In recent decades, several death row in the United States have been cleared and released. Once it was proved that they had not committed the crimes they were accused of, the defendants eventually gained freedom . One of the most recent cases is that of Glenn Ford. Ford was released after spending nearly 30 years on death row for a crime he did not commit.

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is estimated that at least 4.1% of those sentenced to death in the US are innocent. This means that one in 25 people convicted is alleged to be innocent.

By contrast, since the death penalty was introduced in the country, there is no telling how many of those executed may have been innocent. On the other hand , there are some cases that include strong evidence of innocence. Check out seven examples now.

1 – Carlos DeLuna

An investigation released in 2006 revealed evidence that the state of Texas, United States, may have executed an innocent man in 1989. The defendant, Carlos DeLuna, was charged with murdering a convenience store clerk in 1983. After the execution From DeLuna, reporters Maurice Possley and Steve Mills discovered new evidence that pointed to a new suspect, Carlos Hernandez. Hernandez, who had tickets for similar crimes, confessed to the murder.

2 – Ruben Cantu

In short, every time he was arrested, Ruben Cantu pleaded not guilty. And it wasn’t just once. Cantu was only 17 when he was charged with manslaughter during an attempted robbery. After Cantu’s execution, both the prosecution and the jurors expressed doubts about the case. Cantu died in 1993,

3 – Jarvis Jay Masters

Jarvis Jay Masters was already serving time for armed robbery at San Quentin when Sergeant Howell Burchfield was murdered. The officer died in 1985. Although Masters was inside his cell at the time the murder occurred, Masters was charged, along with two other prisoners. According to the prosecution, Jarvis had commissioned the crime.

4 – Larry Griffin

Recent investigation has found evidence that Larry Griffin was also innocent. Griffin was executed in Missouri in 1995. To US authorities, this is the obvious demonstration of an execution of an innocent man. According to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a witness and a police officer confirmed by evidence that Griffin was not involved in the crime. NAACP provided the names of three new suspects. However, everyone is currently under arrest for other murders.

5 – Thomas Arthur

Sentenced to death for murder, American Thomas Arthur was executed in an Alabama state penitentiary after he avoided the penalty on seven occasions. Arthur has used every possible and unimaginable twist to manipulate the courts for over 34 years. Arthur had murdered his half sister in 1977, a homicide that he said was caused by accident because he was under the influence of alcohol at the time. Five years later, while on probation, Tommy Arthur was charged with shooting Troy Wicker. The victim’s wife was Arthur’s lover. He was found guilty of conspiring with Judy Wicker to murder her husband, which would result in her receiving life insurance. Judy was charged with paying $ 10,000 to Arthur for the crime.

6 – Joseph O’Dell

New evidence cast considerable doubt on the conviction of O’Dell, who was indicted for murder and rape. In 1991, three Supreme Court justices said they were unsure if O’Dell was really to blame. In September 1996, the court reinstated his death sentence and upheld the conviction. The US Supreme Court declined to consider O’Dell’s allegations of innocence. In addition, the Supreme Court also upheld the ruling on juries, which were being informed of an alternative sentence at the time. O’Dell asked the state to provide new evidence, but his request was turned down. The “Dell was executed in 1997.

7 – David Spence

Spence was charged with murdering three teenagers in 1982. He was allegedly hired by a convenience store owner to specifically kill a girl. However, Spence killed the teenagers by mistake. Convenience store owner Muneer Deeb was sentenced to death, but later acquitted in a new trial. Police lieutenant overseeing Spence’s investigation, Marvin Horton, said David Spence was not responsible for the crime.

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