50+ Stunning Ceiling Design Ideas To Spice Up Your Home 2022

False Ceiling Ideas & Designs for Living Room 2022

  • Unique ceiling design with beautiful curtain

Modern ceiling design


A great ceiling design is the perfect way to make every room in your home stand out. Of course, every room is different and depending on the space available to you and the overall style of your house you will have a range of design options open to you.

Choosing colors and materials (such as wallpaper, wood or stucco) is a good way to start, if you decide on a  counter-top, you can install some lights and create amazing effects.



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Is decorating the ceiling overkill? Not always. A great solution to give a refined finish to the meeting between walls and roof, the rodateto – also called molding – accumulates other, less obvious functions. A good frame hides small imperfections in alignment, finishes off the wallpaper and still brings grace to the environment. In Brazil, moldings and plaster castings are still the most popular, but it is easy to find options of PVC, wood or polystyrene – technical name for Isopor – to reproduce the European tradition of decorated ceiling.

The ceiling, generally, is one of the least worked elements in architectural projects , being practically standardized in two styles: the smooth and the lowered with plaster moldings. Therefore, we believe it is time to get out of the monotony of common sense and bet on some more innovative and creative ideas. We are sure that your customers will love some of the possibilities that we will talk about here.

With the development of interior design technology, creating a differentiated ceiling is no longer as expensive or labor as it used to be. It is possible to insert news in even the simplest projects, you just need to choose the right supplier to guarantee the final quality. So, if you are not afraid to surprise your customers, pay attention to the ideas we have separated below!

This is just the basic step. If you want to create a different environment, the ceiling should not be the same color tone as the walls. Otherwise, it will not stand out! You can even keep the color, but the tone must be different.

6 creative ideas to innovate the environment with a decorated ceiling

Wallpapers have been increasingly used in interior design projects, as it is easy to apply and allows a high degree of customization. After all, there are companies that manufacture excellent materials from the prints provided by customers.

Hence, several ideas can come up, let’s talk about what we have seen out there:

  • Victorian prints;
  • Geometric patterns;
  • Drawings;
  • Sky with stars;
  • Seabed.
  • So there are plenty of good ideas for you to innovate.

3. Make use of metal beams
decorated ceiling

The metal beams give an air of elegance to the environment and have been widely used in industrial and retro styles . They are ideal for buildings with high ceilings, as they help to simulate the factory sheds of the 1920s.

In addition, they work very well in modern and contemporary projects, with the use of black and white monochromatic enamels.

4. Employ wooden beams
decorated ceiling

The wooden beams are very versatile, fitting in a multitude of architectural languages, with an older footprint, such as vintage, rustic, bucolic and Victorian.

However, some more daring architects are also looking to add them to modern or contemporary style projects. In such cases, the wood is better processed industrially than in the previous examples.

5. Use plaster with a more elaborate design
decorated ceiling

Finally, we cannot stop talking about plaster, which has always been the darling of traditional decorators. It is possible to create several innovative, modern and personalized designs with this material and abandon the Greco-Roman frames, which have already fallen into common sense.

6. Apply the porcelain tile

Traditionally, porcelain tiles were only attached to floors and walls. However, due to its versatility, diversity and ease of installation, many projects have also included it in the ceiling. In addition to working very well alone, it can also combine with all the previous elements very naturally.

With these tips, you can create environments with an incredible decorated ceiling. We know that news can cause a little anxiety, but show those ideas to your customers. Now, what can not be missing is a quality supplier specializing in coatings and porcelain tiles.

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