjoy the view

Roberto Migotto

56. Pattern overlays for a bold room

Luiz Otávio Debeus

57. Traditional armchair models gain charm with prints

Maria Brasil Arquitetura e Interiores

58. Combination of light colors for a subtle decoration

Paula Magnani

59. Simple, comfortable and functional armchair

Architecture Scale

60. Armchair with modern design

Lucia Manzano

61. Smaller seats fit anywhere

Karen Pisacane

62. White armchair is classic and comforting

Babi Teixeira

63. Cheerful colors in the children’s room chair

Mauricio Arruda

64. Elegant comfort with leather cushions

Prado Zogbi Tobar Architecture

65. Armchair for classic baby room

Maurice Karam

66. Use a base color and variations of the same shade

Brick Simonato Architecture and Decoration

67. Explore soft colors and textures for a cozy room

Studio Leandro Neves

68. Gradient wall and super comfortable armchair

Studio Uva

69. Combine the gray armchair with several colorful decorations

Marina Linhares Interiores

70. Prioritize comfort and style in harmony with your room

Paula Magnani

After all these inspirations from the bedroom armchair, just choose the model and the ideal color for you. With this furniture, it is easy to create a beautiful and cozy corner in your room.

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