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Amazing decorating tricks to transform your home

Decorating a house does not mean disbursing money. With simple and practical ideas, it is possible to give a new face to the environment

Decorating a house is not an easy task. Each person has a different style and must adapt it to the environment they want to change.

But it is not just the taste that must be taken into account when making that change in the house, it is necessary to think about practicality, functionality, comfort and, often, if the idea you want to apply will work in the environment.

According to the architect Rodrigo Rocha, thinking carefully about how to decorate is very important to establish the harmony of the environment: “Our house is made up of small details, each with a special value. But care is needed because it is very common for people to accumulate things we like (paintings, vases, washcloths, pillows, picture frames and various objects) and in the end they end up polluting the environment, overloading the information house. It is important to be aware of the space you have, so that you can start to see real opportunities on how to occupy it creatively ”, he ponders.

But what about when the decor has been the same for a long time and you get sick of it? To change small details of the house without spending a lot, check below 20 tips of things you can do yourself to renovate the environment, spending little.

1. Move furniture around

Rodrigo points out that, before any drastic change, moving furniture is an excellent option. The architect says that the arrangement of the furniture makes all the difference and changing them can change the environment completely.

 Place plant pots

Another excellent option, according to architect Ana Carla, is to make arrangements with plant pots, which give life to the environment. This option adapts to bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, corridors and even the kitchen. The architect Rodrigo Rocha only emphasizes for some care with the plants: “One should not place a cactus where people can get hurt, for example”, he reflects

Build a wall with pictures or photo gallery – or all together

Ana Carla says that another interesting tip is to mount a wall with pictures. Rodrigo is also in favor of the idea, but he is attentive to some details: “Be careful not to overload the environment or generate visual conflicts – pictures and photos, for example, must always be far from the TV, because the dynamics of observation and contemplation are completely many different.”

In the case of photographs, the details to pay attention to are other: “Understand that there are more accessible and more reserved environments. That photo of the breastfeeding mother is in the bedroom ”, exemplifies Rodrigo. Travel photos are a great choice.

Hang unusual items on the wall

Mirrors are already well-known for decoration. But a gallery with several mirrors, in different shapes and sizes is certainly a decoration that will surprise you. Empty frames, old or new, colored or not, can give a new air to the wall you want to change. Finally, dishes are not just for placing food. They can look beautiful if hung on the wall, forming a mosaic.

Change the curtain

Curtains can be excellent decoration items and changing them can be a great idea to change the face of the environment. The same tip applies to the bathroom curtain.

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Make a lamp

A new fixture can be very expensive, but there are beautiful fixtures that can be made at home, which will give a totally new (and chic!) Look to the environment.

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