Thousands of people disappear every day in various parts of the world. This disappearance may have its reasons. Among the main ones are: volunteers, in which the individual leaves their homes and purposely departs. Also, there are involuntary ones, where the person ends up disappearing due to some accident or natural disaster and, unfortunately, is not recognized. Similarly, there is the forced, which is one in which another person causes someone to disappear against their will. The truth is that they all end up missing people statistics.

But there are also cases where people who mysteriously disappeared reappear as unexpectedly. And sometimes, even decades later. We show here some examples of bizarre cases like the one above.

1 – Amber Smith

The two-year-old was only missing for two days. But even so, it’s one of the most bizarre and intriguing cases. According to her father, the girl was playing at her home in Newaygo County, Michigan. This on October 8, 2013. His father entered a room for a moment and his daughter was no longer there.

Volunteers soon began searching for the girl. But even with hundreds of people searching, the child seemed to have disappeared into thin air. The other day, the search continued and Amber was found a few miles from her home. And most curious was that she was discovered in a place they had already sought. All of this made the investigators very confused.

2 – Steven Stayner

In Steven’s case, what happened after his resurgence at the California police station in 1980 was more fascinating than his disappearance. He disappeared in 1971 when he was seven when he was coming home from school. His kidnapper, Kenneth Parnell, held him captive and sexually abused the boy.

As Steven grew older, Parnell wanted a younger boy. That was when Parnell took another younger child home. In the meantime, Steven ran off with the new victim, claiming that he could not let another child go through what he had been through. In 1989, after gaining national fame, Steven was killed in a 24-year-old motorcycle accident.

3 – Tanya Kach

In 1996, the 14-year-old girl from McKeesport, Pennsylvania, disappeared and was presumed to have fled her home. That was partly true. In 2006, a decade later, it was discovered that Kach had been convinced by a high school guard, Thomas Hose, to run away with him. But when she ran away, Hose kept her trapped at home.

And there, she stayed for ten years, being routinely abused. Four years later, under another name, Kach was allowed to leave the house. In 2006, she told her story to the owner of a sale, whom she had become friends with. After that, it was not long before Hose was arrested and Kach reunited with his family.

4 – Steven Kubacki

In 1978, one February morning, Steven Kubacki was playing near Lake Michigan. He went skiing there, but when he didn’t return the next day, a search was made.

Strangely enough, footprints were discovered where the student said he was going to be. And even more ominous, they stood right on the edge of the frozen water. And there was no sign of broken ice. Later the boy’s skis and backpack were discovered, but still with no sign of him.

Searches have been canceled. And in 1979, more than a year later, Steven appeared in the doorway of his parents’ house. He couldn’t quite remember where he had been. He had woken up earlier that day in a camp in Pittsfield, hundreds of miles from where he disappeared. And stranger still is that the boy was wearing clothes that were not his own.

5 – Linda Arteaga

This case happened in 2012 in Arkansas Ozarks. One afternoon, Eddie Huff and Linda Arteaga went for a walk in the local forests. But when Eddie came back alone, he said he had left his sister at a relative’s house, but something seemed wrong. Especially when it was discovered that the 53-year-old woman was not at her relative’s house as Eddie said.

The man was disoriented and confused. A search party was made and Arteaga was called in at random in the deep woods. Likewise, she was shocked and bewildered, not knowing what had brought her here.

Then she spoke some details. Even that her brother had suffered some kind of injury and she had offered to seek help. She said she had met other people in the forest, but that, no matter how much she screamed, they couldn’t hear her. She said they were dark figures. As well, who seemed to be watching her through the trees.

6 – Philip Sessarego

This British soldier dreamed of being part of the elite Special Air Service (SAS), but he had been turned down twice. And after these rejections, her daughter said her father went into a state of fantasy. He dressed like the men of SAS and went to the establishments they attended. However, in 1991, he disappeared in Croatia.

In 2000, a book called Jihad! The secret war in Afghanistan was on the bestseller list and had been written by a man named Tom Carew. The man recounted his experiences for more than two decades at SAS. And as Carew appeared in public, his statements contradicted each other. And then it turned out that Carew was actually Philip Sessarego. The man would disappear again and use the name Philip Steverson in Belgium.

7 – Brenda Heist

This resident of Litiz, Pennsylvania, seemed to want to start a new life. In 2002, she went through a divorce. Soon afterwards, she moved away from it, leaving her two eight- and twelve-year-olds behind. And after some research and investigation, she was declared dead. That in the year 2010.

Until, in 2013, she entered a Florida police station and proved otherwise. She had disappeared from Pennsylvania 11 years earlier. According to her, on the day of the disappearance in 2002, she took her son to school and then sat in a park. And a group of three strangers asked her if she wanted to go with them to Florida. And she just went. She was using the name Kelsie Lyanne Smith and saw that she had made a terrible mistake at the time. After that, she began to reestablish her contact with her family.

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