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50 modern and stylish living room pendant designs

The pendant lamp is the ideal element for more focused lighting, highlighting smaller spaces or specific decorative elements. Unlike traditional chandelier , it does not have many branches, being composed of more modern pieces, fixed to the ceiling and ensuring soft and indirect lighting. The living room pendant can have various functions, such as highlighting the dining table or creating the cozy mood in the living room.

Check out rooms of varying style decorated with pendants, get inspired and know where to buy pendants to add this decorative item to your home.

50 models of room pendant of the most varied styles

Check out a selection of 50 photos that prove the versatility and beauty of living room pendants, and get inspired to add the piece to your home.

1. Used in trio to light up the dining table

Migs Architecture

2. Its black dome makes the environment more sober

Paula Neder Architecture

3. Light tones to enlarge the small dining room

Mauritius Karam

4. Same model installed at different heights

Obvious Architecture

5. Differentiated look with handmade dome

Paula Neder Architecture

6. Loose pendant wire helps make up decoration

Flavia Campos

7. Retro look and featured color

Paula Magnani Architecture

8. Contemporary style was chosen for this environment

Paula Neder Architecture

9. How about daring with an element full of personality?

Us 2 Apt 507

10. For the integrated room, the pendant gains strategic position

Hedgehog Architecture and Design

11. Numerous individual pieces creating amazing composition

Paula Neder Architecture

12. Of considerable size, installed in the center of the living room

Eliana Tucci Lisbon

13. Betting on options with metallic finish is a great choice

Paula Neder Architecture

14. How about innovating and exploring new positions for this item?

Ingrid Farias Architecture

15. Yellow light helps create a more intimate mood

Ana Carolina Matos Architecture

16. Industrial look setting the tone in this integrated environment

MNBR Architects

17. Luxury and refinement for those who like more classic options

Paulo Paschoal Architecture

18. A touch of gold can transform the look.

Babi Teixeira

19. Futuristic design is present in this model.

Alexandre Cardim

20. Contrast of materials and colors


21. Varied cutouts and vibrant color inside

Karen Pedrosa Architecture

22. Lighting the Living Room Side Table

Claudia Mattos Interiors

23. Three different models with same style

Rev 207 RJ

24. Gold ensures the perfect dose of refinement for the environment in light tones.

WQ Architecture

25. The chosen lamps are a separate show

Luciana Engel Architecture

26. Positioned at the back, over the dining table.

Romero Duarte & Architects

27. Minimalistic look, using five elements

Mary’s apê

28. Multiple luminaire with black elements

Romero Duarte & Architects

29. Different heights ensure a relaxed look

Just Decor

30. Circular luminaires add futuristic look to space

Romero Duarte & Architects

31. It is worth betting on a model with different texture

Mariana Orsi Photography

32. Varying Your Position in the Living Room

Royal chandeliers

33. Lighting the full length of the dining table

Romero Duarte & Architects

34. A trio of pendants rich in detail and style

Yeloarte Lighting & Decor

35. Cast model for attached kitchen dining room

Romero Duarte & Architects

36. With glass dome and unusual lamp

Yeloarte Lighting & Decor

37. An environment decorated with natural materials.

Flávia Coelho

38. Each element at a different height.

Kaline Melo

39. The crystal model is also present

Yeloarte Lighting & Decor

40. Rustic look for a rich wood environment

Yuli Felde

41. With different formats, installed at varying heights

BAAZ Architects

42. Its dome has the same wood tone as the side panel

RM Architects

43. Its domes ensure focused lighting at different points on the table

Studio AR Interiors

44. Minimalist design, ideal for highlighting the table

BAAZ Architects

45. Following the environment color palette

RM Architecture

46. ​​Of remarkable presence, not to be missed

Studio AR Interiors

47. Ensuring Highlight for Potted Plant

Larte Biagioli Space

48. Three different models, following the same design.

Vip Space Lighting

49. A contemporary twist to the decor

Anna Karla Pedrini

50. This model allows the focus of the luminaires to be

Pavanelli Guimarães

In addition to ensuring different lighting and complementing the decoration of the dining room and living room, the pendant can cover different decorative styles, according to your design or material of manufacture.

10 room pendants for you to buy

Your home

Versatile decorative element, the pendant lamp can be found in specialized lighting stores or decoration establishments. Check out a nice selection of models available in online stores and choose your favorite:

With more modern options, contemporary look and distinctive design, or more classic models with a lot of charm and refinement, the pendant may be the missing element to enhance the look of your room. Bet it!

Now that you know how to use this decorative item in your living room, it’s time to check out some kitchen pendant options as well .

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