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50+ Hottest Short Hairstyles for 2022: Best Short Haircuts for Women

Short Haircuts 2023 – Bobs, Pixie, Cool Hair Colors

It’s time to get new hairstyles! To see the latest celebrities with fashionable layered hairstyles, super short haircuts & bobs, pixie cuts like Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Frankie Sandford, Michelle Williams! In this short hairstyles gallery, I’m sure you can find your favorite hairstyle! No matter for thick hair or fine hair, or for oval faces and round face shapes, or you are just looking for short haircuts with different hair color, or with, without bangs, no matter what kind of short haircuts, you can find in this collection!

1. Rich sea-green mermaid ombré choppy bob hairstyles for daring trendies

Long hair is not the most feminine or exciting look for all women, this is just an old and finished myth, and the trend of short cuts can be your shortcut to look more beautiful as a young woman in 2022!

Nothing like making a change in the hair to update the look! To be inspired by the hottest styles of the moment, the famous ones are the best source of references:

in addition to the super modern hairstyles and colorings, cutting trends often also start on the red carpets or on the Instagram profiles of the most attuned celebrities. Bob, pixie, shag, peaked, bangs … stay on top of the 5 most current cuts and get inspired to bet on trends!

One of the cuts that has been more successful lately is shag, a medium to short cut in frayed layers that leaves the strands with a lot of movement. Fernanda Vasconcellos is a fan of the style, which is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time to waste with finishing the locks. With this cut, it is possible to leave the house with wet hair and only combing cream – this will not compromise the final appearance.

2. SHORT Medium BOB Hair Color OR “CHANEL”

Shorter version of the current darling long bob, the short bob, also called “Chanel”, is gaining more and more fans. The cut, which can appear with straight or frayed ends, was chosen by Nina Dobrev to update her hair – she trimmed first at the shoulders and then gained courage to cut by the chin, with a slightly asymmetrical effect, longer at the ends of the front and a little shorter at the nape.

brown medium bob haircuts

3.Ash-blonde tousled bob for fine hair


6. Raspberry pink and peach balayage on light brown hair

7. Sea-green with lime balayage hair design

8. Sea-green with lime balayage hair design

9. Warm golden blonde balayage on brunette hair

10. Strawberry & peach balayage on layered bob

11. Cool blonde hair color on choppy bob


12 . Sea-green to ash-green hair color on layered bob


The eternal favorite of the moment is the long bob, but nowadays, it has been gaining a more polished appearance than before. Now, straight ends are being the most adopted among celebrities, instead of the frayed effect that so often appeared in red carpets. Kim Kardashian was one of the drivers of the style, replacing the ultra long locks with a medium length, by the shoulder height, very straight. Chrissy Teigen also recently appeared with long bob cut hair, also with straight ends – however, instead of Kim, she has been using the effect with wavy and well stripped strands.

Elegant medium length A-line bob on beige-blonde hair


Fringes are also on the rise! The average length, at or below the eyes, is the favorite of the moment. Emilia Clarke was one of the celebrities who have surrendered, as well as Camila Cabello, adopting a straight and frayed style at the ends. In addition to favoring straight hair, fringes are also being widely adopted by curly women, such as Halle Berry, who recently assumed her natural texture.



17 . Tough short haircuts for tomboys

For stylish boycut pixie cuts, choose buzzed short hairstyles with a long, draped fringe.  This example of a buzz-cut back and sides short hairstyles’ option is both trendy and easy to style.  The top is left in long layers from a line running around the sides and back of the head, creating extreme asymmetry.  Combed forwards from just below the crown, creates extra volume as it cascades over one side of the face in heavily textured, spiky strands.  Daily hairstyles like this suit most face shapes, except a long thin face.  The focus is on the eyes and upper face and for evenings you can wear a quiff or waves atop high-fashion, tough-pixie haircuts.


Daily hairstyles from brown to golden-blonde long pixie


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This young, casual cut also keeps the focus on Frankie’s beautiful brown eyes and trendy  lipstick. The asymmetrical pixie bob is a timeless look which always creates a ‘modern’ vibe and shows an independent but feminine image.

The short-side profile is expertly layered down into cute, sharp points that frame the eye and draw attention to the cheekbone. And the rest of the hair is trimmed into long, sleek layers producing a super, side-swept fringe that blends in seamlessly at the profile.

This is one of the hottest short haircut this year, a lot female sport this ombre hair. If you love ombre cuts, here is a gallery of latest most popular short hair.

Here’s how to get control of your coarse thick hair and look sleek and smoothly styled whatever the occasion! Kate’s thick hair has been razored into a chin length bob with lots of the weight taken away from the sides, to create a lovely round shape that’s sculpted in for flat sides.

The shorter top layers give lots of attractive natural volume at the crown and show off Kate’s healthy, shiny hair. This is a good way to balance out a face shape that has too much width at cheek level and draws attention down to the pretty wispy tips that accentuate the mouth and chin

40 best bob hairstyle

updo hairstyle checopie

brown balayage

Grey hair for new hair look no heat hair checopie

Textured Ponytail

balayage neck lenght hairstyle

texture on straight hair fancy barbie ponytail hairstyles side bun with a braid Daily-Hairstyle-for-Medium-Hair

Chic short haircut: always shows the way with her highly contemporary haircuts that can be styled in a variety of different face flattering ways. This choppy bob has heavily textured tips and a very modern look emphasised by the urban chic dark brown roots.

In addition, the platinum-blonde shade gains lots of depth and dimension from the perfectly placed dark-blonde lowlights. The choppy bob is another great style for fine to medium-textured hair that is a dream to style and always looks new and trendy!



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