70+ living Room with functional decoration to be inspired

Living Room Decoration

The Decorated Rooms are the dream of many people, who want to have their own home.

And when it comes to Decorated Rooms , there are thousands of styles and models of decorations available.

Currently on the market today to make the decoration of the living room, it does not take much effort.

Just good old research, and you will find several styles of living room decorations available.

The decoration of the room includes combinations of shapes, colors and textures that merge to achieve a comfortable and friendly space, in which we feel relaxed, cheerful and inspired.

Then we show you some ideas for decorating modern, rustic, comfortable living rooms and more.


In 2020, there will be an explosion of vibrant and warm colors, so one thing is for sure: the decorated rooms will no longer be boring and monotonous places.


The color will be on chairs, armchairs, sofas and accessories, as well as tables and lamps.

And the modern classic models, be it Cassina, Ligne Roset or Thonet, are again protagonists, thanks to the updated colors, which become one of the most striking trends of this year.

The only piece of furniture in a different color may be enough to revitalize the aesthetics of the Decorated Rooms.

Colors and materials of Decorated Rooms

The strong and playful presence of pastel colors is also notable. We can see sunny yellow or lemon yellow, red-orange or green in all its varieties.

modern decorated room models

Another intriguing and profound trend is a combination of pine green, mustard, royal blue or bordeaux red, which form a style of decorated rooms.

And speaking of the Baroque influence and the richness of textures, we must focus our attention on the use of rich materials such as velvet, different shiny metal surfaces and the addition of dark wood.

room decorated with window in the background

Satin gold or brushed brass can also contribute to this type of room decoration.

While the use of bronze has been highlighted in recent years, now we are seeing more shades of gold and bronze.

This places a strong emphasis on the splendor of the interior in our home, especially in the decoration of the room.

The combination of modern Scandinavian style and vintage charm. When combined with a hint of gold it can give a feeling of luxury and nobility in your decorated rooms.

modern decorated room


The inspiration for vintage furniture pieces can be seen in almost all collections of the most renowned brands.

The use of new materials, new technologies and aesthetics are inspired by designs that remain in time.

This makes the design of the decorated rooms richer and more fun.

However, this purpose and the reincarnation of the design of antique furniture show its contemporary uniqueness: the sofas expand and extend, the benches are big and cute.

Inviting comfort and leisure, the new trend in armchairs indicates that they are large, swollen and soft, as an expression of modern life, where people return home after a busy day and want to rest and feel comfortable. The environment must be luxurious and elegant.

Regarding the shelves of the decorated rooms, you can cover an entire wall, without losing functionality and style.

living room with modern decor

In this case, the shelf installation can also be mobile, and it can also serve as a room separator. modular systems that, in a minimalist language, can accommodate all parts easily.


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