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60 Classy Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thick Hair

woman cannot cut her hair above her shoulders in Islam : as that makes women look like men 

Having thick hair and abundant mane is undoubtedly an advantage, but often, if we do not choose the right cut, our hair can become a headache due to excess volume as it becomes very difficult to handle . Therefore, it is important to identify the right hairstyle for our hair type. But what are the most appropriate cuts for people with a lot of hair? Here we give you a series of i deas of cuts and hairstyles perfect for thick and thick hair manes .

There are some basic rules, such as not wearing it excessively short , or working the lengths well to compensate for the volume and not only showing hair. Cuts that add volume at the top and short bangs are prohibited . Opt for weathered, asymmetrical and very moving options like these that we show you below.


Managing our hair is an issue, it is worse if we have it thick or in abundance. To get the problem over, check out these hairstyles for thick hair
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hairstyles to manage your thick hair

Managing our hair is an issue, it is worse if we have it thick or in abundance. To end the problem, check out these hairstyles for thick hair.You will love it! They are also too easy to make and ideal for any occasion. It doesn’t matter if you go to the office, to a dinner, a girls’ afternoon or a formal event. Are you ready?10 hairstyles for thick hairForget about unruly hair with these fabulous hairstyles.

One of the hairstyles for thick hair that became fashionable was the lower braid, either with chongo or with ponytail. It is ideal for women who have medium or long hair without layers . A perfect look for the hot season and to take it everywhere.Hairstyles-for-thick-hairPhoto: eslamodaSomething that is very cool and still in the top trend is the bob cut. I recommend you make a thousand waves , preferably go from lock to lock and that these are not with so much hair so that it can look perfect and without a fluffy appearance.

Marie ClaireOf all the hairstyles for thick hair this was the one I loved the most. It will also look great for formal occasions. There is no longer a pretext. If you tie your hair with a braided bottom headband like the one in the picture, you will start to love your hair.

if you want to feel fresh, fashionable and your hair is mega long, try this hairstyle. Because it has thick hair , it can automatically be shaped into a sausage shape .

Apply a little spray to keep it fixed.Hairstyles-for-thick-hairPhoto: peinados.mujeryestiloIf your hair is huge and you are a fan of braids , do not hesitate to opt for this look.

A little pigtail braid will look divine and perfect for the heat.Hairstyles-for-thick-hairPhoto: peinados.mujeryestiloThere are many hairstyles for thick hair , but I selected the most common and divine. For example, you can choose something like this. The key point is to make a light crepe, which is very easy to do if you have thick and thick hair.

You can lean on a toothbrush and spray.Hairstyles-for-thick-hairPhoto: eslamodaLiteral, this is for casual days. It seems perfect to me, your hair will not look fatal at all , on the contrary, it will impact.Hairstyles-for-thick-hairPhoto: PinterestIf you don’t like wearing your hair that much, you can go for something like this. You really can do it in five minutes . And if you want,

make some waves.Hairstyles-for-thick-hairPhoto: shopnordstromAnd if you don’t want to wear anything tied, just make a thousand waves. Here it does apply to take locks with enough hair. It is also a hairstyle that you can wear to formal events. It will look better if you have long hair.


And if you want something more crazy, casual and fast, don’t forget the Half Bun.


How to style and care for thick hair

We know that everyone envies your thick hair, and we also know that it requires a lot of attention and, above all, a precise routine. Leave bad habits behind: we tell you everything you need to know to care for and style your thick hair . Let’s start!

Using light and nutritious formulas

Having a naturally dense and voluminous mane is the best … as long as you pamper it with an adapted care routine. For this, you must know the peculiarities of thick hair to correctly meet their needs . The result? A shiny mane (sign of a hair in good condition) and with zero frizz.

The peculiarities of thick hair

As the diameter of the hair fiber is wider than the average, it is more difficult to hydrate it in depth. Thick hair tends to dry out and frizz more than the rest for that reason. Therefore, it is essential that you use specific shampoos, conditioners and hydrating masks for thick hair. These products contain nourishing active ingredients that penetrate the inside of the fiber better for greater efficiency. So you can say goodbye to dry hair and unruly locks! The density of the fiber also makes the hair weigh more, so it is best to avoid too rich care, since they could add heaviness to your hair and, thus, eliminate the volume of the upper part of the head and make that the hair is less flexible.

In addition to being thicker, this hair type is more numerous. Having such a capillary density is an advantage but it also has its drawbacks: knots. The greater the matter, the greater the friction between the strands and the easier it is for them to become entangled . It is one more reason to prefer light formulas and to get a good detangling product. In this way, you will facilitate the hairstyle and prevent knots from forming.

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