The medical universe is capable of surprising us more than usual always. There are medicinal methods that even we, in the face of so much technology, doubt we can. Luckily, technological advancement gave professionals more freedom and increased the number of successes in surgeries. Just look at the past, where even childbirths were at great risk of failure and, in more advanced cases, would result in the death of mother and child. Today, aesthetic, hazardous, common, emergencies and many other processes are done with complete safety and precision. However, some surgical procedures are so crazy that we may be amazed.

Surgeons eventually had to figure out some “creative” procedures to maintain what they call the medical order. And it was thinking about this that we decided to bring this matter. The Unknown Facts newsroom sought and listed for you, dear reader, some crazy surgical procedures that really worked. If you know of any other cases that we don’t list, send us in the comments below. Enjoy sharing with your friends and, without further ado, check with us below and surprise yourself.

Strange Procedures
1 – Foot turned into knee

Dugan Smith struggled to be a sports star. However, at the age of ten, life gave her an unpleasant “gift.” He suffered from a rare bone cancer near his femur. Doctors then said he would have to amputate his leg in order not to spread. Knowing your love for the sport, the doctor, Dr. Mayerson, decided to help. He proposed surgery that many discredited. The procedure involved amputating his entire leg, cutting off the cancerous part, and putting it back together. He put what was left where the boy’s knee should be and it worked.

2 – Hypnotized singer to sing during surgery

Alama Kante is a singer who suffered from an enlarged thyroid gland. This affliction could end your career. Even with success, the surgery would disturb your voice. However, anesthesiologist Giles Dhonneus had a different idea. Kante should endure the pain of surgery and continue singing during the surgical procedure. This worked well and she could handle it until the end.

3 – Hand sewn to the leg

A Chinese named Zhou lost his hand in 2015. After going to the doctor, they said the tissue on his arm was too damaged to put back. They needed a good bloodstream so the part wouldn’t die. That’s when they decided to sew his hand on his leg. The result was super positive.

4 – Transplant for yourself

Heather McNamara was a 7-year-old girl suffering from malignant stomach cancer. That was until I met Dr. Tomoaki Kato, a radical surgeon who believed he could reach the tumor and remove it. He then removed several organs from her until he found evil and then put the “good things” in the right place. It took 23 hours to remove the stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, and large and small intestines. The girl totally healed after that.

5 – 25% of skull removed

In 2012, Jamie Hilton was fishing. As he pulled a salmon out of balance, his head hit the rocks. She was quickly taken to hospital, but her brain swelled a lot and was pressing on her skull. The doctors had to remove 25% of his skull so that the organ would not be crushed. They needed to wait for the same disincarnation and needed a place to put the removed part. The best place was your own body. They put it on your belly.

6 – Five-month-old fetus born temporarily for surgery

That’s right. If you’re a man who has always dreamed of having that standard Hollywood belly with all of his well-defined muscles, but you never wanted to stick to a strict diet or indulge in a devastating series of exercises, know that you can do it. the long awaited artificially spotted belly. This, through a surgical procedure called High Definition Liposculpture. It creates all this aesthetics in a few hours.

But it is worth remembering that many people who undergo this procedure end up claiming that, after all, the belly looks artificial, so it may not be very advantageous.

7 – 5-month-old baby born temporarily for surgery

Bethan Simpson was in her fifth month of pregnancy when the fetus was diagnosed with spina bifida. That would cause paralysis in him. She and her husband agreed to have him “born temporarily” for surgery. This happened and her belly was sewn again waiting for the child’s second birth. The baby, who was Elouise Simpson, was born perfectly four months later.

So, what did you think of this list? Comment to us down there and share it with your friends. Always remembering that your feedback is extremely important for our growth.

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