Dinosaurs are a group of several animal members of the dinosaur clade. The assumptions are that they appeared on Earth at least 223 million years ago and were the rulers of the planet for over 167 million years throughout the dinosaur age.

We all have the concept of a dinosaur right in the head, either by children’s programs like Barney or the Dinosaur Family, or by science fiction movies like Jurassic Park. The fascination with these creatures and the desire to see them alive did not diminish over time. So much so that there are people who say they have seen these creatures still walking around our planet. There is no verifiable evidence to suggest that dinosaurs are still present. But we have shown some cases here that are at least fun to imagine.

1 – Brontosaurus

Legend has it that the dense rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo are home to one of the most wonderful creatures in the world. The animal is known as Mokele-mbembe in the Lingala dialect. According to Herman A. Regusters, the animal is 12 meters long, gray-skinned and long-necked.

Eyewitnesses say the monster looks like a brontosaurus. And Mokele-mbembe is not a kind and heavy vegetarian. The animal allegedly devours crocodiles, hippos and elephants. The legends of a living brontosaurus in Congo are ancient. His first reference was published in 1909.

2 – Pterosaur

They are not technically dinosaurs , but they are large, scaly and extinct. Over the years, several people would have seen these creatures. And a place no one would expect was a small town in Iowa. In it is the legend of the Van Meter Visitor.

According to The Des Moines Register, a series of bizarre events took place in 1903. Several respected men from the town of Van Meter said they saw a terrifying three-fingered bat-winged flying reptile.

3 – Dinosaur in Papua New Guinea

In 2004, several people in Papua New Guinea said they saw a 10-meter creature with a tyrannosaurus appearance. Supposedly, the creature devoured three dogs. According to Christine Samei, a witness, she described the animal as very large and ugly. Then the residents called the police.

Police stormed the marshes near Rabaul, a city that was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1994. And nothing was found. But this was not the first dinosaur sighting in Papua New Guinea.

4 – Stegosaurus

Another dinosaur that inhabited the Congo was the lesser known Mbielu-mbielu-mbielu. He has not received much attention because his evidence is weak. According to Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology, the only published report of the animal’s sighting was by Roy P. Mackal.

This man while hunting Mokele-mbembe in 1980 interviewed a woman who said her parents had seen a dinosaur with mossy thorns sticking out of its back. And that was the only report about the dinosaur.

5 – Kidnappers

In 2004, the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio reported that near the port city of Marica, Chile, two people said they saw dinosaurs standing in the middle of the road. These creatures would look like the famous velociraptors.

The story was published in a large number of newspapers, but the so-called arica birds of prey did not have a continuity. What is worth noting is that if the dinosaurs that were seen were real, they would not actually be velociraptors. They would be the animals that were known as Deinonychus.

6 – T-Rex in Australia

Australian dinosaur legends say the animal in the region is Burrunjor. He is a big enough predator to devour a cattle and is quite sneaky. The stories about him began with aboriginal mythology.

In 1985, an alleged sighting took place. But the evidence to support the existence of a Burrunjor is rather fragile. But the notion of a T-Rex living in Australia is fun and inspires several books on the subject.

7 – Bunyip

This creature is described as a water spirit, an amphibian that surrounds Australia’s marshes and makes increasing noises. Besides having a habit of eating humans. He is described as a sauropod dinosaur with a long neck and a thick-skinned hippopotamus body.

But some people call Bunyip a humanoid creature. And the behavior of the creature varies according to who you ask.

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