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50 Short Shag Hairstyles That Will Stun You

woman cannot cut her hair above her shoulders in Islam (it’s a SiN) : as that makes women look like men 

Short shag haircuts are perfectly suited to women who are young in spirit. Shaggy haircuts are created by razoring, resulting in lots of texture and a messy layered look. This hairstyle can be paired with a bold, statement color for a stand-out vibe or with soft, feminine hues to generate a balanced, laid-back look. You choose! With all the different ways to adopt this layered style, there’s sure to be a cut for everyone. Find yours below!


The Shag has proven to be the “It-Girl” look season after season. With added texture and movement for summer it is the perfect style for a carefree season ahead! Whether you’re deciding to go shorter, or need to know how to style your new ‘do, check out these tips to style the perfect shag day in and day out!

Learn How To Air Dry — This cut is perfect for the girl with textured hair because it will compliment your natural beauty. To perfect this technique, you need to test out the best products for your hair type and the style you wish to achieve. If you want to exaggerate your texture opt for a mousse, curl cream, or both. The mousse will add volume to your roots and the curl cream will diminish frizz.

If You Would Rather Blow It Dry — You’re going to need a smaller brush for this cut due to the layering and length. For straighter styles finish with a texture paste or clay for movement. If you are in the mood for curly/wavy style, then use the brush to create curl within the hair, spritz and scrunch with a sea spray and finish with shine spray to accentuate your waves.

Heat Styling— For air- or freshly blow-dried hair that needs to be polished, reach for an iron with a smaller width. Since you have more layers, which are on the shorter side, a smaller iron is easier to maneuver. For a demure look, section out hair and flat wrap curls in the same direction to create classic waves. Finish with a touchable hairspray or shine mist. If you want a “lived-in” look, grab random sections of previously dried hair and wind around the barrel in opposite directions (twisting as you go) for a messy chic look. Finish this style with an allover spritz of a sea spray or texture mist for extra grit.

Looking For An Upstyle?— Start off with any of the previous methods of styling and simply add to it.

If you’ve air dried – chances are you will want to throw a braid in your style to hide any cowlicks or oddly dried sections, go for a soft and ethereal braid and use bobby pins, to secure any loose sections.

If you blow-dried – pull hair back into a chic chignon, then use a pomade to slick down any baby hairs and add sheen. If you curled with an iron, leave tendrils out in the front section. For a soft look pull your hair into a pony and with a slight grip shake it to release these front tendrils.

Another option is to leave front sections out and start a loose braid from behind the ear and braid across to the other side. You can either leave the braid down to the side or tuck it back up in the nape area and secure with bobby pins. It is the perfect effortless up-style for any occasion.

We love this cut and can’t wait to see how you rock it! Be sure to share your variations by tagging #checopie



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