55+ DIY Home Decor Ideas That’ll Totally Refresh Your Home

Don’t neglect light sources

In the living room, light plays a very important role, it can in particular enlarge the space and create atmospheres in this room. The living room is a room that is very used, you can work there, dine, receive friends, play … It must then be friendly, warm and you must feel good there. To do this, add different lights that correspond to all the activities: a wall light to light the whole room, bedside lamps, a floor lamp, a reading lamp near the sofa…

Think of key furniture

Sofa, TV unit, bookcase, table, chairs… Some furniture is essential in the living room. But beware, if your living room is small, you should opt for smaller, modular furniture that does not take up too much space. So, to organize your living room well, start with the sofa and the coffee table. This pair creates the living room and the different spaces. Choose models that harmonize, such as a large sofa and a large coffee table.

Pay attention to the orientation of the furniture

Install your sofa according to the views and avoid turning your back on the fireplace. If you have a bay window, orient it facing the outside landscape and your back against a wall. If your living room is large enough, the sofa can act as a partition and therefore separate the space. Once it is positioned, add the coffee table in front of it, an armchair to its right or to its left, a floor lamp on the side, shelves, a bookcase …

Don’t forget the storage

They are essential in the living room. The storage spaces, such as the library, the shelves or the TV cabinet, offer numerous storage spaces in which to place books, decorative items, souvenirs, etc. You can also choose 2-in-1 storage, such as a chest ottoman or a coffee table with drawers.

Personalize your living room

Once the living room is set up, it’s time to take care of the decoration! Personalize this space by adding cushions on the sofa, curtains on the windows, a carpet under the coffee table, a vase made of flowers on the table … Add some travel souvenirs and your favorite books to your shelves. Hang pictures and mirrors on the walls that enlarge the space …

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