65+ Inexpensive diy garden ideas: Create a beautiful garden with little money!

DIY Gardening tips and ideas

Helpful tips for your dream garden idea : Regardless of the shape of the garden , you can create a blooming paradise with the right garden ideas . l thought not everything is in bloom yet and heavy showers can still be expected here and there, one thing is certain: the winter kingdom is definitely over! We want to spend more time in the fresh air and recharge our batteries in springtime. Above all, our garden offers us a welcome opportunity.

After the long winter, however, it needs to be designed a little more neat and cozy. But don’t worry! It doesn’t necessarily mean to spend a lot of money again. You can do it pretty sparingly. That’s why we have 65+ affordable garden ideas ready for you today that are perfect for those on a tight budget.


Use natural resources optimally

Compost heaps would be a very good idea. This not only saves waste costs, but above all expensive and harmful fertilizers and is good for your wallet and nature at the same time. Be sure to get a rain barrel so that you can catch the rainwater for watering. You can even get potting soil for free from the nearest construction site and not just buy it in the hardware store.

Prefer natural materials

Plasters look great and are extremely durable. On the other hand, these are one of the biggest cost factors in garden design. Chippings and gravel would be inexpensive alternatives here, which are also completely permeable to water. To create a smooth floor covering, you only need to remove the upper layer of soil and then compact the soil with a vibrating plate. Then just put a plastic fleece and gravel on it. Finished!

Individual garden paths can also be designed with gravel or even field stones. To make it easier to walk on, you can also place some smooth stone slabs in it.

Organic materials such as wood chips and mulch are relatively inexpensive and are simply ideal for designing beds and garden paths. Make sure you have a stable border with stones. The only disadvantage: These materials rot over time and should therefore be refilled from time to time.

A casual natural look is always trendy

A beautiful garden doesn’t necessarily have to look like something out of a professional magazine. This can also be designed quite naturally and casually. Create a small garden pond and rely on plants and flowers that are robust and winter-proof. Herbs and spices such as lavender, yarrow, rosemary and thyme are particularly recommended. Leek species and lady’s mantle are another very successful choice for inexpensive garden design.

Especially now in spring it is the right time to enrich your hedges with cuttings without any money – for example with weigela, forsythia or currants. Simply cut off a few shoots and stick them in the ground. Nature will do the rest for you. All you have to do is water it regularly.

Upcycling garden ideas go easy on your wallet and the environment

And yes! Garden furniture and garden decorations can cost a lot of money in many cases, but they don’t have to. Upcycling is the magic word. Because almost every used object is ideal for building or designing a piece of furniture or decorative accessories. Check out the basement or flea markets near you. There you will definitely find numerous old wooden chairs, ladders, watering cans and even shoes, rubber boots or suitcases and bags that you can easily convert into original flower stands or planters . You don’t need to dispose of used car tires straight away. Swings, planters and funny animal figures can be made from it.

Don’t forget the good old Euro pallets and wine boxes when you design your garden! In fact, great and functional garden furniture can be built from it in little time.

Just let your imagination run wild and let our picture gallery inspire you with original, simple and, above all, affordable garden ideas!

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There are just as little gardens that are too short as too long, too narrow or too wide. Regardless of the shape of the garden, with the right garden idea you can implement your dream garden idea on any property! The smaller the garden, the more carefully it should be planned – and the more important it is to follow a single garden idea.
Tips and tricks for a beautiful garden can be seen in the video above.

Less is often more, otherwise a small garden can quickly appear overloaded. A clear basic structure is necessary so that, for example, short and wide gardens do not appear compressed. Read how you can easily implement garden ideas yourself and implement a harmonious garden design from cottage gardens to hillside gardens.

Different garden areas with their own character can also be built in a confined space – a cozy seat, for example, a flowering island of flowers in the lawn, a mini pond or a hot spring, a snack corner made of berry bushes make the garden design varied. If privacy protection is required, green overgrown climbing walls or larger shrubs enable individual garden rooms to be separated from each other: Then even a small garden cannot be seen and seen through at a glance.

Attention: Landscape gardeners advise against using walls or fences to enclose the entire garden. They make the garden smaller than it is.

Avoid typical mistakes in the garden

There is no space to give away in small gardens! What has no function can be dispensed with in a small space: a lawn on which no one is playing, sitting or walking can be better replaced – at least in part – by a small terrace, a paved path, a house tree in the gravel bed or a colorful bed . Eye-catchers such as a water feature or an unusual solitary plant also distract from the size of the garden – the main thing is that the third dimension is emphasized and breaks through the green level of the lawn. Practical: Such a garden does not require any more work, after all, good lawn care is not exactly time-saving!

Practical tip: Row house gardens are often long and narrow. Anyone who simply plants in such a garden runs the risk of emphasizing this shape: Straight beds along the left and right sides of the garden, for example, straight paths and high hedges and walls on the sides lengthen the garden optically and make it appear even narrower.

There are a few tricks that enhance the look of the garden:

  • Landscape gardeners recommend open and transparent side borders, diagonal paths or clear transverse joints.
  • Round surfaces – for example on the terrace – also make the garden fuller.
  • More beautiful than half-hearted oval contours are precise circular shapes, such as those drawn by the compass on the professional garden plan.
  • A tubular garden also appears more spacious when the line of sight is interrupted, for example by a pergola .
  • In short, wide gardens, high side boundaries and straight paths are good: if the path becomes narrower towards the back, it even simulates a further distance.
  • In every garden there is space for a house tree: an acquisition for life! Giant trees such as oaks or chestnuts are of course out of the question. More compact trees with small spherical crowns or columnar trees are, however, made for terraced house gardens.
  • Too many plants are forbidden for reasons of space – all the more beautiful when the selected plants impress with their versatility from spring to autumn .
  • Climbing plants are also very effective – and require little floor space. Many of them change their color particularly noticeably in autumn.
  • Incidentally, plant colors influence the overall effect of the room: blue or white flowers in the background make the garden appear larger, yellow, orange or red, on the other hand, move the rear garden area optically closer.

Great ideas for individual garden decorations

“Upcycling” is the “making new from old” of the Internet generation: With bulky waste, discarded items or leftover materials from the workshop, you can easily and cheaply make great garden decorations that quickly turn a sheltered corner in the garden or on the balcony into an attractive one Transform an eye-catcher.

Here we present inexpensive decoration ideas for the garden and leisure time: a swivel grill made of aluminum pipes, wind chimes made of empty bottles, heavenly snakes or a decorative plant obelisk that you can easily and cheaply recreate – typical of our decorative garden ideas to build yourself !


Creeping Thyme

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