60+ Bamboo Craft Ideas With Pics And Step by Step

Bamboo is a characteristic material and plentiful in Brazil, so it is effectively found in spots with tropical atmosphere. The gentility of detail and weight give the creation of different items, for example, furniture, melodic instruments, bushels, beautifying frill, lights, bamboo makes and even a basic supplement in engineering.

Because of this adaptability and simplicity of dealing with, bamboo takes into consideration unending craftsmanship. There are a few different ways to apply the DIY technique with this material, after all it has style for all preferences!

To incorporate it requires some investment to create excellent pieces. You can even paint the bamboo to make the thing look all the more intriguing, or apply the varnish to guarantee more sparkle and strength to the piece.

The bamboo artworks is one of the exercises for those hoping to turn this rich material in another and useful piece. Disregard the possibility that bamboo is only a brightening plant, it very well may be considerably more, as a base of unique and inventive pieces.

Check out the tips on how to make bamboo crafts with the amazing ideas we’ve selected below:

  • Bamboo objects.

The white base can receive orange and black elements






 Bamboo bookcase ladder for gardening



This piece is a trend in decoration, after all it can go anywhere in the house. Cut the bamboo to the desired size and fix the pieces to form the ladder, the wooden shelves rest on these levels along the furniture.

Vertical garden of bamboo.

Wind bell with bamboo.

Bamboo mirror frame.

Decorating Mirror with bamboo.

 Bamboo coffee table.


Bamboo base perfectly served to fit the pots of plants.


Children’s swing of bamboo.

Bamboo bookcase.

 Create a bamboo frame to support the plant on the wall.

Versatile furniture of bamboo.


Sitting Chair


Step by step how to make bamboo crafts

  • After these inspirations, put this technique into practice and turn bamboo into beautiful items for you and your home. For this task follow the tutorials with the DIY projects we selected:

Vertical Bamboo Garden – Step by Step 


  • Medium Thick Bamboo Pieces
  • Measuring tape or tape measure
  • Stylus or knife
  • Line

How to make

  • To get started, cut the bamboos to the desired size so that they are proportional to the available space;
  • Measure the distance of the bamboo pieces so that they are uniform;
  • Make moorings with the line in the meeting of the bamboo pieces, forming a grid;
  • Cut the lines and fix the plants to form the vertical garden effect.

Bamboo Wind Bell – Step by Step



  • Little and meager bamboo pieces
  • Wooden ring with a base width of 10 cm
  • Woolen yarn
  • Scissors
  • heated glue
  • Punctured Coconut Seeds

How to make

  • Step by step instructions to make
  • Fold the yarn over the ring;
  • Paste coconut seed to bamboo with heated glue.
  • When penetrating the coconut seed reinsert a bit of yarn;
  • Rehash this keep going advance on all bamboo pieces expected to close the ring breadth;
  • Secure every one of these composition with a bunch in the ring, play with various statures making the bamboo longer or shorter.


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