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55+ Amazing Bob Hairstyles To Spice up your look in 2022

Choosing a short hairstyle is not easy. Especially when you have had a long hair for a longer time. You are always scared as to how it would turn out. You might feel a little scared about losing a lot of hair and losing density as well. But when the right choices of hairstyle are made, that worry isn’t there. Short hairstyles are the trend of the generation. It requires less maintenance all while accentuating your beauty. It looks fashionable and trendy as well. When we talk about short hairstyles, one of the first hairstyles that come to our head (no pun intended) is the bob.

Bob is a great hairstyle. It’s a timeless hairstyle that can be sported by any. It suits every kind of hair and the variants that are available for a bob hair is unmatched. If you perhaps want to try the bob, here are some great variants that you could experiment with.

Bob with layers is one of the greatest styles of bob. But when it comes to bob, everything is a little different. The layered bob is a light haircut and is done to show density. The volume and density of your hair are accentuated and does not make you feel worried about losing density. If you’re worried more about volume and density, give yourself feathered layers. That does a great job. You can go for choppy layers if you want a fashionable cut. With free hand painted colors and choppy layers, this is one of the most trending hairstyles among women. If you want to look professional, go for a stacked bob with layers.

Of late, people have a liking towards coloring their hair white. And white color blends really well with a bob cut. The color creates a fun but professional look that can suit all occasions and places. Be it office or be it a cocktail party, this hairstyle fits all. White color goes well with various kinds of bobs. Angled bob is one style that suits well for the white color. The haircut looks subtly angled from front to the back. An addition of side bangs to this hairstyle will also take your glam quotient to the next level. It also goes well with a messy bob. Messy bobs are really popular and are being adopted widely. Coloring your messy bobwhite does not make it messy though, but beautiful. It is a real winner.

If you’re worried about the length when choosing the short hairstyle, you can go for a lob. A lob is a long bob that accentuates the length of your hair. You will never have to worry about losing the length of your hair and also about maintaining it. Lobs are timeless as well and look extremely good on everybody. It’s a universal hairstyle. Coloring your lobs is a great option. If you have blonde hair, coloring the ends with brown will attract people towards your hair. It blends really well and makes for a fashionable hairstyle.

There are many other types of bobs that you can try from the photographs below:

Bobbed hairstyles are officially here to stay for 2020, and if you think of a big chop, now it’s the right time to take the plunge. With so many celebrities rocking all kinds of bobs, there’s no shortage of looks to be inspired by. Yet, if you are one of those fine- or thin-haired girls who suffer from the lack of volume and texture, you should focus specifically on bob haircuts for fine hair – and we have much to show you.

How to Choose a Bob for Your Hair Length

A rule of thumb is that fine tresses seem fuller in shorter cuts. That’s because the stronger and thicker part of strands is left and the weaker part is removed, as well as shorter strands have lighter weight for a better lift. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that longer bob hairstyles for fine hair are a big no-no. If you want your locks to look lengthy, think blunt rather than choppy. “A strong weight line with a fresh, blunt cut can actually give hair a longer appearance. So while you’re cutting, you’re creating an illusion of length and volume,” says Jill Crosby who worked with many A-listers from Alicia Silverstone to Kylie Minogue, in her comments for Today. Here are a few examples to feel the difference.

How to Make a Bob Cut Step by Step

I am going to explain how the bob cut is made and use this bob style in the best possible way without being a professional, although of course it is always recommended to have practice so as not to make a cut with the scissors and regret it.

  1. First you have to do a low ponytail at the nape with a small rubber band and cut it with a pair of scissors just below the rubber band (if you want a longer part of the mane, lower the rubber band and cut lower)
  2. You separate the hair from the two sides mainly the mane from the front with two rubber bands
  3. After cutting the ponytail from the back you match it with a scissor to make it even or with an electric hair clipper
  4. You remove the rubber after you cut and release the hair from the front and you begin to parade the hair with a scissor vertically
  5. You roll the hair and slide the scissors, so with this mode you parade the front part to join it with the back part
  6. To parade all the hair use parading scissors or thinning scissors to peck all the tips

You can implement it first with a ponytail or parade first with a razor all depending on the ease of one option or the other.

Cut step by step and little by little until you get the length you want.

How to Style a Bob Cut

To learn how to style this look style, you must be very clear first what type of face you have to adapt the hairstyle you want to do and it will be the best possible according to your characteristics.

This haircut is ideal for women with round or oval faces.

On the other hand, if you have your face that is longer and triangular, you should comb the ends outwards, which is the most recommended.

Mainly you have to ensure that the waves of your hairstyle can acquire shapes and look with the greatest style according to your personality and what you want to transmit.

Once you wash your hair with shampoo you have to towel dry it slowly and gently so that it does not have excess water on the head.

From the ear to the ends, start applying a mousse that you have to have previously for curls and take advantage of the fact that your mane is still wet to optimize your hairstyle.

Select a side of your profile where you feel comfortable and draw a line to use as a reference where you can divide the hair into different sections and damp locks.

With the help of a round brush you can now mark the waves you want to generate together with a hair dryer.

To give it more natural, the best thing is to move and ruffle the hair with your fingers and if you want that look to stay longer, you can apply a hair fixative with a spray.

If you want to set trends you can leave your hair hairstyle side bangs and with a dye you can paint the ends a little lighter than the color you use as a base on all hair, this will generate a gradient in your hairstyle and hair color.

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2-Layered Bob


White Blonde Bob

White Blonde Bob, Blonde Bob Ash Layered

Inverted Bob with Ombre

Inverted Bob with Ombre, Balayage Bob Choppy Blonde



Bob Layered Wispy Stacked

Bob Hair Hairtyles Long



Wavy Blonde Bob Bobs

Bob Choppy Blonde Hair

Bob Layered Short Purple


Bob Inverted Hair Hairtyles




Bob Highlights Wavy Blunt


Bob Hair Inverted Up

Bob Hair Dark Blunt





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