60+ Living Room Designs: Ideas To Rock

Living Room Decoration

The living room is the place where you receive friends, watch TV, read a magazine and talk to family members. This is the most social space in the house and should be beautiful and pleasant. Check out specific tips to have your living room decorated .

Forget the smooth, white walls. One of the ways to enhance your living room is to create niches with stone coverings to house electronic devices and decorative objects.

In the example below, it is not only television that stands out. But the two large sofas , facing each other, favor interaction between residents and visitors. An ideal environment for informal meetings and lively chats.

In the example below, the living room has a very organized look with the coffee table the same length as the sofas. The combination of the cushions with the patterned striped rug also adds a touch of elegance.

But if your idea is to create a more delicate space , see this next example. The soft colors and the option for the glass-topped coffee table make the environment very relaxing. An alternative that also works well in this type of room is a more vibrant color table, to create a contrast.

The modular sofas are amazing when your goal is to have the maximum comfort . After a day’s work, enjoy your living room with a spacious , soft and, above all, beautiful modular sofa .

To complement the decoration, a table, a small coffee table, a rug and a discreet lamp are enough. Did you like this decorated living room idea?

If your space has a more square shape, a good idea is to organize a module with the sofa, two very comfortable armchairs in front and the coffee table. Realize that leaving a circulation space between the window and the sofa enhances the environment and increases the natural lighting of the room .

The touch of relaxation is due to the two different prints used in the seats. To finish and add a little more life to the room , a natural plant pot works perfectly in the right corner.

The living room can be made even more pleasant with a pair of rounded armchairs , making up one of the sides of the room. In the photo below, the white armchairs work very well in front of the darker colored sofa.

The different detail is the track lamp on the ceiling. In addition to leaving the obvious of the lamps embedded in the ceiling, this feature allows you to better direct the light.


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What did you think of these decorated living room ideas ?

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