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60+ Cool Boho Hairstyles You’re Sure To Love 2022

Gorgeous Boho Hairstyles That You Can Wear All Summer Long

Straight from the 1970s, boho style is one of the hot trends for wedding hairstyles ! Perfect for brides with personality, but who do not leave romanticism aside, hairstyles can be very natural and relaxed, with braids and flowers or more glamorous, with stones and accessories. Come check out our inspirations!

In the 19th century when the word bohemian first appeared, it stood for a group of people who led an unconventional lifestyle. Those were mostly artists, musicians, actors, and writers. Later on, the meaning slightly changed, but the idea remained the same. Hipsters, beatniks, hippies were considered to be a part of the bohemians. In terms of fashion, the Boho-chic style also means something out-of-ordinary, something that has nothing to do with the usual hairstyles and clothes. Influenced by hippie culture, Boho hairstyles spread widely in the early 2000’s thanks to Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. These days there are a countless number of different Bohemian hairstyles to try. You can look through the images depicting the best Boho hair styles and draw inspiration for your own style. And the best thing is we have got Boho hairstyles for short hair, long hair, and medium length hair so every girl out there will definitely find a hairstyle for herself.

Chic Bohemian Hairstyles with Curls

Chic Bohemian Hairstyles with Curls 1

If you have decided to make your wedding in the bohemian style, now is the time to choose the perfect hairstyle to match! Boho hairstyles can translate the hippie and romantic atmosphere very well. Let’s go to inspirations?

Are you going to wear a simple and light wedding dress? Combine with a wreath! The hair arrangement can be the touch you need to create a combination that mixes personality and lightness.

Use Braids !

It’s super easy to create the boho style in the hairstyle, use braids! The idea of ​​boho is to have a more unpretentious air and braids are a great choice! The tip is that the strands are looser, bringing more comfort, without losing the romantic personality of the bride!

Chic Bohemian Hairstyles with Curls 2

If you are that bride who makes a point of keeping her hair down at the wedding, this is the right tip! The natural hair blends well with the style of boho ceremony . To add a touch of boho chic, how about adding accessories? 

Chic Bohemian Hairstyles with Curls 3 Chic Bohemian Hairstyles with Curls 4
The Boho hairdos are wonderful for those who want their hair look natural and startling. The hairstyle presupposes diverse braids, messy curls, and carefree locks, it is fitting for any hair type, but it will look exceptionally marvelous on the tow-head. A variety of accessories makes the Boho hairstyles more engaging. There is no age limit, use the fantasy and establish your own version of a Boho hairstyle.

Cute Easy Boho Hairstyles with Braids

Cute Easy Boho Hairstyles with Braids 3
The good news is bohemian hairstyles suit all girls. No matter if your hair is curly or straight, thin or thick, long or short, you will find a Boho hairstyle that will fit you in the best possible way. And yes, most Boho hairstyles have braids as their base. As we all know well, some braids are easy, others are super difficult to do. This concerns Boho braid hairstyles as well. That’s why we have singled out a few cute easy Boho hairstyles with braids which you can do without any outer help.

Ideas for Short Boho Hair

Ideas for Short Boho Hair 1

Ideas for Short Boho Hair 5

If the length of your hair doesn’t allow you to create complicated Boho hairstyles with lots of different braids and twists, it’s not a big deal. Actually, there are tons of ways to style your short hair so that it looks Bohemian. Starting with cute crown braids and finishing with a great number of different accessories which can create a Boho look without the need to do anything with your hair at all. the only thing you have to keep in mind is that your hairstyle shouldn’t be neat. On the contrary, make it messy. The “just-got-out-of-the-bed” look is exactly what we mean.
Hair should be chaotically twisted and slightly disheveled. In this way, it feels as if this is a morning hairstyle, which can be complemented by flowers. Such negligence is very stylish in a Boho style.

Gorgeous Boho Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Gorgeous Boho Hairstyles for Medium Hair 1 Gorgeous Boho Hairstyles for Medium Hair 3 Gorgeous Boho Hairstyles for Medium Hair 6
Though medium length gives a lot more space for Boho-creativity than short hair, it still has limits. So once again, opt for simpler Boho hairstyles with less complicated braids and focus on accessories and negligence. With such an approach you will be able to rock any of these Boho hairstyles for medium length hair.

Messy Boho Hairstyles for Long Hair

Messy Boho Hairstyles for Long Hair 3
Being one of the hottest trends this summer, most Boho hairstyles are quite easy to make by yourself, which is a big win-win, right? The first and foremost rule when it comes to Boho hair, the overall look should be with a dash of negligence. Whether you want to wear a long loose braid or prefer a complicated updo, make the hairstyle messy. Leave a few strands here and there and voila – your Boho hairstyle is ready. Though there’s one more thing you can do to complement your Boho look – always add some accessory. It can be a scarf which you can weave into a braid. It can be a beautiful headpiece or a wreath made of flowers. These can be beads, basically anything you like.
The examples of Boho hairstyles for long hair in here are ideal if you plan to visit Coachella. Just check out the hairstyle with the wreath on the top that looks like the crown. Gentle waves go from it, they are mixed with thin braids and wildflowers are woven into the hair. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Amazing Boho Updo Hairstyles to Try

Amazing Boho Updo Hairstyles to Try 3
Boho hairstyles look magnificent on blond hair as well as on black hair. The disorderly ringlets make up an intricate pattern. A white accessory complements the image and looks very natural. And when we say updo we don’t necessarily mean all hair up. You can leave a part of your hair hanging down or leave a few curly strands here and there. In general, Boho updos are a bit more complicated than the usual Boho hairstyles, but the result is totally worth all the effort you put into it.
Boho Hairstyles (Perfect For a Wedding)

Boho Hairstyles (Perfect For a Wedding) 3 Boho Hairstyles (Perfect For a Wedding) 4 Boho Hairstyles (Perfect For a Wedding) 6
There’s a reason why Boho hairstyles are the number one choice for ladies who are looking for a wedding hairstyle. These days it’s all about simplicity, tenderness, and naturalness. And guess what? These are exactly three things that describe Boho hairstyles in the best way. Boho hairstyles are popular among brides as they allow hair to come down freely and create an image of an innocent woman. Just imagine – glossy locks are gathered with the help of a white headband, beautiful braids complement the image of the bride who looks like a forest Nymph.

Boho Hippie Hairstyles

Boho Hippie Hairstyles 6
As we have already mentioned it before, Boho style takes its inspiration from the hippie style in the first place. As well as that, one may find influences of Indian style and other ethnic styles. That’s why there are lots of different variations of braids in Boho hairstyles. Needless to say that such braids look exceptionally beautiful on oolong hair. Yet it doesn’t mean that girls with shorter hair are deprived of the right to wear cool Boho hippie hairstyles. Cute Fishtail braids, side braids, crown braids with waterfall, braids into a Boho ponytail, to name a few. But again, don’t forget about headband which will be a great accessory that finishes your hippie look.

Trendy Boho Haircuts You will Love

Trendy Boho Haircuts You will Love 4 Trendy Boho Haircuts You will Love 5

Trendy doesn’t always mean temporary as we are used to thinking. Yes, it’s true that most trends come and go seasonally, but there are some things that remain trendy despite the time. Boho hairstyles are ones of such things. Starting their way from the ’60s and ’70s when hippie culture overtook the world of fashion, Boho hairstyles survived the test of time and saw the splash of interest in the 2000s, which hasn’t gone yet. All we know that you don’t have to stick to trends to look trendy. Be yourself, experiment with hairstyles and feel confident with whatever hairstyle you choose.


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