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55+ Trendy Long Hairstyles for Women to Try


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Long hairstyles give you a whole lot of versatility. There are so many great hairstyles you can try out that will make your overall look pretty, edgy, bohemian, rocker chic, or whatever else you’re going for. It’s hard to create a list that fully encompasses all of the different styles you can achieve from having long hair, but here we have our best attempt. This is a list of 55 great long hairstyles – ideas for how to style long hair.

Loose, Messy Braid

This cute long hairstyle uses all of your luscious locks in a messy braid, pulled into the back. It is a lovely, feminine braid made even cuter with a flower on a headband being woven into the braid as well. It is a messy way to keep your hair up during the summer


Dreamy Partial Braid

For extra-long hair, this ‘do features many different sections. You have a section of shiny, straight hair encased by a braid on either side, which all braids together to become one at the base. This has three great styles for long hair all in one!


Pastel Rainbow Triple Braid

These quirky braids are made trendier and quirkier because of the rainbow hair colors that we see everywhere today. The intricate braiding achieves a sporty look, since they are so tight to the head, and can help hold back some of your length, if you want to make for a shorter style.

Simple Wrapped Long Hairstyle

At the heart of this long hairstyle are long, flowing, wavy tresses. The simple wrapped twist with strands from the front of your hair adds a simple yet elegant touch to your style. It is an easy way to add an extra dimension to your everyday long hair, with a lovely result.

Half Back with Braids

This is a cute long hairstyle that emulates a messy bun, with chic braids leading to the back. This style celebrates your long, wavy hair, and also gives you the cute visuals of a messy bun and braids. Plus, this style features the trending dark to light highlights.


Wavy Half-Up Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle features long, wavy hair with a fishtail braid using some of the hair in the back. This is definitely a style for women with thick hair, since it takes quite a bit of hair to pull off the braid and the full, wavy hair around it.


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Braided Ponytail

With this long hairstyle, you can keep your locks out of your face while still keeping everything cute and chic. The blonde hair here comes in layers, with some platinum being mixed in with deeper shades of blonde. The braids on the side pull back into the ponytail, which helps take away from your volume as well.


Smooth Bun with Flat Braids

This low-hanging bun is characterized by the large, flat braids on either side, leading down into and across the top of the bun. This is such a summery hairstyle for long hair, and is perfect for anything from a formal occasion to a day out at a fair.


Sleek Asymmetrical Ponytail

The stack of brown and blonde in this long hairstyle is chic when broken up by a cute hair accessory, separating the simple ponytail from the asymmetrical top. The way the top is folded with a bobby pin, which adds a bit more character to an easy everyday hairstyle

Classy High Bun

If you’re looking forward to an elegant event this summer, but don’t know how to style your long hair, this may be a great option. It is a classic, sophisticated bun that you can easily style with a lovely pin or clip, and it will stay out of your face for your event.

Playful Knotted Ponytail

This is a hairstyle you can have fun with. The knotting done to complete this ponytail is rather simple and straightforward, and there’s a bit of leeway to put your own twist on this style. It’s a great riff on an everyday ponytail.

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Large Mohawk Braid

This is a messy style for a long braid, with all of the hair being used to keep it right in the center for a funky mohawk appeal. This hairstyle showcases your voluminous hair in a new, front-and-center way, so you’ll be able to make any passerby jealous of your beautiful tresses.

Large Side Braids

These fishtail braids are a modern spin on the often childish side braids. That adds an element of fun to the look, while still staying modern and rather mature through the color, the feathery texture, and the looseness at the top.

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