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50 Inverted Bob Haircuts That Are Uber Fashionable

An inverted bob is a longer in the front and shorter in the back haircut. Depending on the way you style it, it can add volume and dimension to your hair, create a perfect geometric shape, elongate or widen your face if necessary, draw attention to your favorite facial features, etc. Whether you choose to get bangs, waves, curls, layers, or all of them, this hairstyle will be always a fashionable look to compliment your personality.

Check out the styles below for better understanding of possible variations for this cool (and trendy in this season, we must say) haircut:

Inverted Bob

Practical and modern. These are the two words that define the inverted bob hair or the “A line bob ‘. It is that several Hollywood celebrities started to adhere to the cut. Elegant it combines both with more sophisticated events and the daily rush. And the best , you can texturize the strands and be even more stylish with defined wave hair. This cut is also great for those who have hair with natural waves and looks very chic in autumn-winter too.

Bob hair cut hair has become more popular and several celebrities have adopted the cut, such as Charlize Theron, Julianne Hough and Carey Mulligan, but what is really winning over the head of women after the shag haircut of Anne Hathaway is the bob cut inverted, exactly the one that has a beak in the front. Just like the Victoria Beckham style of the 2000s, several trends from that time are coming back and the hair would be no different.


The new version is slightly modified. The reverse bob or simply “A Bob” gives a modern look and makes the style much more elegant and contemporary. It is the practical hair for the modern woman who does not have time to take care of the threads, except for the most basic care and hydration with homemade tip or with more professional products. However, this hair must be cut with a certain periodicity to keep the cut aligned and defined.


This A-style hair looks very modern with textured threads. There are several texturizing sprays that give a very interesting hairstyle, just like you had with the famous waves hair. Who already has wavy hair, the look is even more natural. In addition to being practical to style, this type of hair can be mashed with your hands with some spray of sea salt and allowed to dry in the open air. Style and freedom to do what you want.


Reverse bob hair is great for those who like this more messy style. Because it is short, it is important that its finish has a leave in and special care with hydration. After all, no one wants straight-cut hair and a dry look. In addition to appearing sloppy, the poorly cared for tips appear instantly. You need to take care of the hair and keep it hydrated so that it has that beautiful salon shine. In addition to being very important to protect the wires from the direct heat of the dryer using a leave in or thermal protector.



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