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50 Women’s Undercut Hairstyles to Make a Real Statement

 woman cannot cut her hair above her shoulders in Islam : as that makes women look like men .

A haircut full of boldness and personality, the sidecut has been winning over the heads of many women looking for versatility and style. After all, if your strands are not too short, you will have the option of showing it only on the occasions you choose. The possibility of having a more radical facet at certain times is an excellent differential, isn’t it?

Sidecut for short hair

It is the length that most values ​​the cut. In general, the shaved area is always exposed. Always have a good hair mousse to create volume and tame unruly hair. Thus, you will have a very successful combination!


Sidecut for medium hair

The female sidecut looks great with cuts like the long bob or blundt cut – or even other similar options that go from chin to shoulders.

Sidecut for long hair

You can be sure that long hair, more traditional, gains another life with a modern cut. See for yourself in the images below!

How to make the sidecut

The side cut can be done by machine or scissors. It depends on the result you are looking for. There are those who prefer to leave the area shaved and there are those who like to leave their hair beaten, but still with some volume.

The area that will win the cut also depends on the customer’s taste. The most traditional is that the cut goes up to the upper side of the head. But there are those who prefer only a thin band glued to the ear.

Other options are that the cut runs up to the nape, mixing with an undercut or until it does not catch the sideburn area, leaving a small amount of hair still there.

It is not such an easy cut to make on yourself. In addition to combing the threads well and dividing the area that is cut precisely, you need technique to pass the machine and not cut threads from areas that must be preserved. For a more accurate result, it is best to turn to a professional.

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Sidecut for straight hair

Straight hair does not necessarily have to represent that woman within traditional beauty standards. That was over! A great way to break this stereotype is to invest in the sidecut.


Sidecut for wavy hair

The light waves of the hair bring delicacy and romanticism to the look. Do you want to break this message a bit with a more radical cut? Invest in the sidecut to mix two styles.

Sidecut for curly hair

The curls make the look more intense and vibrant. Whether short or long, it’s a stylish combination.

Sidecut for curly hair

Curly hair, whether natural, braided or with dreadlocks gain an extra touch of personality with the sidecut. Is it a seal or not?


Sidecut with drawing

If you want an irreverent cut and full of creativity, you can invest in shapes and designs in the shaved area of ​​the hair. You can be sure that everyone will be mesmerized by looking at your hair!



Sidecut with undercut

It is when you join the side cut with the cut close to the root at the nape. In this case, you can dare in the shapes, you can make a thin band or risk going up to the upper side of the head. There are no limits to your boldness!


False Sidecut

If you still lack the courage to risk such a drastic cut, you can test if you really like the look. Just make small inlaid braids, curlers or even attach just one side of the hair close to the scalp. See what an original result!

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