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50 Wavy Bob Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Anybody

For tours and events we saw a flood of hairstyles with hair up and straight; or plain and simple. For those who are adept of flowing locks, a new fashion for hairstyles emerges: wavy hairstyles. The style is ideal both for women who like a more classic look and for those who want a more stripped-down look. The wavy hair is very reminiscent of pin up fashion and goes well with all women and with different hair lengths.

Because it is a versatile hairstyle, it is timeless and fits any occasion. To get an idea of ​​what these hairstyles look like, check out the awards and TV shows. Artists like Nicole Scherzinger, Beyoncé, Kate Middleton and Sarah Gadon are adept at wavy hairstyles. From the names of the different personalities, it is very clear that it is a choice for everyone. Among the artists’ different types of hairstyles, wavy and voluminous hair is gaining prominence at events.

This type of hairstyle fits in any face frame and gives an air of sophistication to the woman, combining with the luxury of where they are. But calm, it is not only at gala events, such as wedding or graduation , that are welcome; for a simpler ride they are great choices, as they show the natural beauty of the hair and face.


If you want to get a hairstyle that will never become dated, that is certainly a wavy bob. And if you choose to combine it with a balayage or ombre, your hair will look like a dream. There’s a perfect bob for every face shape and hair type. Read on to find out 50 freshest bobs worth trying asap!

1. Natural Roots for Blonde Waves. If you want a romantic look, a hairstyle like this one is going to suit you perfectly. Keep your bangs long and split your hair in the middle. By Rafael Bertolucci

2. Short Wavy Bob. Even if you choose to wear your hair short, some waves will add a pretty, feminine touch to your hairstyle. Part your hair to the side for a more impressive appearance. By Buddy Porter

3. Blonde Inverted Bob. This haircut is perfect for any season, especially summer. For easy to style hair, shaggy bobs are highly recommended. By Metric Hair Salon

4. Auburn Wavy Bob. Waves give your hair more texture and volume. Add your short hair more dimension! This is a hairstyle you should certainly try. By Lynzi

5. Blonde Wavy Highlights. A choppy bob combined with some beautiful highlights and tousled waves can easily offer you a movie star look. By Ramirez Tran Salon


6. Short Bob with Long Bangs. Cut your hair pretty short in the back and keep your front pieces long to graze the collarbone for an edgy angled look. By Iris Smith

7. Medium Red Bob. Split your hair in the middle, choose an electric red color, and cut your hair straight across. You’ll get a magnificent transformation that will turn heads wherever you go. By Chris Weber

8. Silver Bob Haircut. If you want something different, eye-popping and gorgeous, you’ll get the whole package with this shiny wavy bob. By Ross Michael Salon

9. Grain Blonde Bob. For a low-maintenance haircut, you’ll love in an instant, choose a medium piece-y bob. Make some highlights to enhance your beautiful waves. By Tara Bonhomme

10. Platinum Ombre Waves. A good balayage or ombre can undoubtedly refresh and brighten your dishwater blonde hair. Choose a vivid platinum shade to make your hair stand out from the crowd. By Yunus Karat

Messy silver bob with choppy ends 2022 checopie

11. Natural Wavy Hairstyle. For a natural-looking but glorious look, consider a long bob with straight bangs that go over your eyebrows. By Commie Fusaro

Disheveled wavy bob with contrasting balayage 2022 - checopie

12. Metallic Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

A short choppy cut won’t pass without notice if you choose a metallic blonde shade to dress up your cut. Waves can make your hairstyle look even better and add a lot of texture. By Iris Smith

13. Messy Bob

This is a beautiful combination of messy hair and waves. Conical irons are perfect if you want to recreate this hairstyle. By Alisha McAlister

trendy messy bob haircut

14. Medium Brown Bob

Feminine, natural, and classy; this long messy bob is a great solution for a carefree girl. A warm brown shade is gorgeous in the sunlight. By Peter Menezes

blond wavy messy bob haircuts

15. Warm Blonde Tones for Bob Haircut

Highlights are always an option when you want to look cool, glossy, and sexy. Waves will add dimension and texture to your fine hair, so you should give this medium bob hairstyle a try.

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