We could say that for most of us crime does not pay. However, if we are to ask the perpetrators of the biggest robberies in Brazil, the answer may be quite different. This type of theft is a criminal modality aimed at financial institutions , especially bank branches. In Brazil, specifically in the city of São Paulo, in 2015, two bank branches or ATMs were robbed per week. Let’s go further: the grass-making business in Fortaleza seemed quite innocent. But their employees were after a different kind of “green”. For example, the robbery was something you would think could only happen in movies .

The robbers dug a 78-meter-long tunnel from their building to the bank, two blocks away. After passing through almost 1 m of concrete and steel, the thieves managed to escape with about R $ 268 million.

1. Assault on Banco Itaú (R $ 250 million – R $ 500 million)

This is definitely the biggest bank robbery in the history of Brazil. It was estimated that the value of the theft is between $ 250 million to $ 500 million. At dawn on August 28, 2011, about 12 burglars stormed a Banco Itaú branch in São Paulo, posing as a building maintenance worker. Armed with pistols, they surrendered a vigilante. As a result, he had to free access to the agency’s basement. What is striking is that the police only discovered the crime eight days after it occurred.

2- Assault on the Central Bank of Brazil (R $ 164 million)

Based on estimates based on the weight of the banknotes, approximately R $ 268 million were stolen from the Central Bank in Fortaleza. This was all possible because they were able to dig a tunnel that made it possible to invade. It was no easy task, as the amount weighed almost four tons. Only about $ 30 million were recovered. This is one of the biggest robberies that happened in Brazil.

3. The assault of the century (Cr $ 500 million)

In the center of the city of São Paulo, happened two major thefts of the century. It all started when gangsters approached the vehicle of Banco Moreira Salles SA, which was on Rua Libero Badaró (central São Paulo). They surrendered the staff, killed the chief treasurer who led the means of transportation, and carried six canvas bags with $ 500 million. Year? 1965

4. Assault on Banco do Brasil in Gurupi (R $ 5.4 million)

A group of criminals stormed the city of Gurupi in Tocantins, blew up the Banco do Brasil branch, took hostages and set fire to cars. After all, just fled with about $ 5.4 million. This money was left behind by the criminals because of the siege made by the Military Police (PM). This is one of the biggest robberies that happened in Brazil.

5. Theft of Banco do Brasil in Santana (R $ 2 million)

Two men reportedly stole about $ 2 million, according to the Federal Police. They entered through the funds of the agency, located in Santana, in the north of São Paulo. The two bandits would have entered the bank’s operating room where the alarm systems and cameras are controlled. Everything was off. So, with the use of a blowtorch, they managed to drill a hole in the agency’s main vault.

6. Assault on a Banco do Brasil branch (R $ 960,946.00)

A trio of robbers fled with $ 960,946 in cash, according to the report. The three gunmen stormed the agency on Dona Ana Prado Street in Sao Carlos, state of Sao Paulo. They arrived at the place around 8 am, waited for the arrival of the branch manager and then entered the ATM area. There surrendered the security guards. Because the criminals had information about the manager’s family, they demanded that she follow the opening of the safe and the ATMs. This is one of the biggest robberies that happened in Brazil.

7- Assault on Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil (R $ 700,000.00)

About 20 bandits were in four cars. Heavily armed and hooded, they invaded the branches of Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil, located in the center of Vargem Grande Paulista, a city in the state of São Paulo. They entered the branches and did not go to the ATMs, but to the branch vaults. According to police, there were about $ 700,000 in the safe.

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