There is no doubt that technology and globalization have a major impact on our lives. And when we say that, we’re talking about everything from interpersonal relationships to the economy and the labor force. All of this has been changing daily everywhere in the world, and future projections from these changes may not be as favorable for some jobs .

Projections up to 2026 point out that the workforce will be very different from what we see today, and many jobs could fall considerably and even disappear in the coming years.

Every two years, the Baureau of Labor Statistics releases its projections of how employment in various occupations and industries will change over the next decade. The most recent projections show some of the most declining jobs over the course of this decade. Here are 7 jobs that could disappear by 2026.

1 – Metal manufacturers should decrease by 15.3%

These professionals work with metal fabrication, installation, positioning and alignment of these structures, as well as welding, in structural metal materials. This drop in the number of people working in this role is directly related to the use of machines doing the same job.

2 – Textile cutting machine operators should decrease 15.8%

The textile industry will also be greatly affected by these changes. The number of employees hired to operate cutting machines alone is expected to fall by almost 16% in a decade.

3 – Lumberjacks may decrease 16.2%

Lumberjacks will also be greatly affected, according to these projections. These professionals use axes or chainsaws to cut down trees, but not only. They still use specific knowledge to minimize damage to the tree according to felling techniques. And the number of people doing this will decrease by more than 15 percent.

4 – Sewing machine operators will have a forecast drop of 16.7%

These people work by operating industrial sewing machines, basically joining, reinforcing or decorating sewing details, which need to be done manually, whether or not in apparel. It will be a considerable drop in employees for this job.

5 – Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants to Decrease 17.4%

The projections do not point to a favorable future for professionals offering administrative support. Secretaries and assistants work by conducting research, organizing statistical reports, processing information requests, and managing correspondence and many other functions. It may seem like a promising market today, but it does not seem to be a trend for the future.

6 – Call center operators should decrease 19.9%

These professionals work by managing telephony equipment from business systems or dashboards, relaying inbound and outbound calls between companies. In short, being able to provide information to applicants and recording messages. In a few years, these jobs decreased by almost 20%.

7 – Telemarketers should decrease 22.6%

Telemarketing operators work by providing information and negotiations via telephone with clients from various branches. In short, they can work with sales, customer service, billing, support, and emergency calls. This will be one of the fastest-falling jobs in the coming years, according to these projections.

And you, what did you think of these projections? Will it impact you in any way? Tell us in the comments and share it with your friends.

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