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60 Beautiful and Convenient Medium Bob Hairstyles


If there was a nomination for Oscar / 2022, in the haircut category, “Bob” would undoubtedly be the winner. This cut has made the heads of celebrities and inspired many women to adhere to the look of the moment. Bob Hair is a versatile cut, with a lot of potential, as it allows you to use your hair in numerous versions.

Long or short, smooth or wavy, straight or asymmetrical, with texture, curls, with bangs, these are some of the versions that Bob Hair allows you to explore.

Edgy stacked medium bob haircut

Edgy-Stacked-Long-Bob haircut 2022

It is not today that the cut is successful among the female audience. The trend gained prominence during the Golden Globe Awards / 2022, when the famous presented with style, glamor and elegance the hair style.

The good thing about Bob’s cut is that it follows any face shape, due to its versatility, which favors those who use it, in addition to making it look very youthful. So let’s see some versions:

Long bob or Lob, is the must have of the moment, the cut is used at the height of the shoulders. The highlight of the cut is in the uniform, straight and elongated shape.

Straight and / or straight Bob is a more classic style. The concept is in a structured format and straight cut lines. For those who want to bet on something softer and not so radical, this chanel version is a great option. It is worth noting that even in this interpretation you can keep your hair completely unbroken or bet on a fringe to give it a more elegant and sophisticated look

Textured Bob is great for anyone who wants to create an irreverent and sexy look in their hair. It combines with determined and modern women. If you want to maintain a more daring style, lightly scale all hair. Create layers and style the cut with finalizers to make it even more irreverent.

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