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55+ Cute Hairstyle for Round Faces women

Long hair is beautiful, but in the rush of everyday life, they can also be a lot of work. Add to that the temperature rise in the summer and the result is that, at this time of year, many people end up deciding to run the scissors on the threads. The problem is often to know which cut suits you and your face shape.

In the case of those with round faces, that is, without many angles, the difficulty is even greater. But, don’t despair! That’s because, in addition to this pretty face shape, there are plenty of short haircut inspirations for a round face to inspire you!

Short haircut for round face 2020

One of the coolest things about living today is that there is less and less talk about rules to hide characteristics that are considered to be out of the norm. Quite the opposite! The idea is to always value what you like. So, the short hair trends of the moment are quite democratic, as you can see below.

1. High, the short fringe is released for those with round faces

Even if the style is defined by you, when it comes to joining a new cut, it is important to talk to a hairdresser so that he can help you choose what has more to do with your routine. Otherwise, something that was meant to become practical, can end up taking precious time out of your day.

Haircut for round face and short neck

As proven by Ginnifer Goodwin, Diane Kruger, Michelle Williams and so many other wonderful women out there, round faces and / or short necks are very beautiful characteristics that deserve to be valued. However, there are ways to create the illusion of a longer neck with locks. And the cool thing is that, contrary to what many think, the short haircut is great for this, since it leaves this part of the body in evidence.

One tip is cuts to the shoulder

Remembering that those who want to visually lengthen their necks do not need to rely only on their haircuts. A practical alternative, for example, is to use deeper necklines, such as V or U necklines.

Short haircut for peaked round face

As much as new trends emerge all the time, the peak cut never seems to go out of style. And no less! By providing lightness to the strands, it is great for giving more movement to the hair, making it more practical to straighten it on a daily basis, which goes for short cuts on a round face as well. Check it out!

The good thing about the peak is that it is very versatile. For this very reason, it is worth investing in it in order to value what you like most about yourself, such as chin, cheekbones, eyes and more.

Haircut for round and chubby face

Short haircuts are not usually the first choice for those with round faces and generous cheeks. But know that it is possible to create a harmonic look with them. In this case, an important tip is to play with fringes and asymmetries that create angles in the face. See ideas on how to do this.

Curly bangs help to shape the face by suppressing the forehead

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It is worth mentioning that, although we often speak of a round, square, oval face, etc., in general, our face is usually the mixture of more than one shape. Therefore, it is your preference to choose what you want to value. Think about it when choosing your next haircut!

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